Why is Shatavari Blessing for Nursing Mothers?


Health Benefits of Shatavari / Asparagus Racemosus

Shatavari is called as Queen of Herbs. Asparagus Racemosus is botanical name of Shatawari/Shatavari. According to Ayurveda, it is very beneficial for breastfeeding mothers. It contains important minerals like Calcium and zinc and vitamins B.
This sweet and bitter herb is native to Himalayas, India. Root and Leaves of Shatavari both are used as medicine.
shatawari roots

shtavari leaves
It is one of very ancient medicine in India, nearly 5000 years ago Indians realized the healing powers of Shatavari.
Benefits of Shatavari/Asparagus Racemosus

Shatavari For Conceiving

Shatavari is a very good source of natural production of female sex hormones. Hence it helps in entire reproduction process in humans.

Shatavari is believed to increase fertility in females, it helps in conception. It helps to restore hormonal balance in body of a woman which is important for conception. Apart from that, it also balances the pH levels in vagina. Balanced pH levels increases chances of pregnancy by creating a proper environment for sperm motility.

Shatavari During Pregnancy

Shatavari is very healthy for pregnant mothers. It helps in maintaining health of fetus and also reduces chances of miscarriage.

Shatavari for Lactation

Shatavari works not only on improving on quantity of breast milk but also on quality of it.
This herb stimulates production of two important hormones, namely prolactin and corticoids.
These 2 hormones are the main key role player in successful breastfeeding. Every lactating mother needs healthy balanced production of these 2 hormones.
Shatavari is safest and most effective way for ensuring proper and enough breast milk production.
Shatavari supplement is highly recommended by most of pediatricians in India.


The Asparagus Racemosus root is available in capsules and powdered/granule form.
shatawari tablets
Most of makers name it Shtawari Kalp.
shatavari kalp
Generally 500 mg powdered Shatavari is taken twice a day. (Ideally, once in morning and once in evening.) Taking these supplements with warm milk is recommended. You must consult your doctor to know what is the safe and effective dosage for you. (i.e. before, during and after pregnancy)
You can buy powdered Shatavari produced by various Ayurveda Product makers in India at any drug store. This is healthy for whole family so you can use it for your husband and/or for kids too.
The root is available in powdered form as well as capsules.

Effectiveness for Breastfeeding

Those mothers who are not able to produce enough breast milk are mainly suggested to take this powdered herb regularly. It’s an Ayurveda herb and it takes some time to show the effects. Once you start seeing effects, you can continue using it. Always consult your doctor for any medicine intake and dosage.
Shatavari is energy booster for your whole family, so you can start giving it in daily one glass of milk to your all family members. It boosts your immune system and it works on your digestion system also.
The antidepressant properties of Shatavari are very helpful for a nursing mother to fight with post-partum depression.

Benefits of Shatavari

• Balances female reproductive Hormones
• Moisturizes the respiratory tract.
• Improves and maintains breast milk production.
• For male: helps boosting male sexuality
• Anti-Ulcer properties will aid digestion and improve it overall
• Improved immunity power
• Antidepressant, Reduces anxiety, and has aphrodisiac effects.

A funny fact about this magical herb: Shatavari in Sanskrit means ‘Lady who possesses 100 husbands. It refers rejuvanitive effect upon reproductive organs of the female.’


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    My baby is 5 months old, I am producing enough milk, Can I have this herb? I hope it doesnt have any side effect.

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    • Sapana

      Hi Divya,
      You can take them during breastfeeding for improving lactation but now as you are pregnant, you must ask your doctor.

    • Sapana

      Hi Shreemathi,
      Yes, Shatavari helps improving fertility in women. But if you wish to this supplements in tablets form, it is advised that you consult your doctor.

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    Hello I’m not producing enough milk 4 months into breastfeeding I go to a Lactation consultant a few times a month and still no change can you tell me exactly what brand to buy please? Thank you so much!

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