Why Do Pregnant Women Crave For Sour?


Craving For Sour things – Is Pregnancy really the cause?

Pregnancy brings many changes in your body, behavior, and habits, with each passing week. Changes, taking place in the body tend to affect your taste buds also. It results in new food habits.

sour expression eating lemonAlmost every women experience cravings for sour food during the pregnancy. But do you know why it happens? Do you also crave for lemon, tamarind, grapefruits, pickle etc? Don’t worry as you will get to know the answers in a minute of reading!

During Pregnancy, you’ll go through different phases. Your likes and dislikes will also change due to hormonal changes. See, how and when these cravings start and what the causes are.

When does the Craving Start?

Usually, pregnancy cravings start at early stages of pregnancy. In first and second trimester, you will tend to crave more, which remains continuous throughout your pregnancy.

Craving for sour things usually starts during the first trimester. In some cases, it also gives an idea that a female is pregnant. Although these are only traditional belief but can’t be considered utter wrong. There is nothing to worry about pregnancy cravings. Many expectant mothers experienced that cravings went away by the birth of the baby. But if it still exists after some says of delivery, then there is nothing to worry.

What Makes You Crave for Sour Things?

Sour cravings happen with every woman for personal food satisfaction or to control your bumpy taste buds. After exploring through some research studies, here are some causes which we have found to prevent your brain craving with curiosity, alongside for the food.

Hormone-related Cravings

Pregnancy initiates many changes in our body. At that time, changes in your hormones also take place, making you crave for sour things.

Bumpy Taste Buds

During pregnancy, your taste buds change the behavior. You may want to eat sour things to feed your taste buds with some specific tastes. At that time, you’ll only want to eat strong foods. And sour is a strong taste, it with feel soothing.

Your Body’s Need

Some studies have shown that during pregnancy your cravings depend on your body’s needs. Like, a craving for milk means your body wants vitamin D. And, when your body craves for sour things means your body want vitamin C.

Physiological Craving

Some people think that craving for things is merely a desire about what you want to eat. You go for those specific things which you were willing to eat for so long. It all depends on physiological belief. So, if a pregnant woman is craving for sour things, it could be due to her own desire.

Influence of Company

Cravings also occur when you go through your daily life or environmental influence. If everyone thinks that sour cravings happen with each woman, you will also urge towards the sour cravings.

Above were numerous factors to consider about food cravings during pregnancy. Although no one is fully justified these are just sayings and do not make sense about what make these cravings. But, these are absolutely beneficial. See why.

Benefits of Sour Urge

If you have extreme cravings for sour things, don’t worry! Here is good news for you. Sour preferences during first and second trimester help women to eat a variety of diet throughout the pregnancy so that more intake of calories or nutrients.

Nutritional Benefits

Sour things are usually rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. Foods or fruits like tamarind, lemon, orange, grapefruits, green mangoes etc are good for your unborn baby’s skin, body and growth. Antioxidant properties of sour fruits help in inhibition of free radicals in our body which are the cause of cancer so it is good if you are eating sour fruits. But remember moderation is the key to healthy body. So don’t over eat anything just looking at its benefits.

So, cravings may panic you for a while, when you don’t get the desired food immediately but these are all for good. Craving for sour things during pregnancy will never harm your baby. Instead, it will protect her from many problems. So, enjoy the food cravings and feed yourself well.


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