Which is the Best Baby Lotion in India?


Best Brand in Baby Body Cream: MotherCare

With Baby Lotions I can say, I am quite well-versed with various baby body moisturizers creams and moisturizers of different global brands. That’s because my elder son was raised in Japan first 2 years and Japan is like a paradise of baby products. As a new mother I didn’t know much about baby products, so I did some research and I finally landed upon Mother Care’s Pink Baby moisturiser Cream.
My younger son was born in Mumbai. And here in India also, I continued using MotherCare’s Pink Lotion for my both sons.
I found this lotion suitable for all seasons and climates. You just adjust the quantity while applying according to the seasons.
Another most important thing is that the lotion must not feel heavy on skin i.e. after application it should just leave the skin soft and hydrated without staying on skin in form of thick layer. This lotion is just perfect for this requirement. A new mom can also use it for herself.
[NOTE: Please note this is not a sponsored post, this is completely my experience which I wish to share with new parents.]

Why MotherCare Baby Lotion is the Best Choice?

Name of Product: MotherCare All We Know Baby Lotion
Dermatological Tested: Yes
Paraben Free: Yes
Hypo-allergic: Yes
My Own Experience (in short): Non Sticky, perfect consistency (Enough watery and enough thick), no strong fragrance, Never had any problem.

When to Start Using Body Lotion on a Baby?

1 month after birth as recommended by manufacturers and also same is the advice of the most of Neonatologists and Pediatricians.
I started using body lotion when my babies were 1 and half months old as they were getting oil massage nearly every day (after they turned 1 month old) and I didn’t want to apply more than one thing (Oil/lotion) for first 15 days for the purpose of checking the reaction.

What Does it Provide?

• Shields baby’s skin from various skin damages
• Moisturizes baby’s soft skin
• Leaves no rashes on her skin
• Non-greasy
• Lightly fragrant
• Free of toxics and skin chemicals

How to Know if it’s Telling The Truth?

I used this moisturizer for my sons starting at their age of 1 and half months till they turned 3-4 years old. They never had dry skin or rashes problem

What Does Manufacturer Say?

Moisturizing Skin-

Due to the presence of Olive Oil and Chamomile extracts in its composition. This Body lotion has (x2) power of a moisturizer. As both Olive Oil and Chamomile contains Vitamin E and Vitamin A, respectively. These two vitamins are popularly known to be skin-moisturizing vitamins. They are also used in various face moisturizing products.

Skin Protective-

Vitamin E keeps skin safe when exposed to the sun. Since sunscreens and Sunblocks cannot be applied on babies, so as their substitute this body lotion is recommendable. Also, babies like warmness all the time and after bathing, you would most probably take them out under the sun. So it’s better to go protected.

Anti-Rash Lotion-

Both Olive Oil and Chamomile have anti-inflammatory properties. This is why to treat skin rashes at home they are used by those, afflicted with skin rashes. Because of its anti-bacterial properties, they are also used in the treatment of other skin ailments.


Well, I don’t know what wonder science is hidden behind this feature of the Lotion. But from my personal experience, I can say that the texture of the lotion will seem non-greasy, hence easily absorbent and light-weight too. I can say that ‘Less is more’ with Mother Care’s easy to spread-Lotion.


Yes, the Lotion fragrances very lightly and pleasantly hence your baby’s nostrils won’t get upset smelling it. Especially newborns should be kept away from strong smells. With baby products, it’s quite essential that all the five senses of the baby are at peace. Chamomile flower’s extracts gives this baby skin moisturizers cream a light soothing smell.

Free of Harmful Chemicals-

The body lotion is PARABEN FREE.Also, it is free of SLS, synthetic colors, artificial fragrances, and phthalates etc. Only the skin-suiting ingredients are used in MotherCare’s body lotion.
The presence of Parfum denotes the presence of essential oils in the product. Same ingredient can be found on baby massage oils too.

Must Know Things Before Applying Body Lotion on Babies


Before using any skin product on baby’s skin, first perform a ‘patch test’ on your her skin. For this, apply the lotion on a small part of her skin.

Then wait for 24 hours. Meanwhile see if she experiences itchiness, or if there’s any redness on that area.

Any changes in appearance or behavior of your baby can indicate towards skin allergy.


