What is an Amber Teething Necklace – Is It Safe?


Amber Teething Necklace for Babies: Facts and Myths

Teething in babies is a painful phase and parents leave no stone unturned while picking effective products to sooth the gums of the baby during this process. There are many products available in the market that claim to be effective during baby’s teething. Well, one more popular product in this list is Amber Teething Necklace. This is a genuine amber teething necklace review created on the basis of study and through the feedback shared by many parents.

What is Amber Teething Necklace?

The Baltic Amber Necklaces are usually used to soothe the irritation of teething in babies. The amber beads are said to have anti-inflammatory characteristics with provides the soothing effect. They are available in the form of jewellery and they are popular all across the world. The necklace is said to work wonders just through its contact with baby’s skin. Amber is made with the fossilised tree resin after cutting them into chips and polishing them. These chips then get holes and beaded to give them a jewellery-like appearance.

How this Necklace Helps during Teething?

If you haven’t bought the necklace then you must be thinking that is teething necklace effective? Well, the answer may vary according to the personal experiences of different parents. There is no evidence showing that Amber teething necklace completely works during teething as the claims that various brands make usually don’t have any solid proof. In earlier times, such necklaces were put in the neck of the small babies to avoid fatal diseases or child death. With time, the necklace got popular for many other reasons and teething was one of them.

Some people believe that such necklaces also reinforce the bond of a baby with the parents. In the case of teething, it is said or claimed by various brands that Amber is known for soothing or healing characteristics and hence keeping it in touch with the baby’s skin will eliminate the pain and many diseases. Also, there is a theory which describes the healing process as the release of some kind of oil from Amber when kept in contact with the skin for a while due to the transfer of body heat. This oil is absorbed by the skin and then goes into the blood stream.

Cautions for Baby and the Parents

Reference: HSE.IE Teething Necklace Article
If you too are fascinated with some kind of Amber teething necklace then either take the precautions like supervising the baby round the clock till he is wearing the necklace or take it off when he takes a nap or simply don’t use the necklace at all.

But, talking about the amber teething necklace: are they safe?
There is no straight forward Yes/No Answer to it.
With this necklace, several responsibilities will also knock your doors. The major disadvantages of this necklace can be:

• Baby may choke due to swallowing the whole necklace
• Baby may choke due to swallowing the broken beads of the necklace
• Strangulation
• The hard surface of the beads may hurt them
• Even if it works, the acid in the beads will enter baby’s soft skin which can be dangerous

My personal advice to new moms would be to avoid such products, however you try to be with the baby, being new mom is already a challenging job, don’t add on to it with such risky products.

You can try alternatives like teething wooden rings, gentle rubs, wet washcloths and so forth. You can also see a paediatrician and get the suitable medicines for your baby if the symptoms are severe and baby is constantly restless. The real Baltic amber bead necklaces indeed work in the case of pain for adults but trying this on your baby’s ultra-soft skin should be only after a paediatrician’s consultation. So, it’s better to stick with the alternative or if you have already made your mind to buy the necklace then take proper precautions as mentioned above.


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