Why Massage is Important For Your Baby?


Benefits of Baby Massage

After my first baby was born, first 2 weeks it was very difficult for me to understand why he was crying sometimes, even after having nice feed and nice sleep he was not comfortable sometimes. I was living in USA that time then I called my mother to stay with me to help me take care of the new born. She explained me how to take care of my new born baby by properly feeding him, holding him properly, keeping him clean, but the main thing she emphasized was giving a nice massage to my baby.

As I started giving the massage to my baby, I realized that it actually helped a lot. Massaging became the best time to bond with my baby and soon I too realized that my baby also enjoys the touch and it makes him comfortable with me and he feels secure. I learnt from his doctor that massage also helps to improve baby’s immune system. My mother used to explain me a lot about how the loving touch of a mother can stimulate the growth and promote the hormones in baby’s body. Babies, who are touched a lot, grow better physically, emotionally, and intellectually. Baby’s brain grows the fastest in the first 12 months of his life, so it is good to give your baby an extra boost with a massage.

My baby’s doctor always emphasized that mother herself should give massage to her baby. As the baby connects emotionally with her massager 

I would like to mention some of my observations and some facts I learnt from my baby’s doctor

• Just 5-10 min of gentle daily touch can calm your baby down and will help her relax which will make your baby sleep well.

• The babies who are massaged regularly and at least once in a day tend to gain more weight and are found more energetic and alert too.

• Massage improves the parts of nervous system that regulate our organs, so massage can help to keep our premature babies heart rate steady.

• Massage helps baby’s brain development and physical development. It is very good for blood circulation. It increases nutrient flow and oxygen to the cells.

• Skin stimulation due to massage improves brain-body communication.

• Baby massage releases hormones which help in relieving from emotional stress, teething discomfort and colic.

• Gentle massage encourages the development of co-ordination and flexibility.

• Infant massage decreases tension and stress for both you and your child.

• It helps strengthening bond between baby and mother, especially for those mothers with after delivery medical problems resulting interrupted early bonding

• Baby massage is a quality time for a working mommy.

Not only it is the baby who gets relaxed with the massage, you too can.
During first 6 exclusive breastfeeding days I used to be much stressed with the endless cycle of feeding and changing nappies. But baby massage was helping me and my baby to relax and have sound sleep after the bath. When I started working after 6 months, the first thing I did after coming home was massaging my baby. It helped me to reconnect with my baby and made me relaxed from the hard day out.
Massaging also helped me with increase in the self esteem and confidence as a parent.

New mom’s body massage:

In India we have new mom’s special massage for first 40 days. After delivery, my friend who delivered her baby in India recommended me to take a body massage because it tones up the muscles which had all undergone a change during the nine months of pregnancy. My mother used to massage me after I finished baby massage. I love remembering those days.

Baby massage is dad’s fun time too

Some dad’s may miss out on a lot of the hands – on care of their babies, especially if they are at work and when their babies are on exclusive breastfeeding. A regular massage with dad can become a routine, perhaps at bedtime, which helps to bring baby and daddy closer. So a massage given to your baby does convey the love and grows a deeper and deeper bond day by day and you may find that giving your baby a massage lifts our mood and helps us to feel more empowered as a parent.
The time I set aside for a massage is my special and most memorable time with my baby. And hope it would be yours too..


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