Why this Magical Baby Bag a Blessing For New Mothers?


Best Gift for a New Mom and Baby: Multifunctional 3 in 1 Bag

Carrying a baby to a public place is tough, but the toughest job is to keep your baby safe, comfortable and happy in this situation. Travelling for new era mothers are essential and carrying baby is a challenge while travelling. There is nothing like comfort of home, places to sleep comfortably and changing diaper of the baby and to let him sleep in peace. This can be a gruesome situation for the new mother and can make the baby fussy.

Can you totally relate to this situation? Fortunately there are solutions for everything these day and we’ll discuss about the use of a Magical Multipurpose Baby Bag in this article.

What is this Magical Baby Bag all About?

Home CubA Multifunctional 3 in 1 Travel Bed and Diaper Bag is a best gift for new mother. This bag is a portable, multipurpose bag to carry your baby stuff with you anywhere. But this is not all. You can open this bag to make a square bed for your baby to change diaper anywhere or anytime during travel.

It is so portable and light that you can carry all your necessary baby stuff along with you. You can let your baby sleep in this bag comfortably keeping it on your lap or table etc.

Where it can be Used?

Are you going for a party at your friend’s house and your baby is accompanying you? There might not be adequate space to let your baby sleep comfortably and safely. This baby bassinet cum travel bag comes in picture to rescue you in this situation.

You can carry this multipurpose baby diaper bag actually anywhere. If you are travelling and staying in a hotel, or you have a night stay at relative’s house, you are travelling by airplane or by car and you need a diaper change for your baby or even at home there is a function and there is no place to let your baby stay happy with his stuffs – in all these situations you can use this bag.

Waiting Time: Many times, waiting in Hospitals is very tiring for mom and baby. Holding a cranky baby for long time may make you and your baby uncomfortable. In such situations, just carry this bag and let your baby take a nap while you wait for the check up in clinics/Hospitals. , Same heck works well while you are attending the functions like wedding. You can let baby relax in his own comfortable bed and also can change diaper easily.

What are the Features?

● This bag has large four compartments to keep all your baby stuff like diapers, clothes, bottles, toys, medicine and soothie.
● One of the compartments is equipped with isotherm so that you can keep your baby food and baby milk bottles at a constant temperature.
● You can convert the bag easily in a carrycot and it can be used to carry toys, baby stuff, acts like a comfortable baby bed and diaper change place.
● When you open the bag, the pockets go to the sides of the carrycot so that you can keep and access the bottles and the other stuffs easily.
● The Lining material of the product is 210D Polyester and the outer material is Encryption 300D Oxford. There is also waterproof coating to keep your baby things safe while it is raining.
● You can use this bag for baby of maximum height 70 cm and maximum weight 10 Kgs.
● When folded the dimension is 38 X 38 X 15 cm and while opened the dimension of the bag is 74 X 35 X 20 cm.

How it Can Make a New Mom’s Life Super Comfortable?

Being a new mommy is an exciting and life changing experience. There are so many responsibilities of the baby after balancing your career, home, relationships and everything else. Juggling between all the things is not an easy task and these things can be more difficult if you are not equipped with good stuff like this baby bassinet cum travel bag.

We understand that you want to carry all of the baby stuff like bottles, diapers, clothes, food, toys and the whole world while travelling. But there is no space everywhere to feed your baby, change diapers, let baby sleep in comfort. This bag lets you to do all these things along with carrying and accessing everything for your baby safely and easily.

Checkout this video to experience how this multipurpose bag can change life of a new mom and can be a best newborn baby gift.

So, if you are a new mommy or you are planning to gift a wonderful thing to a new mother, you can gift her travel bag for baby. Such a portable and multipurpose bag will be a best gift for new mother and the baby.


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    Interesting product. I was looking for a diaper bag for my daughter who has delivered a baby a month ago. this bag looks perfect for her. Is it heavy?

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    priti gulati on

    I was looking for a uncommon gift for my sister. her baby is 3 months old. till what age can she use it for the baby? also can this be carried when baby is sleeping in it, like a bag?

    • Sapana

      Hi Priti,
      As long as the baby sleeps comfortably you may use it. But you should not carry baby in it like a baby carrier. You can move the place though within room or within a short safe distance.

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