When to Introduce Yogurt/Curd to Your Baby?


Is Curd/Yogurt Safe for Babies?

To answer in short, a solid-eating baby can eat yogurt i.e. at the age of 8 months, you may introduce yogurt to your baby. There is still a chance of dairy allergy in babies; so, if you have doubts, you consult your child’s paediatrician once.
Yogurt is a fermented food and comprises lactobacillus, a safe and healthy bacterial species for humans. It’s a health boosting food for all age groups. Make sure when you start giving yogurt to your baby, it’s homemade fresh yogurt.

Can My Baby Eat Yogurt?

FAQs of feeding yogurt to your baby

1. What is The Right Age to Start Curd / Yogurt to Your Baby?

According to paediatricians, babies who are 4-6month old can start solid foods and when it comes to starting yogurt for babies, the suitable age is 7 to 8 months. Whole milk yogurt is the best choice for the babies who are above 6 months. Whole milk yogurt is rich in fat which small babies need and its antibacterial and other health properties keeps him healthy. Babies above 6 months need a lot of nutrients for growth and yogurt is a rich source of Calcium, vitamins, protein and some other nutrients.

2. Which Type of Yogurt is Best for Baby?

Homemade Cow’s milk yogurt is recommended by paediatricians. If yogurt given to a baby is fresh cow whole milk yogurt then his growth rate will be better and so will be his immune system. It will boost your baby’s digestion, solve gastric issues, treat diarrhea and cure many health issues.

3. How to Know if Your Baby has Allergy from Yogurt?

When our immune system recognizes some of the food elements as threats to the body, these become allergies. Yogurt is a fermented food but when we talk about Cow milk yogurt, we can’t overlook the allergy caused in the babies by the dairy products. There are many symptoms that show your baby has an allergy from yogurt. These symptoms include:
• Swelling or redness on skin or any other skin reaction
• Swelling or itching in mouth, lips or tongue
• Fainting
• Breathing trouble
• Lower blood pressure
• Hives
• Vomiting
• Abdominal pain
• Nausea

4. If Milk is Not to be Introduced before 12 months age, How can Yogurt be ok before that?

Well, this is one of the most frequently asked questions by new moms. Milk and yogurt, both are dairy products buts babies below 1 year aren’t recommended milk but there is no restriction for yogurt for 6 month + babies. Why?
The answer is simple –

Reason 1: Replacement

Babies below 1 year need breast milk for essential nutrients and positive growth. Introducing cow milk to the baby has a risk that parents may find it as the alternative for breast milk and stop breastfeeding. This may affect the baby’s development. So, paediatricians don’t recommend cow milk for babies below 1 year but yogurt is considered fine for the babies above 6 months.

Reason 2: Easy to Digest

Another main reason is, Yogurt is easier to digest compared to milk as lactose is broken down due to culturing.
Yogurt is healthy and yummy food and you can serve it in various ways to your baby. You can combine it with veggies or fruits and create a tempting dish for your little one. There is no need to add sugar or sweeteners in yogurt as it already contains natural sugar. Bestow your baby with a good health including yogurt in his meals.

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