Wondrous Fairy Names for Baby Girls


Uncommon Fairy Names for Baby Girls

Who doesn’t love the fairy tales? They are wondrous and beautiful. In these magical tales, you can fly, sit near the chocolate trees and do larger-than-life stuff. The names of these fairies give a magical feeling. Here we have collected the most beautiful fairy n sprite characters from famous movies/books/mythological legends.

Selected Beautiful Nicknames for Babies

Nicknames/Baby Names Inspired by Fairy World


It’s a rare ancient English name which refers to a friend of the sea.


The name has ancient English and German origin. The name has been derived from the word Ælfwine, which means Elf’s friend.


Asteria is a Greek or Latin origin name. It’s a mythological name meaning a star or someone like a star.


The name belongs to Scotland and Ireland. It’s a Gaelic name which means land of the fairies or fairy’s palace.


Brucie is an English origin name popular since the medieval times. It is a French name. The name signifies a fairy residing in the forest.


The Bubble Guppies inspired name belongs to Arabic culture and means rain or rain cloud.


Donella means lady or an elfin girl having dark hair. The name has a Celtic or Italian origin.


The name has Latin origin. Dulcina means sweetness or a fascinating fragrance like that of a rose.


It is an Anglo Saxon or Russian origin name meaning pure/holy/elfin’s weapon.


Erlina is a Gaelic or Anglo Saxon name which means a girl or a woman residing in Ireland or the Elfin.


An adorable little fairy is called Fayette in French.


The name Isla belongs to Scottish culture. It means the Hebrides Queen. The name has been derived from the word Islay which is a Scottish Island. Isla is the name of a Scottish river.


The short and beautiful name belongs to Greek and Hawaiian culture. The name means a pristine or pure soul. Also, Kaia means a fairy living in the sea.


The name has been derived from the word Lily which is a beautiful and fragrant flower. It’s a feminine name with Latin origin.


It’s an English origin made-up name created from the names Ella and Lou. The name means a popular Elf.


It’s a Gaelic origin name meaning bitter. The name is popular since the middle Ages.


The name Maurelle belongs to France and it signifies dark elf.


The name Nerida has different meanings in different cultures. The name originally belongs to Spanish or Greek culture and it means a sea fairy or nymph. The name also means red blossom or pink lily.


The name belongs to Scandinavia in Northern Europe. Nissa means a friendly sprite, brownie or elf.


A little sprite living in water is called Nixie. The name has German origin.


The name has various origins like Gaelic, Irish and Celtic. Orla means golden princess or queen. The name has been derived from the word Órfhlaith which signifies gold and regality.


Parisa means angel or Fairy. The name has Persian origin. The diminutive of the name is Pari.


The name belongs to Gaelic, Hebrew and Celtic cultures. The name has been derived from the word Raisa or rose. It’s a diminutive signifying beauty and fragrance.


Rose is a beautiful flower and Alba means dawn. The name Rosalba has Latin origin and it means white rose.


Siofra means a naughty or mischievous elf/sprite. It’s an Irish Gaelic origin name and an alternative to the names like Sophia or Sophie.


Suzette means little lilies or little white lilies from Susa city. The name has French origin.


The name Tianna has Russian-Christian origin which means the queen of the fairies.


The name Xantho means a fairy that resides in the sea and has golden hair. The name has Greek origin.


The name has been derived from Susanna which means lily or rose. The name belongs to Slavic culture.

Be it the captivating scenes from The Little Mermaid or the gripping storyline of Snow White; the fairytales always have a special corner in our life. We want to believe these magical tales as we always dream of a perfect world. Somehow, we relate to some of these tales and we simply love it. The above fairytale names for babies are a great way to stay associated with the fantasy worlds and spell some magic in the ordinary world of your baby to make it extraordinary.


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