Why Not To Sleep On Back during Pregnancy?


When to Stop Sleeping on Back While Pregnant?

With pregnancy, a lot of things are needed to be sacrificed including junk and spicy foods, too much physical movement, usual lifestyle and some postures. But, as a to-be mom, you need enough sleep in the night. So, how to cope-up with the sleeping positions during this phase? Before heading to the solutions, check out the reasons for not sleeping on your back.

When to Stop Sleeping on your Back?

After 20 weeks of pregnancy you will have to stop sleeping on back (and on belly too).
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Ref: The Bump
Once you enter mid of 2nd trimester, luxury of sleeping on the back is to be given up. Not only the doctors but all elderly women and your friends also will tell you the same. It’s very hard to accept this as with the increased size of the belly you urge to sleep on your back and you can’t. Let’s see why not and what can be done.

Why You Can’t Sleep on Your Back During Pregnancy?

Mainly people either choose your back or your stomach for sleeping. But, during pregnancy, you can’t go for both the options. Here are the reasons for why you can’t do so.

Pressure on Veins or Vessels

Vena Cava is a vein which carries deoxygenated blood to the right atrium of heart and due to sleeping on back, the whole body pressure comes on this vein and it gets compressed causing disruptive blood flow. Nausea and dizziness are the after-effects.

Respiratory Issues

Sleeping on back also causes breathing troubles. Your baby may receive an inadequate amount of nutrients and oxygen which may hinder his development process.

Pregnancy Sufferings

Pregnancy is not an easy task. Even the smallest moves can cause nuisances. Sleeping on back may give you severe backaches and sometimes haemorrhoids. Also, the digestion is affected due to sleeping on back. In some cases, low blood pressure is also an after-effect of sleeping on back.


From the first trimester only, women start feeling uncomfortable sleeping on their back. Doctors often recommend a comfortable sleeping arrangement and posture after the first trimester. So, what can you do? Picking a sleeping position and getting used to it is the first solution to this problem. Sleeping on either of your sides is safe for you, the baby and your comfort. You can try bringing in some extra cushions or go for pregnancy pillows. Recliners are also helpful in many cases.
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Following the above instructions, you can achieve a peaceful sleep during your pregnancy. Sleeping on side and comfortable cushioning can offer you a painless and peaceful sleep without giving more pressure on the uterus. Hit the sack in a comfortable way and say hello to the morning warmth smilingly.


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