Personally, I used the All We Know lotion, throughout the year. So, I didn’t buy any specific Winter Lotion or Summer Lotion for my baby’s skin. I just varied the quantity and frequency of its usage, each season. Like this-
o In Summers: After the bath, one time a day application would suffice.
o In Rains: Usage one or two times a day would be enough. There’s no fixed rule for this, but on touching, if her skin feels rough, just use the body lotion.
o In Winters: Apply the lotion, 2-3 times a day. Mother Care lotion besides moisturizing also helps regulates itself as per baby’s body temperature especially because of your touch.


A body lotion’s texture should not be runny and watery. Runny lotions are not that economical. With thick moisturizers creamy lotions, you may over-rub her skin.

Dermatologically Safe

Since dermatologists know very well that Phthalates, Paraben, and SLS etc., are not good for skin and human’s health too. Hence the skin’s doctor can be looked upon. And so the products approved by them.

Tips on Using Body Lotion on Babies

1. You should first fully pat dry your baby with a towel. After that start applying the cream as if you are massaging your baby.
2. When applying the moisturizing cream at night, see that you just clean her skin with a soft wet sponge. As during night you can’t bathe her. And lotion must be applied on clean skin else due to sweat, dust or food particles your child may suffer rashes on skin. Use a soft sponge or warn and wet cotton cloth to clean her feet and hands and mouth for applying the lotion.
3. Don’t forget to apply it on the sole of your baby’s feet.
4. Use lesser amount of cream in areas like underarms, skin folds, and neck etc. These are such areas where we usually perspire. Even babies sweat hence dust / fibers of her clothes can stick to those areas quite easily.
5. Body lotions should not be confused with body massage oils. Massage oil is for baby’s strong joints, bones, and muscles. And you must bath your baby after massage. Also do not apply the moisturizer on oily skin hence use a baby body wash while bathing her. Oil should not be left on skin as they are sticky and they are not for moisturizing purpose.

This Midwife tested body lotion would look very well after your baby’s skin needs. Mother Care skin moisturizing cream keeps baby’s skin hydrated. Moisturizing skin is essential as dry or un-moisturized baby skin is prone to various skin damages. http://amzn.to/2p2MTQe. Whenever my friends asked me which baby lotion is the best buy in India, or which body lotion did I use for my boys and other such questions, I have always recommended them Mother Care All We Know Body Lotion. Now even you know why.


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    • Sapana

      Hi Mansi,
      Thanks for your kind comment. I agree MotherCare products are bit expensive compared to other brand but for a newborn they are the best. The baby wipes, clothes, towels, nappies etc other are very good quality and i also like the decent colors of MotherCare Clothes. The best product from MotherCare is their Waterproof Mattress sheet. It is the only and only one type of breathable waterproof sheet available in India which is cotton and no ridiculous plastic or rubber sheets even on other side. Its most skin friendly sheet. I am thinking of writing a review for it too. It was a blessing when I used it for my second son in Mumbai.

  1. Avatar

    Is this lotion good in summers too? I live in Mumbai and my baby is 1 month old….. I have not yet started massage and I dont want to as I think he is too tiny for handling that much in massage…… Bathing him already scares me everyday….Also I dont want to hire baby massager to massage my baby….. I feel a mom only should bath/massage her baby. Do you think using this lotion alone will be sufficient for him I mean even without an oil massage? Thanks.

    • Sapana

      Hi Rekha,
      My younger son is born in Mumbai and raised for 2 years there. I used MotherCare lotion for him in Mumbai also. I agree the climate is skin-unfriendly. But a baby’s skin needs moisturisation. so do not use too much of it. as I mentioned 2 times is enough and apply a thin layer of lotion on baby’s skin.
      If you dont want to go for oil massage, its ok. When you apply the cream just do a light massage. Massaging is great way to bond with the baby. It may not be magical on baby’s bone development as we know but it surely helps in blood circulation. Also mom’s touch stimulates brain development.

  2. Avatar

    is it better than other popular brands in india? do they have trial bottle or small bottle???
    this is not expensive, but i wanted to try it first….. is it good for new mother too?

    • Sapana

      Hi Vaishali,

      Yes, I found it the best. Reasons written in the post. Also you can use it for yourself too if you have dry/normal skin.

  3. Avatar

    Hi.. Is this brand having single type of moisturiser or different for different skin type? Boys/Girls same???

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