Why Does A Baby Refuse to Breastfeed?


Most Common Reasons of Baby Refusing to Breastfeed

When your baby refuses to breastfeed, it can be a distressing moment and may leave you clueless. It’s not just the newborn who pushes at the momma and says No to the breast milk; even a 6-month-old can show such refusal.
It’s pretty tough to accept the refusal of the baby for a new mom. A mom puts too many efforts and feed the baby. And when the baby starts crying seeing the bare breast of her mom, it’s heart-wrenching.
Ever dug into this weird process? Let’s understand the science behind the refusal to the breast milk by the newborns.

Most Common Reasons Why A New Born Refuses to Breastfeed and Its Solutions

Latching Issue

Understanding latching for new moms is very necessary to avoid the breastfeeding strike. Sometimes, the babies can’t get enough milk due to poor lactation techniques and hence they get irritated and refuse to breastfeed. This problem is not just faced by the first time moms but the second time moms also go through this sometimes. The problem generally remains for 2-3 days and a bit practice can fix it soon.
Solution – To avoid or to fix the baby nursing strike problem, you should get advice from a lactation expert. Lactation Consultation by experts on 2nd day of baby delivery is highly recommended.

Reasons Why A Baby (Not only New Born) Refuses to Breastfeed and Its Solutions

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Hungry Baby

It may sound bizarre but you need to accept it that your baby may be hungry and not getting milk on time which is making him bad-tempered. A baby in a good mood easily welcomes breastfeeding but an irritated baby can refuse it. You may be taking a lot of time in feeding your newborn.
Solution – You can wrap up your schedule a bit faster and feed your baby on time every day to avoid the scenario where your newborn won’t breastfeed. Let the baby show his hunger and cater to it accordingly every day. Keep an eye on the clock and never miss your newborn’s hunger signs or call.

Mouth Ulcer

Your baby may have a mouth ulcer caused due to medication or constipation. There are many causes of mouth ulcer in newborns. During this trouble, the newborns find it difficult to suck. Many other mouth infections cause discomfort as well in the newborns.
Solution – Candid Mouth Paint is the ultimate and easy-to-find solution for mouth ulcers in babies and adults. Most of the doctors recommend it. It is easily available in the medicine shops but you must take your baby for a check up by medical expert up first before going for the mouth paint.

Cold and Congestion

Stuffy nose can make the breastfeeding experience complicated. Newborns are very prone to cold and congestion. Due to the stuffy nose, the little ones find it difficult to breathe properly and often show rejection to it.
Solution – There are many home remedies to avoid the breathing issue in the newborns during breastfeeding.
The elevated position of your baby can provide him the ease of breathing and make the breastfeeding process seamless. Nasal aspirators can also do the trick so try using it before feeding the baby.

Taste of Milk

When babies find a strange taste or fragrance during sucking, they often don’t welcome it in the first place. Applying various scented lotions, soaps or creams on body can make the baby uncomfortable. In many cases, it is seen that eating the intense smelling ingredients like onion or garlic can affect the taste of the breast milk which is not accepted by the newborns. This can be a confusing scenario and as a new mom, you may run here and there to find a solid solution. Though not all medical experts do not agree to this some researches has proven that the taste of breast milk can change according to mother’s diet.
Solution – Avoid including the intense smelling ingredients like onion, garlic, mint and bitter gourd in your diet so that the taste of your breast milk is not affected.
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Many experiences like seeing baby not ready to breastfeed are not expected by new moms, so educating oneself before experiencing the issue is better to solve the problems easily.


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