Why do Babies Sweat while Sleeping?


How to Deal with Baby’s Sweating while Sleeping?

Sweating in babies when sleeping is a common concern all parents face. Personally, I have dealt with it too while my son was an infant. My younger one used to sweat a lot when he was a six months old, especially on his head. I enquired about the issue to my children’s pediatrician. She informed me that it was probably due to a lack of Vitamin D. Moreover, she further explained that it was rather a symptom of Vitamin D deficiency. I wanted to explore more about the causes and effect of perspiration in babies. This is the sole purpose of this post – so you have a know how about how to decipher your baby’s sweating habits.

What Causes Babies to Sweat it Out?

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Sweating in babies is a very common occurrence. They usually sweat because they are feeling the heat. Specially, if they are wearing a cap that is tight or making them feel hotter.
It is when the sweating gets excess despite comfortable clothing and a cool favorable climate, that you should be concerned.

1) Hot Weather

Perspiration can also be caused by a hot weather. Babies sweat excessively on their heads because several sweat glands are situated there. It is nothing to worry about.

2) Natural Heat Functioning

If you notice your baby sweating while sleeping as well as feeding, it might be related to his or heart functioning.

3) Infections or other Health Issues

If your baby experiences heavy sweating only at night, despite the room not being hot, then it might need looking into. Night sweats usually occur due to the simple fact that a baby’s heat regulatory processes are not as advanced as an adult’s are. If these are frequent and above normal sweating, night sweats can indicate several infections, presence of nightmares or sleep apnea.


If they baby’s body temperature is also high along with unusually increased sweating it can be a sign of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). SIDS is more prevalent among prematurely born infants. It is then really necessary to get the baby examined as soon as possible.

5) Vitamin D Deficiency

As I mentioned before such sweating can also be caused by a lack essential of Vitamin D.

6) Stomach Upset

Sweating can also be a sign of the baby’s digestion being a little off. Check if the baby has constipation or indigestion.

Don’t Perspire over Your Baby’s Sweating

Take these precautions to ensure your baby has a deep sleep.

Room Temperature

Keep a check on the weather and temperature of the room the baby sleeps in.


If the room is too hot do not cover the baby in tight clothing.
Make sure the fabric of all your baby’s clothing is breathable and he or she is comfortable.

Vit D

Let baby take sunbathe every morning with minimum clothes on baby’s body.

Baby’s Hair

In case the baby’s hair is long use a trimmer to carefully trim them a little. It will help with reduction of the perspiration. In India, many cultures prohibit cutting hair before baby’s first traditional haircut (AKA Mundan), In such case, try to tie the hair loosely with a cotton band.

When to See Doctor

If you think the baby’s sweating has increased or is unusual, take him to the doctor right away.
A doctor would be the best person look into the problem and treat it.

Most importantly, do not panic. As I mentioned before sweating is common during sleeping and is majorly caused by presence of sweat glands. If you think your little one is sweating too much consult your doctor. And take the mentioned precautions to make sure your precious one has a good night’s sleep.


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