Who are Breastfeeding Consultants?


Why Does a New Mother Needs Lactation Consultation?

India is a breastfeeding friendly country which means that in India it is basic right of a mother to breastfeed her child whenever needed. Also there are hardly any Indian women who think breastfeeding is optional. An Indian woman never thinks of any consequences when it comes to breastfeeding.
But only thing we don’t have in India is proper breastfeeding consultation to new mothers. Recently few of five star hospitals have started default breastfeeding to new mothers in hospital. At rest places, new moms don’t even know how much essential breastfeeding consultation is?

Who is a Breastfeeding Consultant?

Lactation consultants are certified health professionals, specialized in the clinical management of breastfeeding. They commonly work in hospitals with physicians, pediatricians or neonatologist. Most of lactation consultants also work for social work in India, like camps in rural areas etc. Lactation consultants are certified through the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBLCE). This concept of lactation consultation by professional was brought up by a group of passionate enterprising volunteers La Leche League Leaders. They wanted to professionalize the knowledge and skills they had developed during working with breastfeeding mothers.

When to Meet a Breastfeeding Consultant?

Answer is after delivery in hospital. As first few days most of new moms tend to get tensed due to no proper latching and baby too young to cooperate. This is the time a new mother needs to understand its normal and how to handle the situation.

Where to Find Them?

When you are approaching your due date, talk to your gynecologist about breastfeeding consultation by a professional in hospital itself.

What will They Teach a New Mother?

1. How to hold your baby?
2. All about Latching
3. Breastfeeding positions (Very important)
4. Possible health problems like lumps and engorgement
5. Diet during breastfeeding (Depends on BF consultant)
6. When to feed your baby.
7. Feeding an impatient, hungry and cranky baby.

Why is it Necessary to go Through Breastfeeding Consultation?

1. New mom’s depression: Most of new mothers find difficulty in getting baby latching on. In first few days not much milk is produced which is common but new mother tend to worry. A lactation consultant will help a new mom to understand all this.
2. Holding your new born baby for a perfect latch and for long breastfeeding sessions is an art! You need to learn all small tips which are very useful. Learning from books and internet is not as helpful as practical help.
3. Breastfeeding in laying down position help mother and baby relax more and as a New mother you don’t know how to position yourself and baby.
4. Awareness of possible health issues and how to avoid them.
5. Encouragement for confidence and mental support.
Hope new mothers find this useful. Happy breastfeeding.


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