When to Introduce Chocolate to Your Baby?


Can I Give Chocolates to 1 Year Old?

Chocolate is undoubtedly the most irresistible temptation for all ages. It’s not a balanced diet but it makes the life balanced for sure. Babies usually have a penchant for chocolates. But, what’s the right time to introduce chocolate to them?

Right Time to Introduce Chocolate to Your Baby

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There is nothing like one rule for all regarding eating chocolates by babies. It’s true that chocolate is one of the most common food allergens and affect many babies. But, not every baby will react the same way. Chocolates have sugar and milk and both the elements are usually not recommended by the paediatricians till the baby turns one. Some babies have allergy to cocoa, the primary component of most of the chocolates and hence they show various symptoms after eating it. It’s better you introduce chocolates to your baby after 1 year as his immune and digestive system will be more developed by then.

Chocolate Milk: When to Start Adding Choco Syrup to Toddler’s Milk?

The solid chocolate itself contains milk and sugar. Chocolate milk is no different. Since chocolate is the most popular flavour, parents try to offer the goodness of milk to their toddlers, adding the tempting flavour to it. Other than above mentioned reasons, chocolate increases the calories in the body and a baby below one year doesn’t require that much calorie. So, it’s better to follow the same rules with chocolate milk as solid chocolate.

Most Important Concern: Heath of Teeth

For decades, elders have been prohibiting children from eating chocolates giving them the threat of spoiled teeth. The types of chocolates in which more milk solids and sugar has been used are a threat to the dental health of a baby as cavities can occur. Not all the chocolates are harmful for your baby. Even some studies showed that regular consumption of good-quality chocolates with rich amount of cocoa can improve the mental development of a child. If you make your child brush the teeth after consumption of sweet chocolates, there will be no harm to dental health.

White Chocolates for Babies

White chocolates are the most popular types of chocolates. These are mainly made of milk solids, sugar and cocoa. This type of chocolates offers higher amount of protein and calories. In comparison to other chocolate types, these offer more energy but affects the dental health of a baby as much as brown or dark chocolate does.

Health Benefits of Chocolates

The above tips and opinions have been provided to keep the dental health of your baby in a good condition but it doesn’t mean that chocolates are a monster in your life. There is a selection of benefits of consuming chocolates.
• Brain development
• Helps in controlling blood pressure
• Prevention from cancer
• Dark chocolate aids in weight loss
• Stress management
• Repairs skin
• Relief from cold and cough
• Helps in diarrhea
Eating chocolate is not bad but introducing it to your baby before one year may be a threat to his dental and digestive health. Below one year, in case of milk, kids are only recommended mother’s milk or formula milk. Otherwise chocolate is a temptation with oodles of benefits.
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