When Is The Right Time To Introduce Pillow To Your Child?


When to Give a Pillow to Toddler

Babies can sleep on a pillow but there is a certain age for introducing it to your toddler. Till you don’t introduce a pillow to your baby, he won’t realize that it’s for extra comfort during his sleep. Small babies can experience SIDS, suffocation and other issues if they sleep on a pillow. Read More here about: Why Not to let a Baby sleep on Pillow?

Right Time to Let a Toddler Use a Pillow?

The right age for introducing a pillow to your child is above 2 years. This is the time when you see the developed mobility of your baby. He or she may even ask you for a pillow as they have already watched you sleeping with a pillow. Giving him a pillow is perfectly okay but if possible, try to delay it for some more time. This is because it’s better to not to use pillow for health of spine. The major reasons for not introducing a pillow to a baby include:

Neck Injury

Neck injury in small babies is very common. This happens due to the wrong positioning of the pillow. Babies usually do too many movements during sleep and hence there are chances he ends up hurting his neck just because the pillow is not properly placed or due to his movements, the right position of the pillow is changed.


This is one of the major risks of introducing pillows to small babies. He may sleep with his tummy facing the bed. This can block his nose in the pillow and cut down on the oxygen supply and hence causing respiratory troubles.

What is The Right Way to Sleep without a Pillow?

It’s good to make it a habit to sleep without a pillow. Sleeping on a too soft pillow may harm your baby’s neck muscles and restrict the blood flow to your head. And, if you use a too hard pillow then it will affect her spine and she will wake up with a back pain. So, it is very important to know the right way of sleeping without a pillow. Try making your child rest straight from head to toe. The head and neck should be in line with your child’s body.

When Can My Toddler Use a Pillow?

There are many myths related to a baby’s comfortable sleep. Some parents find it very healthy and comfortable to let their baby sleep on a soft pillow. But, in reality, it is not as healthy as you think. Doctors only suggest to keep toddler’s head elevated when he suffers from congestion. Otherwise, keeping the head, neck and body on the same level is the best position for sleeping.
The best time to introduce pillow to your baby can be while he is sleeping or during his bedtime. This will avoid too many movements or baby crying due to sudden change in his sleeping position or arrangement. No matter how safe environment you create for your baby, never stay far away from him for too long till he is 6yrs. This may risk his safety.


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