Why You Should Have a Humidifier for Your Baby?


How to Choose Right Humidifier for The Baby’s Health?

The dryness in the air and pollution are the main cause of cough and cold in kids. Especially babies are more susceptible to colds due to dryness in the air. If you use air conditioner in baby’s bedroom then a humidifier is must.
When you are searching for the best humidifier, we are here to help you. So how to know which humidifier would be perfect for your baby’s health?

This review is done after evaluating and researching a number of humidifiers. Thus, the information provided is an educated one.

Why Should Humidifier be Used in Baby’s Room Every Night?

1. A humidifier in the baby’s room ads moisture in the air. This is useful mostly during the winters when the air inside your room tends to become dry. Also humidifiers are beneficial when you use air conditioner as A/C removes the humidity from the air.

2. Babies are usually susceptible to congestion; they get easily infected and fall sick in the winter season. A humidifier helps in adding moisture to the air and creates normal breathing conditions. This makes your baby sleep soundly. When you add the essential oils like Eucalyptus oils to the humidifier it makes the air healthier for your baby to relive from congestion.

3. The skin of a baby is very sensitive. Babies tend to get rashes and red patches during the dry season. As a humidifier adds moisture to the air it relieves the baby from the pain of irritated skin and helps to retain its natural moistness of the skin.

Types of Humidifier/Diffusers

1. Aromatherapy Diffusers: Cold Mist Type

These are mainly used for Essential Oil Diffusion and they create cool mist in the air. These are not as beneficial as the actual humidifiers. But these are inexpensive and good option if you want to go for inexpensive trial first.

2. Humidifiers

These are more powerful and they emit good amount of the mist/vapors.
These are recommended for babies. This is one time investment. You can use it for long time.

Art Naturals Essential Oil Diffuser and Humidifier

This Artnatural’s essential oil humidifier adds fragrance to the air. This can be experienced in small bedrooms, office, living room and even in your baby’s room. This oil diffuser is safe to be used and does not cause harm with the ingredients present in it.

Exclusive Features: which made us review this product

● This oil essential humidifier is all-in-one equipment. In a single humidifier, you get a Bluetooth, LED lights, clock, a music player and an alarm altogether.
● As you can add the drops of essential oils, it creates a stress-free atmosphere in your home. It makes the dry sinuses alive again. This brings about a clarity and tranquility in the environment.
● If you or baby is suffering with dry cough which is not getting cured even after long treatment, you should try this at night with healthy essential oils. Easy and Safe, it may take long time but the regular use of it is surely beneficial.
● The Bluetooth present can be utilized to play your favorite music as it is quite easy to use.
● The LED Lights, too, has many uses. If you set it to number one it will function like a normal LED light. If you put it at number seven then it will have a soft glow which can be used as a night light.

Vicks Starry Night Cool Mist Humidifier

Why will you use this humidifier?

This humidifier adds cool moist air to the atmosphere. It has a projector in the humidifier which converts the room into a starry night sky. The device also emits a soothing scent which allows your kid to sleep properly. You can also monitor the settings of the device and set its speed according to the needs of your baby’s comfort level.

The best humidifier when your child is sick

The Vicks cool mist humidifier emits scent in the form of vapor. This scent creates a comfortable and soothing atmosphere in the baby’s room which allows your baby to sleep peacefully. Even if your child is suffering from cold or fever, the nano particles of the mist enter baby’s lungs through breathing and are more effective in making breathing easier. It eases out a cough and congestion of your child due to cold. Also Helps in asthma and allergies.

This humidifier can be set to self-monitor

this humidifier has two types of speed settings. Just you need to utilize the knob which is present at the bottom of the humidifier to monitor it.

It’s inexpensive

The Vicks cool mist humidifier is quite affordable compared to other humidifiers. It consumes less amount of energy. It doesn’t require a heater too! So the operation cost of this humidifier is quite reasonable.

The Starry Effect of the humidifier

The Vicks Starry Night Cool Mist projects a starry atmosphere which transforms your room into a night sky with loads of stars. This charming atmosphere makes your child smile. The most exciting part is that these stars keep glowing and keep changing their colors throughout the night.

Things You Should Consider Before Using a Humidifier

While you are choosing a humidifier for your room always consider the size of the room. You should also go for humidifiers which can be used safely without much hassle. If it’s a warm humidifier then make sure it turns off automatically when the heater is fully charged. The safety use of a humidifier is very important.

So, what have you decided? Are you going to get a good humidifier for your baby?

Choose the one with essential oils, as suggested in the middle of post. The child will also love it for sure. Let us know if you liked the product we reviewed, or suggest a better one to be review the next. Comment to tell.


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