Why Kids should not have Sugar before Bedtime?


Can Sweets Make Kids Hyperactive?

Your kids’ diet can be one of the reasons behind his restlessness and sleepless nights. There is hype that sugar is a dietary element which makes kids hyperactive. First time I got to know about Sugar and Hyperactive-ness in kids, when my ex-manager didn’t allow her 2 years old kid to have donut when we met at a café in the evening.
Recently, during a vacation, my younger one started going crazily active when his grandparents let him have sweets in the evening.
But does sugar really make kids hyperactive?
Not all doctors/scientists think that sugar is the reason behind changed activeness in kids. But many do support this theory.

What Happens When You Eat Sugar/Sweet?

Reference: ZocDoc
Sugar contains carbohydrate and carbohydrate provides instant energy. Refined sugar quickly enters the bloodstream and provides instant energy. But, this doesn’t mean just eating sugar makes a child hyperactive. Sugar is a food which may taste good but doesn’t have any nutritional benefit. The enzyme present in the small intestine breaks down the sugar into glucose once it is digested. This glucose is converted into energy and reaches various body parts. Pancrea’s Beta cells monitors this sugar level in the blood cells. The increased level of glucose in the body keeps children energetic and active. The body stores the increased sugar in the body for further use to provide energy when no food is taken.
Children usually like candies, chocolate or sweets which are high in sugar. Overeating sugar or sweet foods may turn into an addiction which may show the symptoms like irritability, exhaustion, restlessness and craving for sweet food when they are prohibited to eat too much sugar.

Side Effects of Eating Sweets in Kids

Excess consumption of sugar may lead to various diseases in children including obesity, cardiac issues, diabetes etc. A human body has its own mechanism of utilizing the sugar content in the body. If the body is weak and no food has been eaten for a while, the extra sugar gets converted into energy otherwise it turns into fat and adds to the weight.
Studies say that sugar somehow affects the brain. Serotonin and sopamine are the two hormones that release after eating sugar or sugary food. These hormones make the mood light and stimulate the brain. Also, eating more sugar may make a body fail to realize when the food is adequate or the hunger is no more.
Hyperactivity is more related to the factors like trouble in sleep or disturbed sleeping routine, temperament, environment and disturbance in emotions. A child may like a sugary drink or food and show his emotions being overactive but that doesn’t mean it’s the sugar which is culprit. Sometimes his excitement or the surrounding which seems interesting to him may make him more active and there is no reason to blame sugar for this. However, limiting the sugar intake for babies is important as it may lead to many health issues later.


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