What is a Modern Cloth Diaper Or Reusable Diaper?


All About Reusable Diapers for Baby

On an average you have to change your baby’s diaper 6000 times before your baby starts using underwear. By the count of that much number that would require lot of work. Depending upon the type of nappy/diaper you use be it cloth nappy or disposable diaper, it requires lot of washing and cleaning to be done.

What is a Modern Cloth Diaper/Reusable Diaper?

A cotton nappy/diaper is made of cloth which can be washed and re-used but causes lot of mess. A disposable diaper is costly and causes environmental concerns. To overcome the disadvantages of both the diapers, Modern Cloth Diaper has been introduced in the market. Modern Cloth Diaper can also be referred as reusable diaper. It is made using man-made materials, natural materials and even with the combination of both. They are made from natural fiber material like unbleached hemp, bamboo, wool and even industrial cotton. Whereas man-made materials include Polyurethane laminate (PUL) for extra absorbency. Suede Cloth or polyester fabric is often being used in these diapers which keeps it dry and keeps the baby’s skin dry.

How to Wash Modern Cloth/Reusable Diapers

It is being assumed that these modern cloth diapers are difficult to use and maintain clean. but this is not the case, modern cloth diapers are as easy as a disposable diapers and even very easy to clean. Washing modern cloth diaper doesn’t increase your washing schedule also it saves you from running out to the medical store at late night to buy new diapers in case your stock is over.
People think that cleaning a modern cloth diaper or reusable diaper requires lot of work but if you manage it properly by following steps it wouldn’t be an issue.
● Clean all the solid waste material which is in the diaper.
● Rinse it under cold water.
● Soak them for a while in mild detergent. Be sure you don’t use harsh ones.
● Put the diaper in washing machine and let it wash for about 5 mins.
● Sundry to kill germs and bactria. As reusable diapers are layered. You specially need to take care for its hygiene. Sundry is best way. Never use disinfectants like dettol etc. they can cause rashes specially on new born baby.
● Before you use the nappy pads inside the pants make sure they are completely dry.

By doing this you would be sure that your baby is dry and happy.

Kinds of Modern Cloth Diaper available in Market

These are available in many sizes, shapes and adjustments they become very versatile and convenient to use. It is being designed in a stronger, adjustable and with a thicker elastic in the back and the legs area which makes it much better as compared to the disposable diapers and does not even causes mess as like disposable diapers. Many shapes are available when it comes to modern cloth diapers which include pre-formed cloth diaper, “stuffable diapers” which are fitted with covers and pocket and all-in-one diapers with waterproof exterior. Basically modern cloth diaper has many design features which has been taken from ideas and innovation developed in disposable diapers. Material to separate moisture from skin or the hour glass shape or inner elastic for better fit.

Cost of Using Modern Diaper

It may be costly when compared to disposable diaper but it cost of 1 modern diaper would be able to justify cost lots of disposable diapers. Also cloth diapers require lot of work which can be saved with your modern cloth diaper. If you choose good quality diaper it will be able to perform better and will keep your baby dry and will prevent rashes.
Buy the right size for your baby and would be blessing yourself for making this smart choice :).

My Experience of Using Modern Cloth Diaper for my Baby

I bought many reusable diapers pants and the cotton nappies for it before my first baby was born. I bought them from best shop in Kawasaki Japan.
But let me tell you one thing frankly, I could not use them on my baby. For a new born baby these cloth diapers are bulky and because I had a good help for cleaning I used only homemade indian style nappies for my son. When he was 4-5 months it was summer and again I could not try the cotton reusable diapers. By the time he started moving I found on trial that he was not comfortable with the width of the diaper as it makes a gap between 2 legs.
So issues I faced with Modern Cloth Diapers are: 1. They are bulky for a new born
2. They are not a best choice for summers
3. They are not best comfortable option for a baby who can move.
4. Sometimes the Velcro tape attached to pants are turned after few washes and they scratch baby at gentle area around thighs so better select touch buttons ones.
My son was very healthy still it was difficult to get him used to the modern diapers, so for low weight babies it must be very hard. But now days there are many types available. With lots of research now thin modern cloth diapers are available in market.

But I would still recommend mothers to give it a try as if at right time you give a try and your baby is comfortable in them then you will save a lot of money with better comfort than cotton nappies. And also last buy most important they are skin friendly!!


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