Which Oil is Best for Baby’s Body and Hair Massage?


Purra Pure Coconut and Olive Oils: Review

baby beautifulYour smiling baby is no lesser than an asset to you and the source of liveliness in your house. The baby’s skincare routine terrifies every mom as anything and everything can’t be afforded for your baby’s smooth and sensitive skin. Chemicals can leave a terrible impact on your baby’s skin and hence the light and natural oils are the best pick. The Purra Virgin Coconut + Olive Oil combo is the ultimate solution for your baby’s skincare. A gentle massage of the natural Purra oil can turn your baby in good spirits and nourish his sensitive skin.

First lets see why pure Coconut oil and Olive Oil are best for baby’s Hair and body massage?

Why Use Coconut Oil for Baby’s Hair Massage?

The coconut oil has been delivering impressive benefits for many centuries. The coconut oil has a selection of therapeutic benefits. It has two prime fatty acids – Lauric and myristic acids. When the Lauric Acid gets in contact with your baby’s sensitive skin, it turns into monolaurin and becomes a great antibacterial agent. The miraculous oil enhances the softness of the scalp as well and stimulates it properly. There are plenty of benefits of the coconut oil including –
• Antibacterial property
• Relief from inflammation
• Minimum Allergy
• Nourishes scalp and encourages hair growth
• Nourishes health
• Immunity booster
• Cures viral infections
• Strong Bones
• Least Allergen: Compared to other oils coconut is mildest and least allergen for baby’s sensitive skin. (A patch test is still needed)

Why Use Virgin Coconut Oil for Baby’s Massage?

There are different ways of extracting coconut oil. The virgin coconut oil often goes by the name Virgin Coconut Oil. Such oil can be exposed to high temperature during the extraction. You can find a selection of coconut oil quality in the market. The quality of the coconut oil depends on the method of extraction. The virgin coconut oil is considered as the most productive coconut oil. Such oils are the oils that are still inside the fresh coconuts with all the goodness intact. The fresh virgin coconut oil has the maximum amount of nutrients that is partially lost in the extraction process. Such oils are tastier and healthier.

Why Use Pure Olive Oil for Baby’s Body Massage?

olive oil
There is a range of oils available out there to take care of your baby’s skin and hair but when it’s about the best care and maximum nourishment, the pure olive oil tops the list. Olive oil is comprised of two vital acids – Linoleic acid and oleic acid. The low proportion of Linoleic acid provides adequate strength to your baby’s skin and prevents it from getting easily affected by the external impurities and infections. The high proportion of the oleic acid makes few layers of your baby’s skin more porous. It also moisturizes the skin.
The key benefits of massing your baby’s body with pure olive oil include –
• A powerful skin moisturizer
• Helps in skin regeneration
• Repels free radicals
• Boosts blood circulation
• Pampers the sensitive skin
• Lasts long
• The pleasant smell keeps your baby in a great mood
• Saves from eczema
• Least Allergen: Compared to other oils used for skin massage like sesame oil or almond oil, the olive oil is least allergen for baby’s sensitive skin yet very effective in keeping skin nourished and glowing. (A patch test is still needed)
Comparing all available oils in market, we have selected Purra virgin coconut Oil and Purra Pure Olive Oil as the best recommended oils for baby’s hair and skin, Lets know why?

Why Use Cold Pressed Olive Oil for Baby Massage?

Cold pressed olive oils are not the natural form of oils. The raw oil undergoes many mechanical processes and treated at a certain temperature and then the cold pressed olive oil comes into existence. Such oils are more beneficial than the regular oils due to the opulence of antioxidants, mono-saturated fatty acids, and polyphenols. These elements prevent a person from the fatal heart diseases and offer maximum nutrition.

Why is Purra Coconut Oil Best?

purra coconut oil
The Purra Coconut Oil is virgin coconut oil that takes care of your hair’s. The oil has been created in a hygienic environment and under the expert surveillance. The excellence of the coconut oil has been accepted by the people worldwide several centuries ago. A single bottle of pure coconut oil can take care of your baby and adults at home. It’s a value for money product accepted by thousands of users.
The pure coconut oil can be used as a lip balm in winters and a shampoo for everyday hair cleansing. It nourishes the hair and stimulates the scalp for better hair growth. The benefits of the magical pure coconut oil are not unlimited to the health and lifestyle.

Why is Purra Olive Oil Best?

purra olive oil
The pure olive oil and the goodness of skin are synonymous. Purra brings the first-rate non-irritant olive oil that pampers your baby’s skin and offers it the needed nourishment. If your baby has a dull skin in winters then Purra olive oil can retain the lost moisture and glow and keep the skin safe from various external damages. The mild olive oil contains a huge proportion of the oxidants. The Purra olive oil has been manufactured under special conditions to make it last long and stay in a good condition in any season. The Purra Olive oil has been made by processing the finest quality whole olives. The pure olive oil from Purra is the best gift for your baby’s health and beauty. Just a few drops of the pure olive oil can do wonders.

New Mom’s Hair and Skin Care

A full body massage is also very good for new mom to recover from baby delivery. The Purra oils are recommended for new mothers also.

The Purra coconut oil and pure olive oil combo is a great product for the babies between 0-5 years.

purra oils

Both the mild and nourishing pure oils have proven benefits. The product is available at a great price and in an attractive and handy packaging. Bring goodness home and make some space on your baby’s shelf. The Purra coconut and olive oil combo will take your baby’s health quotients to new heights this season.

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