Why a Baby Needs To Be Swaddled?


Is Swaddling Safe for My New-born Baby?

Swaddling i.e. wrapping a new born baby in a long thin smooth cotton cloth is very common but it calls forth several questions with it like ‘is it safe to swaddle my baby’, ‘what are the benefits of swaddling’ or ‘what are the risks of swaddling a baby’. Some myths like swaddling a baby can be fatal are enough to misguide a new parent.
Swaddling is done to provide comfort, warmth and safety to the baby during his sleep. The right swaddling way or cloth helps a baby sleep safely and peacefully. Usually, a light and comfortable sheet or blanket is used for swaddling a baby. Sometimes babies have longer sleep in a comfortable swaddle blanket which in turns provides a sense of relief to the new mamma.

Why is Wrapping A Baby / Swaddling Important

More Peaceful Sleep

A newborn is used to mom wombs warmth and swaddling makes them feel cozy like in the womb.
A more comfortable and longer sleep can be expected from a swaddled baby. During the sleep, babies often make movements and this is a major reason they wake up all of a sudden in the midnight. A cozy swaddling sheet or blanket provides a comfortable experience leading to a peaceful sleep.

Lesser Risk of SIDS

SIDS is a major threat for small babies which is related to baby’s sleep and movements. Swaddling a baby prevents the babies from covering their nose or mouth with pillows or bed sheet. They can’t even flip over. It makes them sleep in the same position.

Baby Doesn’t Cry Much

It is seen that when a baby is free to make movements, they often invite nuisances and discomforts for themselves. Swaddling offers a soothing feeling to a baby and hence they enjoy a cozy and peaceful sleep.

Feels Like Mother’s Sensation

This is one of the most important reasons to swaddle your baby. Baby is familiar with mother’s sensation as he has spent a lot of time in those cozy hands. Swaddling offers the same feel to an extent. A baby feels safe and cozy in a swaddle as he thinks he is in his mother’s arms.

Safe and Secure

Swaddle sheet or blanket is not like a loose ordinary blanket used for baby’s comfort. They are thin and made of cotton, specially designed to make baby feel good and secure while swaddling. They are made of ultra soft fabric which is skin friendly.

When to Stop Swaddling?

If you swaddle your baby for long, he will get addicted to it and a long transition has to be experienced. The time between 1 month and 2 months, is the right time to stop swaddling. For small naps, it is okay to swaddle him for some time. But, once you baby turns 2, don’t bother to swaddle him. Let him achieve a natural sleep. His mobility also increases by 2 months and hence the risk of SIDS also decreases.
Though you swaddle your baby, you need to keep an eye on him time to time. He may roll over and face breathing troubles in your absence. Swaddling not just ensures safety and immobilization for a baby but comfort and motherly touch as well. It is completely a safe practice if done properly.
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    I can vouch for swaddling. I would swaddle both my kids post their bath and feed. It would give them longer and peaceful sleep hours.
    Thorough and informative post.

    • Sapana

      Yes, Thats the best part of Swaddling, after bath they sleep very peacefully. My babies loved being swaddled like in cocoon.

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    Earlier while i have seen the new born ones in movies wrapped with clothes i used to think…why people do such activity, cant they understand that the baby can have suffocating feelings, later i came to know the reason.
    This post contains very helpful information.

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