What Made Me Write About A Garbage Bag?


Shalimar Garbage Bags: A Product Review!

“Are you seriously writing about garbage bags?” – You must be thinking by reading this title. So, let me tell you why I really thought about writing a review for a garbage bag.

To start with, let me tell you one story. I stayed in Tokyo for 8 years. Japan is considered as the cleanest country and Japanese rules are very strict about it. You cannot just simply throw a used and finished shampoo bottle in the garbage just like that.

You need to wash and clean it and make it like a new bottle of throwing off. Also, non-veg wastage like fish bones etc. should be wrapped properly in a plastic bag before you throw it in the waste that will be burned eventually. This is the only waste that comes under “can be burned” category. If I try to explain the Japanese rules of garbage management, it will take more than three pages to write. There are many rules that are made region wise in Japan. The garbage bags were of course superb quality too.

Now, let us talk about the Indian way of throwing garbage. I shifted to Mumbai in 2012 and bought some usual plastic garbage bags from the supermarket. They were just pathetic in quality and super annoying.
These bags were used to get torn every day and there was a regular and unsuccessful task of putting one torn bag into another, seal them etc. Practically this was ugly and I hated it.

One day I saw my neighbor was keeping a garbage bag. It was, shiny, perfectly packed and was not horribly out of shape like another garbage bags, including mine. Then I went and enquired about it, she was nice to gift me one pack of it to try. You won’t really believe that I was never so happy before I got the gift of a pack of a garbage bag. Yes, stop laughing, please!

I used the bag for few days and I am so much impressed with it, that I just want to share everything I know about it with you.

Features of Shalimar Garbage bag:

1. It is packed in a roll and is easy to store as a nice bundle. Taking out one bag at a time is easy.
2. Each two bags are separated by dotted holes and are easy to cut. It never tears the bag.
3. The quality of the bag is the king feature of it. One bag is needed for one day, you will never need more than 30-31 bags a month unless throwing a party. It stays firm on its place in the garbage bin unlike other bags when you throw it in the garbage. Quality is just superb.
4. It has a white strip at the end. While throwing it away, you can seal it nicely and also without getting hands dirty.
5. The bottom of the bag is properly sealed from inside. This offers leakage-proofing and the bag stays in perfect round shape.
6. I ordered a pack of 6, which came in a bundle from Amazon.com for next 5-6 months. That’s it.

Here is the idea of size chart to see what sizes are available:

I use the medium black. For my family of four members and the usage, it is sufficient.

There is a white strip with each bag so that you can tie it properly and throw the garbage safely inside this. The bottom the bags are star sealed that gives the bag some extra strength, which make it strong enough to not tearing up and leakage proof. Most importantly if you go to Amazon and search for the reviews for this bag, you can find so many positive customer reviews about this bag which is a best thing.

When I shifted to Pune from Mumbai, I searched for the bag literally every supermarket in the city. Being desperate, I contacted them to look for a shop, where these dustbin bags are sold. Finally, I found it on Amazon.com. The quality was far better on Amazon. You’ll find a better product in lesser price considering the quantity you need in a year.

So, why would someone write a product review of polyethylene bag for dustbin! I just had to write the review to not only help you out with the product but also about an amazing quality black dustbin bags that is completely made in India.

By the way, this is not a sponsored post and Shalimar Company is not even aware of this review. Not believing? Just buy Shalimar garbage bag from Amazon and experience the intellectual design and superior quality yourself.


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