Which Mattress is Good for Pregnant Women?


How to Select a Perfect Mattress for a To-be-Mom?

To-Be-Mom’s are in desperate need of sleep. Since your body is at hard work, it can be pretty difficult to get a decent good night’s sleep for a pregnant woman. It is one if the harshest truths of pregnancy which is when you need sleep, it becomes nearly impossible to get that sleep and you might end up lay awake for hours. In such times of dire needs, a new mattress can be a real boon. It is always advisable to purchase a mattress which has the top layer ‘memory foam in the top layer of the mattress’ irrespective of the fact where it provides support for the growing body or just allows you the much needed space to rest.

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Questions to know Answer to before Purchasing a Mattress

● Are you presently sleeping for at least 7-8 hours to give your body the rest it deserves?
● Are you experiencing anybody ache concentrated to any particular body part when you wake up?
● Do you have to get up a lot at night?
● Do you feel like you could use some support when you have to stand up or sit down at the edge of your mattress?
● Or do you prefer a more flexible mattress which allows movement freely.
● What positions does your ‘spouse prefer to sleep in’?
● While sleeping, do you tend to feel cold or hot?
● Do you or your spouse have any health related issues which you need to be careful about and take into consideration
Ensure that while you are purchasing the mattress, you discuss these questions with the sales associate. With you providing clear answers related to questions, can really help in narrowing down the preferred choice of mattress and the sleep accessories which will be ideal for you.

Mattresses which can be Ideal for a Pregnant Woman

● Soft mattresses can be an ideal option that can be a provider if great sleep to you. You can go for such mattresses that has each of its ‘coil’s tapered top moving’ which can act as constant support when you are moving.
● Many a times, doctors might advise you to devote a few hours into sitting with your legs ‘above your heart’ which will ensure blood circulation in your pregnancy. In such situations can have a solution with adjustable beds. In such beds, you will be able to prop your legs at the downward side of the mattress which is at an appropriate height which is ideal for your body. You may even sleep on your back, especially at least until you are in your second trimester, by adjusting the top of your mattress. The mattresses at Urban Ladder can be suitable luxury and comfort that they deserve.
● Morning sickness and night sweats? You can opt for the elite mattress protector. In case you are worried about your water breaking unexpected, then you can also go for the waterproof mattress.

Features of a Perfect Mattress for Pregnant Women

Natural Materials

It is always advisable to check whether the materials are safe and eco-friendly which is one for the main criterions that help in the selection of a mattress for a pregnant woman.

Cooling Technology

Night sweats which might happen due to hormonal imbalances can be a real problem for pregnant women. Hence you might also see whether the mattress you are purchasing comes with a cooling technology

Weight Distribution

When you are sleeping, it becomes mandatory that there is a uniform weight distribution and this is why many moms prefer to sleep in memory foam or latex mattresses unlike the coil mattresses to endure the weight is distributed uniformly and you experience the least discomfort while sleeping

Pregnant women must be allowed the right amount of rest so that their body can function well enough for two people that is also the baby that is growing inside the mother. Urban Ladder can be a great option which hosts a number of mattress options for mothers and pregnant women to help them get the rest and sleep that they deserve.

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