What If Baby Fell Asleep While Breastfeeding?


Breastfeeding Made Baby Asleep: What to Do?

Breastfeeding calms down a baby.

Why Babies Fall Asleep During Nursing?

Baby Sleeping
Some babies get enough milk in a couple of minutes spent in sucking while some babies can’t get adequate breast milk after several minutes. Both the cases can trigger sleep in babies. Either they are full or they’re tired sucking to get adequate breast milk. When a baby falls asleep while nursing, the flow of breast milk automatically stops which prevents the baby from choking.

Is it a Reason to worry if My Baby Falls Asleep While Nursing?

NO!, but if your baby is not getting enough milk, he will fall asleep and this may cause malnutrition later. You can be assured that your baby is getting enough milk and hence falling asleep by observing the signs like open eyes of the baby while nursing, swallows after the sucks, making sound while sucking, light and soft breast or baby’s hand and arms are relaxed, not tensed. If a baby keeps on falling asleep during breastfeeding, it may not just affect your sleep but prevent him too from soothing himself. Nursing a baby before his nap can turn into a habit which may cause difficulty while putting him to sleep. You can try alternative ways of soothing your baby or keep the feeding and sleeping schedules separate.
If its happening only before bed time, they you need not worry till baby turns 6-7 months old.
IMP NOTE: Also for very young babies, don’t forget to burp him/her even though baby is in sleep. Until baby starts to roll over tummy, you must burp your baby post every single breastfeeding be it for as short as 1 min
burping a baby

How Can I Prevent My Baby from Falling Asleep during Nursing?

Do these tricks only if you intend to keep him awake say during day. Otherwise, naturally falling asleep is not a reason to worry. Letting baby sleep on own is better for brain stimulation in babies.
Once the baby is full, his nervous system relaxes and he falls asleep. To prevent this, you can keep on patting on his back or face. This will keep his nervous system active. You can also do a communication with the infant. Make sure the baby is not kept in a lying-down position and all the lights in the room are lit. A dark or semi-dark room encourages nap or sleep. You can also switch the breasts while nursing to keep him awake. If the baby falls asleep without sucking sufficient milk, you can tickle his feet, wipe his face or make him burp to bring him back to sucking.

Unlatching the Sleeping Baby

Put your index finger between the gums and on the side of your baby’s mouth. Make sure your finger is clean. You can move your finger in any of the directions and once you feel the grip has loosened, pull the baby in a gentle manner.

How to Prevent Dental Cavity due to this?

If your baby is having teeth or new emerging buds and falling asleep during breastfeeding, this section of article is very important for you.
The most neglected things due to which the babies suffer later on is the dental decay. Breast milk is sweet and the left layer of sweet breast milk will invite dental cavity for sure. My elder child had got dental issues due to this. Whatever time it is, however sleepy you or the baby may be, don’t forget to clean baby’s teeth with a clean cotton muslin. Making the teeth wet is the best choice but you must clean baby’s teeth every single time.
Feeding your baby properly is very important for his nutrition. It is not a huge issue that your baby falls asleep; it’s natural when a baby is tired. The above-mentioned ways to keep your baby active and get enough milk can be followed to prevent him from sleeping too early while nursing.


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