What is the Right Age to Get Pregnant?


Age and Fertility

What is the right age to have baby? This is a question that has been debated by people in countless different occasions. While the average age for getting pregnant was much earlier during the previous decades, now same has been pushed much further. The right age for you to conceive a baby is about your fertility, you’re emotional readiness, your perfect physical health, financial stability and again same factors for your life partner.

Let’s see some important medical facts and studies.

Secure Age Range for Having a Baby

Most of women have good chances of getting pregnant anytime between age 20years to 35 year. The perfect window is 25 to 30 considering various factors associated with pregnancy and raising a baby.

Fertility during 20s

According to medical experts, the best age to get pregnant biologically is when a woman is in her 20s. The body of a woman is at its best stage for having a baby during this time. On an average, a woman gets to have about one to two million eggs in her lifetime. By the time a woman hits puberty, the number of eggs hover around 300000 to 500000. However, a woman only releases about 300 eggs during the reproductive years.

Genetic Abnormalities

As a woman gets older, the ovaries also go through deterioration along with rest of the body. This automatically lowers the quality of the eggs. It is for this reason that the eggs produced by a young woman are far less likely to carry genetic abnormalities that can give rise to down syndrome or other birth defects than those produced by elder women.

Risk of Miscarriage and Health Issues

Apart from having genetic defects, risks associated with miscarriage are also much lower when a woman is young. Statistics reveal that only about 10% of women experience miscarriage in their 20s. The percentage is about 12% for women in early 30s and about 18% for women who are in their mid-to-late 30s. Women who get pregnant in early 40s have a 34% chance of suffering from miscarriage; this propensity of miscarriage shoots to 53% by the time a woman turns 45. This means that at least from a biological perspective, the right age for conceiving a baby after marriage is when a woman is in her 20s. Moreover, women who get pregnant during their 20s are far less prone to develop health complications like diabetes and high blood pressure or have gynecological troubles such as uterine fibroids.

Raising a Child and Age of Mother

While getting pregnant being young lets a woman to have more energy to handle all the challenges that come with having a baby, it also means that a woman needs to be emotionally mature to juggle between her hubby and the new member of the family. Many women feel that they are losing out on their career opportunities as well as the scope of hanging out with their girlfriends. Young mothers may even feel that they have nothing more in common with their friends who have already been married or that the euphoria associated with the childbirth is only temporary and that there is a growing distance between the husband and wife.

Trend in Average Age of Childbearing

While the typical childbearing age worldwide was 23 in 1968, at the present moment it is about 29.3 years. This is so because more women are now choosing to have a stable career before they get married or at least have a baby. Many women also feel that getting pregnant at a later stage makes them emotionally prepared for handling the challenges and the life changes that come with it.

Fertility in Males

Having a baby is not only about woman’s fertility. Your partner should also be in his healthy fertility age range. A male’s fertility starts to decrease from age of 25 onward. A 40 years old male might need 2 years to get his wife pregnant.
Hence both partners must be in their late 20s to have least problems with fertility and other associated responsibilities after having a baby. Just like your decision of what is right age for you to get married, what is right age for pregnancy is probably equally or more crucial.

Fertility is a very complex thing. It depends on person to person. Your professional medical advisor is right person to answer your questions. If you are planning to have a baby then you should visit your doctor.

I got pregnant first time when I was 27 years old. I got enough time to enjoy my early 20s with lesser responsibilities, and enough time to achieve stability in my career. I found that maturity required for raising a baby is gained after you cross 25 years.

Best age to have a baby depends on woman to woman. A modern woman has a lot in her life along with being a mother. Also your partner needs to be prepared for greater responsibilities. It’s a decision of you both.

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