What Should I Buy for My Baby Before Delivery?


Shopping List for Indian Mothers for New Born Before Birth

Shopping for baby is probably best part of pregnancy, because you waited nearly nine months to buy the adorable cute new born clothes etc. I did my first shopping in Japan Tokyo just a day before returning to India for delivery. I bought so many items and it weighed in tons!! So many clothes!! So many Diapers and cotton Nappies, towels, blankets, baby bed… what not…
My friends helped me in creating a list before I visited the baby shop. Here is the main list which you should carry with you when you go for shopping. Usually mothers do shopping at ninth month of pregnancy. As you don’t know if it is a girl or boy and also according to seasons and many such factors better you buy only for 1st month’s necessary items.

Let’s see what it should be:
1. Nappies: Cotton nappies are the best for your baby. They are skin friendly and don’t give any rashes to your baby skin. Most of Indians prefer homemade nappies, in old days grandma’s used cotton saree was the best available material for making the nappies. But my mother didn’t like that idea and she bought nearly 6-7 cotton sarees You don’t need designer sarees so it is not that expensive. Then she washed and dried it nearly 5-6 times and got the nappies stitched from tailor. You need double layer and of 2 sizes, one to wrap the baby and another shorter height and same width for wrapping just the lower part. You can use the triangular cotton ones available in market but my mother believes baby’s skin is too delicate for that knots too so we used to just wrap it like ‘lungi’
So for my baby I had 20-25 of small ones and 20-25 of longer ones. I used only homemade cotton nappies for first 6 months. It should be made in a large quantity as it will take time to wash and dry so you should have plenty of stock. 10-12 nappies can be used by your baby in a day.
It is completely your choice depending on help you have and your own preferences. You can use such homemade cotton nappies at day time and diapers at night time. So next item in list is diapers!

2. Diapers: It can be used during night to avoid your baby to wake up due to wetness or can be used when going on outing somewhere for a long time. Buy good quality new born baby diapers. I used pampers new born diapers but I bought them in Tokyo and I found there is difference of quality in India. I was in India at second pregnancy so for second baby I bought Mother Care new born diapers. They are expensive so I used only for first 3 months and only when I carried him out of house and rarely at night time.

3. Clothes: Buy new born (usually all brands write size as 0) It could be just shirt or romper and usually you will not need pants for new born also if you use cotton nappies then you don’t need rompers. Better you don’t buy too many as babies outgrow their clothes very soon and also you want to know if it is girl or boy specially to buy clothes for after 3 months. Mothercare brand has best quality new born clothes, MeeMee is cheaper yet still good quality or also there are local brands like ‘Cucumber’ ‘Zero’ which are very soft clothes for new borns

4. Caps: You should keep minimum 4-5 cotton caps if it is summer and minimum 10 woolen and cotton if it is winter. New born needs warmth all the time. Caps keep the ear n head covered.
5. Hand gloves and socks: During winter season you should keep the socks and gloves ready for your baby to keep them warm and away from cold and fever.

6. Soft cotton napkins: You will need to clean baby many times a day due to burping, potty etc. Soft cotton baby napkins are needed for wet cleaning and drying.

7. New born special wet tissue: You cannot wash baby after every poop so you should use best quality wet tissues.

8. Baby detergent: Baby special detergent will keep baby clothes clean and soft. I used Pigeon detergent for my first child and MeeMee for my second child. Both are good. Pigeon removes the smell without adding fragrance. So if you do not want any fragrance to baby clothes, you can use Pigeon. Many mothers use disinfectant to wash baby clothes but it may give rashes to baby skin.

9. Baby Bed: You will need a baby bedding set to keep baby safely on your bed. Buy the beds with mosquito nets attached.

10. Baby blankets: You will need baby blankets during winter.

11.Towels: Some small towels preferably baby cap attached style to dry your baby after bath.

12. Waterproof mattress cover: To avoid your mattress to become wet, waterproof cover should be used under bed sheet.

Apart from these things there are some things that are to be taken after the birth of your baby and by consulting the doctor
1. Diaper rash cream: Diapers can cause rashes on your baby’s skin. So you should keep the rash cream ready so that your baby doesn’t feel irritated.

2. Baby soap, shampoo: After consulting the doctor you can get a good shampoo and soap for your baby which would not harm their skin. Generally all baby soaps are soft on skin, but make sure you choose the right brand to suit your baby. I used Pigeon brand for my first son and Mothercare brand for my second son. And I think both are very good but I liked Pigeon one I bought in Tokyo as it had direct foam dispenser! Yes, it is very handy and helps a lot in safe and fast baby bath. You get Pigeon liquid soap dispenser in India.

3. Massage oil: There are many oils available in the market but choosing the right one for your baby is most important. It should soothe, nourish & moisturize your baby’s skin. I used pure olive oil from Figaro for both my sons; however I used pure coconut oil for hair and body for first 1 week of massage then only for hair after that.

The list can be long going but it’s up to you and according to your need you can buy things before baby comes in your family. Talk to your friends and sisters who have small kids. They will have the most valuable tips and would be readily available to help you. In our culture pregnant women goes to their mother’s place for delivery, so mother’s advice & experience will be handy for soon to be moms.


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