Why New Moms Should Do Squats?


The Benefits of Squatting Workouts after Giving Birth

There are many examples of ladies that have managed to get back in shape and look absolutely stunning after giving birth, and most of that success is attributed to a thorough exercise routine. There are many easy exercises that you can attempt which will completely remodel your body and make it look as you had never been pregnant. One of those exercises is the squat. Squatting is as simple as it gets and it’s a versatile type of exercise which means that you can make it as simple or hard as you want or need to in order to feel the effects of the workout. If you’re rather new to working out, you can keep it simple and only do simple squats, in a fixed number. If you want something more advanced or feel like you need more of a challenge, you can do an actual challenge like the 30 day squat challenge.

Why Is It Important to Squat after a Pregnancy

WORD OF CAUTION: Squats are one of intense workouts, you need strong tummy and strong knee. Do not do squats in 3 months of post-pregnancy. Depending on your post-pregnancy health you may need more time. Always consult your medical advisor about your readiness for this workout.

Losing Weight

This one was pretty obvious and you had to see it coming but that doesn’t make it any less true. If you are looking to lose some weight, squats are a great way to do it. Squatting helps you burn a lot of calories and if you pair a thorough workout with a proper diet that will reduce the number of calories you intake per day, you will see great results in no time.

Muscle Toning

Your muscles will benefit greatly from squats. Specifically, your thighs and your but muscles, but also your calves. Your entire lower body will pretty much feel the benefits of squatting as it is a very efficient type of exercise which will put a positive strain on your lower body and shock it especially if you haven’t been exercising that much before.

Improving Your Cardiovascular System

One’s blood flow can be quite sluggish at times and many people deal with this problem. Those who have bad blood flow will often times feel the effects of this condition by having very cold hands and feet and just not feeling as good as they could be. Exercise encourages a great blood flow and squats will help you get the blood running smoothly through your body, energizing you.

Best Lower Body Workout

Most of new moms work on abs only to get that loose tummy toned, but your lower body i.e. butts and thighs also need toning. Squats are one of highly recommended exercises for women. Even during pregnancy squats are very useful.

Less Stress and Better Sleep

It’s very important to be able to sleep well after having a baby because you need to strengthen your body as much as possible. This can be a problem as many fresh mothers deal with bad sleep.

Correct Way of Doing Squats

NOTE: You must learn the correct way of doing squats as wrong moves will get you knee pain. It is recommended that you wear Knee pads to support you joints firmly.

Exercise is the saving grace of those who have a really bad time sleeping. Through exercise, you can relieve a lot of stress. Putting in the work and dedicating time out of your schedule for squatting will ensure you have a good night’s sleep and you don’t lose hours at a time during the night just pondering over life and how good it used to feel when you were able to sleep.
Be a happier person and feel more energized
Another thing that fresh mothers will notice is that they always feel fatigued, even after getting a good night’s sleep in. This is because pregnancy will put a toll on the body and it’s hard to bounce back into your normal, cheerful self without any exercise.
Women that go through the experience of giving birth come out of it with changed bodies. You can still feel amazing and look the part, but you will definitely feel a bit different since now you’ve pushed a little human being out of you.
Through working out and squatting daily, you can fill your body up with energy and be an active person throughout the day. You will look great and you will feel great too. Speaking of feeling great, the best way to boost your morale and feel great is through exercise because working out secrets a chemical known as serotonin into your brain. For more information on squat program, check out Fitnessgoals.com. This is the “feel good substance” and is directly responsible for making you happy or feeling good. So the more squats you actually end up doing, the happier you will be.
Keep these things in mind before you dismiss a daily squatting routine out of your upcoming schedule. Getting back on track after the very demanding process of giving birth can be a lot easier if you entrust your burdens and struggles to a workout routine. It’s great not just for the body but also for the mind, and both are in need of care in this delicate period.


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