Why is Cold Pressed Juice Great for Your Health?


Health Benefits of Cold Pressed Juice

Our lifestyle is a major determiner of our health and immune system. Improving your immune system is among the first steps you can take towards becoming healthy. The human body is always fighting invaders and needs adequate nutrients and enzymes to protect itself.
Juicing will have an immediate effect on your health and help you get back in shape. Using fruits and vegetables loaded with antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins and minerals will give a positive boost to your health. However, only cold-pressed juice keeps the antioxidants intact. Juice, when extracted from the regular centrifugal juicer, will have no antioxidants because of extra heat produced in the process which destroys them. So, if you are serious about enhancing your health make sure you choose cold-pressed juice over regular juice.
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A cold-pressed-juicer employs low-speed spinning that retains important antioxidants, nutrients and fibres. KENT is known for its smart chef appliances and is a leading healthcare brand in the country. Their Cold-Pressed Juicer Machine is one such juicer which is known for its advanced features. It has a low RPM motor which works best for juices. KENT Juicer Machine is equipped with various filters for several use cases.
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Cold Pressed Juices are loaded with Antioxidants

One of the primary reason to include cold-pressed juices in your diet is that they have considerable amounts of antioxidants. Regular conventional juicer spins at high speed which produces a significant amount of heat, enough to destroy the essential antioxidants.
Antioxidants are important for our body as they are involved in the prevention of cellular damage triggered by free radicals in the body. This amount of harm done by free radicals can cause ageing, cancer and a host of diseases. You must consider including juices in your diet where antioxidants are preserved and not destroyed. The only way to do this is by drinking cold-pressed juice as opposed to regular juice. It will prevent free radicals from doing any damage and make you healthier.

Cold Pressed Juices are perfect for Detox

Juicing for detoxification is great for improving your health. Drinking cold-pressed juice on a daily basis improves immunity as it cleans the digestive tract. Cold-pressed juice also helps in detoxification of kidneys and liver. If you include appropriate green leafy veges and fresh fruits in your cold pressed juice, it will undoubtedly improve your health and vitality.

Cold Pressed Juices Increase Energy Levels

Increasing your intake of fresh produce juice will provide you with the required energy for a head start. Once your body is flooded with nutrients, the pH levels are optimised which improves your everyday health. Cold-pressed juice is absorbed quite rapidly which makes the body feel that sudden burst of energy. Drinking a glass of cold-pressed juice every day will make you more active. Furthermore, juices use less energy to get processed by the body which reserves energy.

Cold Pressed Juices Help in Weight Loss

Juicing is a sure shot way of getting rid of fat. It assists in losing weight which is a healthy practice for your body. Drinking fresh cold pressed juice helps in containing the number of calories you eat in a day and makes you feel full.

Cold pressed juices can immensely benefit people whose health is getting worse. It helps in improving immunity, protects the body from cold, regular flu, and other illnesses. So, if you are looking to improve your health, make sure you buy a reliable cold-pressed-juicer machine for maximum benefit.


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