When to Start Massage for Your Newborn?


How to make sure new born is ready for massage?

In India, a long list of to-dos is born with a baby’s birth. For a family it starts with sweets and phone calls to shopping of diapers, clothes etc.
But the new mom is all concerned about what’s best for her baby’s health.
When it comes to baby bath and massage, leave it to the nurses and doctor when you are still in hospital. Before leaving for home don’t forget to ask your doctor all about baby massage and bath.
Every baby is unique and for starting baby massage you have to consider few main factors like:

1. The season at birth time and climate at location of birth
Your new born is sensitive to temperature changes. Winters can be tough on baby’s skin so your doctor may recommend starting baby massage and bath after a week or so. In summers it can be earlier.

2. Baby’s skin and patch test
Many newborns are prone to rashes in first month. Your baby may be sensitive to baby oils and soaps. Even after you get a green signal from doctor for starting the massage, you should do a patch test first on your skin then on baby’s skin. Watch the signs of rashes in 24 hours and if everything ok you may start massage.

3. Premature baby
Premature babies (and babies with some health issues like pneumonia at birth, viral infection) are very sensitive and need extra care while bath and massage. It may be good idea to wait till baby gains sufficient weight and is free from any sickness.

Massage your baby yourself. It helps in bonding. Educate yourself about right massage techniques.

Babies love massage and bath. It has numerous benefits. Do it right and enjoy!


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