When is the Right Time to Start Running After Pregnancy?


Running / Jogging after Pregnancy: All You Need to Know

Running and physical activity after giving birth may help you feel your best. Yes, you can get back to running after pregnancy and still get the benefits you deserve. However, there are certain things you have to remember before you can find running track again.
But running after giving birth is probably one of the best things you can do for yourself. Not only that it is fulfilling, but it can also keep you motivated to get back in shape and fitness.

Benefits of Running Postpartum

tie the sports shoes
Running at the right time after giving birth can help you recover. Here are the following advantages ()you can get when getting back on track after pregnancy:

Encourages Weight Loss

By running, as per the advice of your OB-gyne, you will have increased chances of shedding those fats faster and more efficiently.
However, you still need to combine your physical activity with proper calorie intake to get back in shape after gaining weight during pregnancy.

Enhances Cardiovascular Efficiency

If you have completed a healthy pregnancy, then you will take advantage of the residual effects. Usually, the results can benefit your cardiovascular system, especially your blood flow.
When you choose to run after pregnancy, your heart and blood vessels will tend to work more efficiently than they were before.

Strengthens and Tones Your Muscles

As you promote weight loss after pregnancy, you also tend to recover the lost muscles during the months you have carried your baby. Running along with proper exercise will help you tone your muscles, especially your abdominal muscles.
Plus, by doing so, you will strengthen your muscles.

Boosts Performance in Running

A lot of experts believe that the increase in rich in oxygenated blood cells will help enhance your postpartum fulfillment in the running. However, this is just a temporary effect. The increase will last for just around 120 days.
After that, it will return to the normal levels.

Relieves Stress

For a lot of runners choosing to run after giving birth, they will take advantage of the residual effects of running. It will be in the form of hormonal changes this time.
It will also improve your mood and alleviates stress. Plus, it makes running easier for most athletes.

Tips To Get Back To Running After Giving Birth

Read on the following the tips and tricks before you start running again:

Resting and Recovering Postpartum

resting postpartum
Your body has overcome significant changes after pregnancy. So, it may need some period to improve. For you to not have a hard time, you should treat the recovery stage as similar to a hard marathon.
You have to take some rest and watch out for bleeding. Also, you should listen to the advice of your physician. After a normal vaginal delivery, you can begin walking as soon as you feel that you can already.
You can start slow jogging after two to four weeks or whenever the doctor gives you the signal. After a cesarean section, you need to seek the advice of your physician regarding postpartum workout and running.

Setting Your Schedule

set your schedule for running
Having a newborn may be quite exhausting and stressful. So, as you decide on your plan, you feel more in control of your body and life.
You need a schedule for getting a shower, nap time, exercising, or walking if possible. Make sure that you count your walking steps in your daily journal towards getting back to running.

Do Not Be Too Hard on Yourself

Dont be too hard on yourself
It may not be the right time to push for some hard goals like losing the extra weight off easily. You need to eat small, frequent feedings all throughout the day to keep your energy up.
Also, it ensures you that you add more nutrients needed by your body and your baby, especially if you are breastfeeding the newborn. You should focus more on being positive, sleeping well, and taking care of your child until you are ready to run again.

When Should You Get Back to Running?

If you had an uncomplicated vaginal birth, it is safe to begin working out after 4 to 6 weeks after delivery. Also, as soon as you feel that you have replenished the used energy after giving birth, then you are free to go.
If you had a cesarean section, complicated delivery or extensive vaginal repair, you need to talk to your doctor about when to start running.
You see, it still depends on how to fit you are before and during you had your newborn. Also, you need to know how easy your labor was.
If you perform an exercise and start walking up until the end of your pregnancy, you can start with light workouts and stretch directly after giving birth.


Caring for your baby and finding some time to exercise and run may be quite challenging for new mothers. But, you do not have to give up. Also, you may seek the support of your family, friends, and partner.
You have to schedule the right time for your physical activity. Then, you may start with light exercises and jog with your husband or with a friend. Joining a mommy and me class may also be helpful in attaining your fitness goals as well..You need to remember that exercise and running after pregnancy may not be simple.
However, it can do magic to your body, well-being, and energy to take care of your baby.
Also, as an aside, running before recovering after birth is actually terrible for a postpartum body. You need to strengthen the muscles that have gotten weak from pregnancy before running – otherwise you can seriously hurt yourself.


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    I’ve just started running 2.5 years post partum. Really hoping my body will take tonit soon I am using an app hat builds you up gradually. Hoping to get comfortable enough that I can run through my next pregnancy as I totally agree it’s so good for you in general.

  2. Avatar

    I had a C-section, and I started walking 10 days later. I began a low-impact routine two months after the surgery. You’re absolutely right. Scheduling exercise with a newborn and getting the body moving again can be extremely challenging, but it’s a necessity. As difficult as it may be, a new mother’s body needs exercise to recover properly.

    • Sapana

      Very True Fabiola. I started with the easy stretches on 3rd day of my c-section. I was advised by the physiotherapist who visited me in hospital.

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    I didn’t run after my pregnancy (or before lol) but I did start walking. I have a friend who is a runner and they just found out she is expecting. She’s going to want to start running asap and I’ll send this post to her so she’ll know when the right time is.

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