Why Do Indian Moms Put On Weight during Breastfeeding?


Reasons for Excess Weight During Breastfeeding

I have been always skinny, first time I really put on weight was during first pregnancy and the real excess fats I put on during first breastfeeding. I was looking like pregnant again. I lost weight after a year and again put on in same way during second pregnancy and breastfeeding.
99 out of 100 Indian mothers put on fats during breastfeeding.
Here are some reasons why Indian moms put on un-necessary weight while breastfeeding.

Fewer Movements

Indian moms literally go on bed rest for first few months after delivery. Even in C-section these days you can run after 8 days. Well not literally run but your body is fit for regular physical activities.
Every new mom in India is surrounded by a baby-army i.e. people who take of her and her baby. Which means mommy is treated like a queen and no regular domestic work or physical exercises during help-time. Well you must consult your doctor how much physical activities you should be doing but you must not stop physical activities completely.

Too Much of Fatty Food

A healthy breastfeeding diet includes some fat rich foods like Ghee, Dairy, Dry fruits etc. as you need it for enough fats and carbs to feed your baby also these foods are DHA rich. But many times Indian mothers just gallop bowls n bowls of ghee every day. One must balance it with fiber rich foods and also maintain only required levels of each type of nutrient.


Starting with pregnancy, hormones are very active. The hormone responsible for milk generation called Prolactin, is also appetite inducer. This particular hormone is very high in first 6 months of delivery. This hormone is actually responsible for weight gain. But this is most important for successful breastfeeding. So lets not blame it. 🙂

Not Eating Enough

Well this is a possible reason in few cases as hardly any Indian mother eats less than required during lactation. Still, talking about less eating, sometimes if a nursing mother eats less, her metabolism is disturbed. This will make her body use less energy. Hence body loses less weight. Eating well and balanced food keeps you’re all body functions active completely.

Lack of Sleep and Added Stress

Lack sleep slows down metabolism and disturbs blood sugar levels. One who sleeps less than required amount, craves for sweet food, leading to weight gain.

Balanced diet and proper exercises/physical movements are necessary to maintain body weight. But during breastfeeding many times you cannot have full control over your body. So at least during first 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding a mother should not worry about her excess weight unless it is causing any health issues.


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