What is Ovarian Cancer?


Ovarian Cancer: An Overview

In recent years Ovarian Cancer is found to be one of common cancers in Indian Women.
In 2002 it was found to be third most common cancer in India. The number of found cases is increased yearly. Though there is no specific reason of this type of cancer, let’s understand some basics about it.

What is Ovarian Cancer?

As the name suggests ovarian cancer is caused in the ovaries of women. There are 2 ovaries on each side of uterus and is only a size of an almond. These ovaries produces hormones progesterone & estrogen and produces eggs (is also called as OVA).
It is very difficult to detect ovarian cancer till it gets spread in the abdomen and the pelvis. This is regarded as the last stage of the cancer and is very difficult to treat such cases. During the early stages of the ovarian cancer it becomes easy to treat and is likely to be successful.
Chemotherapy or surgery is the general ways to treat this ovarian cancer.

Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer :

There are very rare symptoms in case of ovarian cancer. During the advanced stage of ovarian cancer may cause some of the common problems like irritable bowel and constipation.
Sometimes ovarian cancer may show some of the following signs and symptoms:
● weight loss
● need to urinate frequently
● swelling or bloating in abdomen
● constipation
● feeling full quickly
● Feeling discomfort in pelvic area.

Types of Ovarian Cancer:

Epithelial Ovarian Cancer: Most common Ovarian Cancer, this originates in cells which cover the ovary & the abdominal cavity.
Germ Cell Ovarian Cancer: This type begins in cells inside the ovaries which produces egg. Young women are more prone to this type.
Sex Cord Stromal Ovarian Cancer: This type starts in the connective tissue of the ovaries.

Causes of Ovarian Cancer:

According to studies it is not being clear what causes an ovarian cancer
Generally it starts when there is a genetic mutation turns normal cells into abnormal cells of cancer and gets quickly multiplied forming a tumor. It also invades the other tissues and transforms them into a tumor and also spread them into the whole body.
If someone has family history of this cancer then it is recommended to consult doctor for genetic tests.
Vaccination for avoid Ovarian cancer is still in study phase.
In some cases, women found symptoms like in pregnancy matching with symptoms in Ovarian cancer. It is advisable that women must pay attention to changes in their body and consult doctor for any health issues.


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