Why Does A Baby Cry?


Most Common Reasons of Baby Colic

Sometimes, you will feel helpless, clueless, reckless and what so ever due to your baby’s sudden behavioral changes. In starting months, you don’t have any idea about the reason of seeing the baby crying. So, in order to learn what is making your baby cry, what reasons make them colic and how can you help this situation, go through the post.

Most Important Question which arrives the Mind while Handling a Baby is – Why my baby cries?

This is a very natural thing. As your baby can’t talk so crying is the only way they have to show their desires. So, whenever he is crying, he is trying to convey what he actually wants.

Most Common reasons of Why Babies Cry

Due to Those Itchy Bump Rashes

Always check your baby’s diaper as this may be a reason for your little baby’s discomfort. The fabric of diapers might be rubbing through her skin. Later causing red rashes, these are really painful. If you want to have your baby a sound sleep, make him wear cotton nappies and good quality diaper.

Hunger Cravings

crying baby
This is another most usual reason for a baby’s cry. When your baby will feel hungry he will cry for sure. Try feeding your baby in every two to four hours. An empty stomach will make him feel cramps, just as us all. So, it’s better to feed them when they show early signs of hunger

Ear Pain

Your baby might have ear pain. During taking the bath, preventing soap from entering his ear is a tough task. Water may also accumulate in your baby’s ear. Consult your baby’s doctor for cleaning ear if it happens.

Inner Fever

You will feel your baby’s skin slightly warm every time you touch. Sometimes, fever came silently cause many issues. It could be harmful to your baby. Due to pain, discomfort and higher temperature, he may cry. If you are noticing that his diet is not proper as usual days, you should check if there exists inner fever.

Teething Pain

When new teeth are trying to push an infant’s gums, it may cause problems. It can be tearful and fussy for a child to bear the teething pain. So, if your little one is aged between 4 to 7 months, this reason may be the victim.

Body Rashes

Your baby may have body rashes. Check for them while clothing the baby. Using powder to make these rashes dry is the best option in this case.

Unfamiliar Environment

Surrounded by many unknown faces, going through crowd, and communication initiation by the strangers – these are some causes making the babies cry. So, if it happens to your baby, just pat him to tell that you are near.

Cold and Cough

Your small baby has not-so-good immunity when he entered the world. Running nose, cold, infections, changing environment, and breathing problems may be the cause of that continuous weeping. Proper woolen clothes & seeing the doctor are your tools to get him smile back.

Sometimes, Your Baby Only Needs You

At some instances, your motherly touch is all that a child needs. Your really unbreakable bond with a small child is sometimes the healer for child’s pain. Seeing his mother in front of his eyes, a consoling touch of your firm hands and affection can cure his pains, stopping his otherwise endless sobbing.

Some theories of what’s behind baby’s colic nature include:

Baby Colic
• Nervous system development may make baby colic.
• Gas/upset stomach
• Hormones that cause stomach pain or a fussy mood Stomach pain or changing hormones.
• External elements like light, noise or dark.
• Sometimes, it’s just a bad mood and nothing else. You have got challenging time to deal with today!
• A still-developing nervous system.
• Mouth ulcer (You need to see baby’s doctor in this case)
• Mosquito/bug bites
• Anything stuck in babies fingers (threads etc.)
• Tight clothes or rashes due to clothes on skin: Sometimes the elastic of pants or the labels of shirt at neck can bother babies.
• Too many clothes: Many times parents put on layers of clothes on babies which make them feel hot and uncomfortable. Many babies hate wearing socks, caps. Naughty babies they are!

There can be many other reasons behind why your baby is colic, except the above causes
• Nervous system development may make baby colic.
• Bad digestive system or gas
• Sometimes, it’s just a bad mood and nothing else.
• Stomach pain or changing hormones.
• External elements like light, noise or dark.

If your baby is crying on from a long time, then don’t panic. Just do some easy things

Tips to Sooth a Colic Baby

soothing baby

• Rub his back softly.
• Carry him.
• Talk to him.
• Try diverting his mind.
• Sing to Baby, yes it works on even just born babies
• Hammock! The wonder gig of a mother. Hammocks are made for making baby feel safe and the swing motion makes them fall asleep quickly, which is best remedy to calm a colic baby. Having a hammock at home is highly recommended for new parents. Always select the safe, strong hammock from well-known brands.

When to Take Your Baby to Doctor?

If baby is crying for a very long time and any trick doesn’t work on it.
If baby doesn’t sleep at all.
If baby refuses the breast milk/formula milk (even when hungry).

Baby can’t express themselves so you have to sense what they actually want through the above-discussed facts. Generally, they will cry to tell you about need, likes, disturbing things and every such thing. So, whenever your baby is colic, try accessing him on the basis of above reasons. You will probably find the answer why is the baby crying.


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