What Type of Music to Listen During Pregnancy?


Is Listening to Loud Music During Pregnancy Bad?

Listening to music during pregnancy can jazz up your mood and if it’s your favorite playlist then all the inconveniences are automatically left at the bay. Music is not just an option to escape from boredom but it’s an effective emotional tool as well.
Pregnancy is a phase when you go through several physical and emotional changes and many a time the pains that can’t be described in words. Music has the power to heal a lot of things. Listening to your favorite music during pregnancy is considered as good for your and the developing baby’s health.

FAQs: Listening to Music during Pregnancy

Can My Baby Listen to The Music in The Womb?

Yes, your fetus can listen to the music you are playing and listening yourself, not completely but partially. The fetus gains the capability of listening to the music after 20 weeks and this capability increases when they reach the end of third trimester. The developing baby gradually starts recognizing some sounds and reacts accordingly. You can put your phone or music player on your belly to help your baby listen to your favorite tracks but make sure the volume is mild as too much sound can affect his brain development.

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What Type of Music to Listen During Pregnancy?

Your mood, personality and momentary feelings decide the type of music you play. There is no strict rule for listening to any specific type of music during pregnancy. It’s not completely true that you should always prefer soft and soothing music as your fetus is also listening to it. If that happens and the music is not of your choice then you won’t enjoy it at all. The kind of beats in music affects your developing baby’s movements. Too loud or music with too many beats, too hard rock music can even make your baby jump in the womb due to the vibrations he receives through the music. It’s true that classical music introduces a calming effect and focus in the fetus but there are many other types of music as well that are productive for the fetus’ development.

Benefits of Listening to Music

Music influences the to-be-mom and the developing baby significantly. On one hand where pregnant women relax and switch their mood while listening to their favorite tracks and on the other hand music aids in the mental, psychological and emotional development of the baby. The baby may develop good focus, calmness, responses, reflexes, personality and listening as well as thinking ability. Also, like your favorite music always does, it will cut down the stress and anxiety level for you and your developing baby.

Is Loud Music Harmful to My Baby?

The rhythms and beats affect your fetus’ movements. Listening to too loud music or listening for too many hours may create a hindrance in your baby’s natural sleeping pattern. Be it mental, physical or psychological development – proper sleep or rest is very necessary for your developing baby and too long or too loud music is not at all a healthy option.

How much is too Loud for My Baby in The Womb?

As discussed above, music affects your unborn baby’s various growths. Listening to hard rock music, loud concerts or music with too many rhythms and beats for hours is unhealthy for your baby. According to some studies, if you are going to listen to a soft or small piece of music for a short duration then make sure the volume is not more than 65 decibels. For long duration, the volume should be 50 decibels or lesser.

Example Music Type: Meditation Music for Expectant Women

Listen to such music just before sleeping.

Every parent wants to make their baby smart and a good human being with various positive traits. Listening to the music can influence his brain development and personality but it’s not the only thing that does the wonders. Your baby will learn many things from you and his learning process requires a significant amount of focus and effort.


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