Why Mother Should Massage her Baby?


Importance of Mother’s Touch to Baby

In our Indian families the first thing we do after having a new baby is to find a midwife or “maalishwali bai”. Most of the daimas are not properly skilled, they use the tricks which they might have seen their mother or grandmother doing. Many such women handle baby very roughly which is risky. Also many such women massage baby laying them on their bare legs, which is not hygienic.
Giving massages to babies with help of midwife or daima is not beneficial. Parents hire daima thinking that their so-called baby-exercises would help to make bones stronger, but there is no scientific explanation to it.
In fact mother should herself try to massage the baby. As before babies could talk the only way of communication they have is of eyes and touch. It creates a strong bond between the baby and the mother which helps the growth of the baby.

Magic of Mother’s touch

There are many modes of communication but conveying a message with help of your touch will make your message more powerful with less words. Your baby also feels safe & confident when you care for your baby, hug or kiss to put your baby to sleep or while giving her a massage.
Massage helps your baby in development and growth and also contributes in gaining weight. Nowadays in many hospitals, baby is placed on mother’s chest exactly after the delivery for the skin to skin contact of mother and baby. This touch can create a strong bond between the mother and the kid and this strong bond will help your baby to feel secure and the baby will cry less and grow healthy.

Why Mother Should Massage her Baby?

When mother delivers the baby, be it in rural area or urban. Mom is already busy with daily chores, frequently feeding her baby, taking care of diet, recovering from post pregnancy effects & sleepless nights. So it’s quite obvious that parents opt to go either with grandma or Daima as they call it to take care of baby massage & bathing.
It may be a logical choice but believe it or not, your baby needs it all from you. Though its tough thing to do at start in which your grandma or daima could help you get started but these are just first few months of hard work and the bond you develop with your baby is lifelong surely worth to exert yourself.
Instead of hiring a daima to massage your baby, you can hire a maid to help you with daily chores so that you get ample time to spend with your baby. Giving gentle oil massage or bathing your baby lets you get closer to your baby and it feels great. The satisfaction of being close to your baby is intangible.

Touch Creates a Strong Bond

Gradually along the way you spend time with your baby, it helps you understand their emotions, desires, their likes and dislikes. You can start with holding your baby and pat on her back or on her head. By doing so your kid will be able to make difference between your touch and someone else’s touch. Touch is the key factor for developing an attachment with your baby and helps in social development. Massage given by a mother to her baby is the foundation of building strong relation which will last for lifetime.

Mother Knows her Baby Best

When it comes to deciding what’s best for your baby, mother would be the best person to make the best choices for her baby. A mother can never harm her child, while massaging you have to turn your baby which you can do best. Make sure you learn the basic baby massaging techniques. For first few months baby all need is a gentle oil application all over skin. Have someone around you to help in passing oil, towel etc. Do not do the rough exercises.
Also you maintain the best hygiene habits, less chances of infections from outside.

Baby Massages Cures Postnatal Depression

During first few months’ babies can’t identify anything they see and the only thing they can communicate or identify is mothers touch. When mother massages her young baby it allows her to spend quality time with her baby. It has been mentioned by some reputed doctors that massaging your baby can lessen the effects of postnatal depression and helps mother to have a positive bonding with her baby.

So it is clear that even though initial starting phase of motherhood is hectic for a mother but a little more effort will leave a lasting effect and a strong bond with your baby. A mother’s caring and soft touch while bathing, massaging & breastfeeding helps create a positive bond between the mother and the baby. Whereas father tend to get more physical with the baby, they will play with the baby, will try to make them laugh, bounce their baby on knees or will playfully hold them in air. Baby benefits in both ways by touch: mentally and physically. Both of them combined helps in baby’s healthy development.


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