When Does Morning Sickness End?


Morning Sickness During Pregnancy: Know Causes, Remedies and How Long?

The medical science has termed Nausea and vomiting of pregnancy as the morning sickness. You may wonder why we call it Morning sickness while the effects may last all day long. Well, it is because most of pregnant women experience intensity of nausea higher in mornings. But It depends on the women and varies accordingly. In fact same woman may not experience morning sickness in each of her pregnancy. That is because each pregnancy is unique.
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This article will give you a complete view of each key element of the problem. You will definitely be able to figure out how long does the morning sickness end and what are the remedies to feel better. Also, the causes and symptoms are discussed briefly so that no related topic is left uncovered. So, read on-

How Long The Morning Sickness Lasts?

Generally, the symptoms are worse in the morning, just after waking up, and lessen as the day proceeds. But the intensity and duration differ for the pregnant ladies. It is also possible that the feeling of nausea and vomiting keeps on disturbing you all the day in the worst cases.
The morning sickness typically starts showing its symptoms from the sixth week of pregnancy. For some expectant mothers, it starts from the fourth week. It will continue as is during the first trimester. To know why it happens, read through the next section.

Cause That Aggravate Morning Sickness

It is difficult to find out the accurate causes of the morning sickness which causes nausea and vomiting but the physical and mental changes are considered the main cause of it.
Here are some causes which result in the unhappy feeling and all day long sickness.

Estrogen and human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG)

These hormones rise during the early pregnancy. hCG and nausea tend to increase directly proportional to each other so it is the probable cause of vomits and nausea.
After Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), the estrogen is another hormone which is considered responsible for the morning sickness.

Changes in Stomach

In some cases, the gastrointestinal area is more sensitive towards the physical changes, appearing in the stomach. It may trigger the unusual feeling.

Stress and Pain

Researchers think that the stress and body pain may result in abnormal nausea followed by vomiting. More stresses you feel, more chances of morning sickness are there.
Alternatively, the sick feeling increases the stress. So, these two things look complementary.

Multiples Or It’s a Baby Girl

If you are an expecting mother, carrying twins or higher multiple of babies, the chances of these symptoms increases as you are probably going to high amount of hormonal changes.
Around 55% of the women, who complained nausea, gave birth to the baby girls. So, it may be an indication of girl child but it is just a certainty.
When I was pregnant with my sons I had morning sickness too. And second time was worse than first.

Increased Odour Sensitivity

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The new smells and odours may trigger the gag reflex or overwhelming effect. This is due to increased odour sensitivity and it can cause the triggering of nausea.

The Remedies

The morning sickness is not a good feeling. If you want to lower it down, here are the effective remedies for your good!
 Eat small meals at tiny intervals. You can take frequent snacks and meal, enriched with protein and carbohydrates, so that your stomach never left empty.
 Drink enough water. Take water between meals. While eating, sip a small amount of water so that your stomach does not feel full. You can sip through a straw as well.
 Try to avoid lying down just after having food as it slows down the digestion process. Stay in an airy room and if possible, take a walk outside to get fresh air.
 You can nibble the candied ginger or peppermint which can prevent nausea by their freshening properties.
 Try to relax and sleep properly so that the body gets complete rest.
 If you are taking prenatal vitamins, try taking them just before bed.
 For odd time hunger eat crackers and non-fatty foods which are easy to digest.
 Avoid the food which has nausea-awaking fragrance.
How long does your morning sickness will last also depends on your habits, diet, and other factors. Take the fibre-rich diet and follow the above instructions for easing down your days so that you can feel fresh all the day during your pregnancy!


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