Why to Drink Coconut Water during Pregnancy?


A Guide to Drinking Coconut Water during Pregnancy

There is no match to the delightful refreshment of coconut water. Especially during the summer heat. The benefits of the sweet liquid are well known to us all. However, is coconut water a safe and reliable source of nutrition during pregnancy? We have for you a comprehensive guide on consuming coconut water while you are expecting.
So, is coconut water safe to drink with a bun in the oven?
Coconut water is packed with nutrients. Know from WebMD
It is not only safe but also healthy to consume coconut water during pregnancy. It helps curb several pregnancy-related problems e.g. heat burn, morning sickness and constipation. Instead of having tea, coffee or aerated beverages, try to load up on coconut water. It serves as a healthier alternative to these beverages.

How Much Coconut Water to Drink While Expecting?

Excess of anything can do more harm than good. Thus, having more than one coconut’s water isn’t recommended. Just have a single coconut’s water in the morning and you are good to go on about your day. Taking this electrolyte rich water on an empty stomach at the start of your day helps with maximum absorption of all its goodness.

What Benefits Do I Get by Drinking Coconut Water?


– Coconut water is loaded with necessary nutrients like potassium and sodium.
– It helps alleviate morning sickness, acidity, constipation, and indigestion. The Ayurveda lists the drink as a natural laxative.
– It is known to benefit the kidneys and the urinary tract. It eliminates toxins and helps tackle pesky urinary tract infections (UTIs) that often plague pregnant women. It also is a diuretic and helps balance the uric acid levels.
– The nutrients: magnesium potassium & lauric acid in the water curb bad cholesterol and aid in regulating blood pressure. Thus, serving for the benefit of the heart.
– As it prevents bad cholesterol, coconut water also reduces fat accumulation. Moreover, it is fat-free in itself. Therefore, the drink helps to keep your weight in check during pregnancy.
– The water will help keep up your sleep cycle as well.
– Coconut water is known for how it enhances the quality of skin and hair. Drinking it will add to your pregnancy glow.

How Coconut Water Affects My Baby?

The natural health supplement serves to benefit the foetus too.
– In the first trimester, it will keep away UTIs and other infections that affect the health of the womb.
– During the second trimester, this drink will help accelerate the baby’s growth naturally.
– While in the third one it regulates amniotic fluid levels and boosts blood circulation.
There are several myths that surround consumption of coconut water while carrying a child. The most popular one is that coconut water will help make the baby fair. Unfortunately, this hack is one of the most searched ones by expectant mothers in India. However, this has not been scientifically proven yet. The baby’s skin complexion is solely dependent upon his or her genes. Hence, relying on coconut water for a fair complexion would be unwise.

What about Coconut Meat (Malai)? Is it Healthy for Me and My Baby?

The meat of the coconut is beneficial during pregnancy as well as post pregnancy. Just like the water, the meat is rich with nutrients.
-Specifically, it is abundant in fiber. This fiber provides roughage necessary for digestion.
– The malai helps in the production of breast milk. The lauric and capric acids have antiviral, antibacterial and parasiticidal effects for the mother as well as the baby.
– It also improves circulation which helps the swollen feet and arms that arise due to pregnancy.

What are the possible Side-effects of Coconut Water to Pregnant Women?

There are certain precautions you need to take while indulging in the bounty of coconut while expecting.
– Make sure the coconut is fresh and green in color. It should not be ripe and yellow in color. Ripe coconut causes constipation.
– If you feel your body reject it do not consume coconut.
– For pregnant mothers having health issues like pre-eclampsia, the sodium in the coconut might be harmful.
– Moderation should be exercised.
– Do not use coconut water as a substitute for regular water.
– Do ask your doctor is it is right for your diet
It is very important to watch what you are eating while on your journey to becoming a mother. A healthy diet is a prerequisite to a healthy pregnancy. Natural foods are always better than processed foods. Coconut water is best alternative to caffeine drinks like Tea/Coffee and aerated drinks. This is why coconut should be an essential item in your diet. It has abundant health benefits and is a fat-free delicious alternative for your baby and you.


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