What should be Diet Plan for a 18 months old?


Baby Diet Plan: 1.5 years old

The transition of your little one into a toddler must be a delightful experience for you. You are ready to cut down on spoon-feeding and making purees or liquid diet.

What and How to Feed a 18 months old

Ideally, an 18-months-old is ready to eat foods like adults but only non-spicy, non-oily and easy-to-digest foods as his digestive system is still developing. Your baby is growing and you need to stop grinding his foods and should not delay the transition of his diet from pureed to real food. The more delay occurs in this process; the harder it will become to make him/her eat the solid foods like a child.

Indian Diet Plan of a 18 months old


You can offer him veggies or vegetarian foods like Veg-Daliya, Veg-Paratha, Veg-Upama, Idli-Sambhar and so forth as he wakes up. Kids love multigrain or Ragi-soups too in the morning. Check my blog on ragi soup n multigrain kanji recipe.

Mid Time Light Meal: 2-3 hrs post-breakfast

For a mid-time meal, try giving him fruits or yogurt. This will fulfil his nutrient requirements. The high-fiber content in some fruits like banana will make him feel fuller for hours and clear his bowel movement. Pulpy fruits like oranges are rich in Vitamins, minerals and fiber and hence great picks for mid-day meal for your baby.


During lunch time, you can simply offer him normal foods like adults without much oil, spices and too hard to digest elements. For his convenience, you can crush the Roti and dip it in dal, curry etc. to make it softer. Your baby will get the real solid food taste and find it easy-to-digest like this.

Evening Snack: 2-3hrs after Lunch

When it comes to evening snacks, include dry fruits, veg soups, banana etc. This will change his taste a bit and fill him with energy.


For dinner, you can repeat the menu you gave him in lunch or change it a bit. Make sure the dinner is not too heavy as heavy or hard-to-digest foods may cause digestive issues. In night, human body finds it difficult to process the carbohydrates and hence dinner should be light for kids and adults.
And, if you are a non-vegetarian and successfully made your baby taste any non-veg food and if fortunately, he liked it then you can have many options for his meals. You can try fish (boneless), eggs and chicken recipes. Just boil small cubes of chicken or offer small pieces of fish as finger foods to your baby. This will be yummy, easy-to-eat and nutritious.

Tips for Indian Moms for Diet of 1.5 Years Old

Soaked Almonds

Soaked almonds have a plethora of benefits including strengthening of body, brain development and take care of a baby’s internal and external health. If he can chew it, then only give hear whole almonds otherwise crush it and mix with milk or other easy-to-eat dishes.

Change in Breastfeeding Regime

It’s not necessary that you completely stop breastfeeding once the transition of your baby into a toddler occurs. You can still do it but just avoid it during night or before he goes to sleep as it will encourage dental cavity. (Continue breastfeeding till baby turns 2 years old)

Must-Have Foods

After 18 months, babies have multiple nutrient requirements like Iron, Vitamins, Calcium and so forth. Give him bananas and dates for Iron and fiber that will help in weight gain. Ragi is also a great source of Iron. Fresh seasonal fruits are great picks. Fishes will fulfil the Omega-3 fatty acid requirements. For better digestion, you can use buttermilk or Greek yogurt.

Say NO to Baby Bottles

For the past 17-18 months if you have been giving him bottles for various fluids then it’s time to keep the bottle aside and give him fresh cut fruits or juices that he can eat or drink directly without using a bottle.

Avoid Over-Cooking

Make your baby eat foods like adults i.e. without overcooking or making the food too soft. Making it soft is good for new solid eater only. A 10 to 12 month-old baby develops decent digestive capability. When my son was 10-month-old, he was already having Roti, Sabzi and other solid foods and even his doctor encouraged this habit.

Eat Together

Never finish your food after or before your baby does. Let him sit with you and watch you eating and follow the process at the same time. A toddler can learn things very fast by observing mother or father. If your toddler is not sitting with you and learning the eating etiquettes from you now, it may get difficult to make him understand these things when he will turn into a grown-up child.

Cow Milk

Since a toddler is not having breast milk like before, you can give him cow milk twice a day for calcium, protein, vitamins and many other nutrients. (Consult your doctor before starting Cow’s milk)
Your small baby is now a toddler and he is ready to try a variety of solid foods. Different types of solid foods will meet his various nutrient requirements. Just make sure the food is served in small pieces or easy-to-digest form to avoid choking hazards.


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