What if Accidentally Slept on Back while Pregnant


Accidentally Sleeping on Back: What to Do?

Sleeping problems and the discomforts are very common during pregnancy. A suitable sleeping position is the key to a sound sleep for to-be-moms. This happens because the size of the foetus expands during this phase. Many new moms fear waking up on their back. Sometimes it even happens but after a short while, the discomfort you will face due to lying belly up, you will have to change your position.
Talking about the consequences of lying belly-up during pregnancy, the v ana cava, an important blood vessel is compressed due to the weight of the uterus. This limits or interrupts the flow of blood in the body. Because of this, proper oxygen is circulated making you dizzy and fall short of breath. Sleeping on either side is a comfortable and safe option during your pregnancy’s second half phase.
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Is There Any Major Risk if I Wake Up on My Back?

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Till the first trimester, when you have not that big belly, there are no risks involved while sleeping on your back. So, there is no need to fret after waking up on your back accidently. The simple logic is till your belly size is small, you won’t find it more difficult to sleep in your favorite positions. But, as the belly becomes larger, wider and bigger; you find it tough to sleep on your back or stomach. So, basically you don’t have to do much. When you realize you are sleeping on you back, just alter your position and go back to sleep again.
After the first trimester, the weight of the baby increases and the total weight of the baby, the fluid and the uterus creates a pressure on the blood vessel vana cava and due to this, the blood supply can be interrupted. Sleeping on your back after the first trimester makes your blood vessels and intestine tolerate the whole pressure of your abdomen. This creates a hindrance in the usual blood and oxygen supply in the body. Due to this, you can experience the problems like –
• Dizziness
• Nausea
• Respiratory troubles
• Fall in blood pressure level
• Digestive issues
• Haemorrhoids

The Best Sleeping Position – Which Sleeping Side Should I Prefer?

The ideal sleeping side for pregnant women is lying down on either side. Your knees are bent and the complete pressure of the baby, uterus and fluid doesn’t fall on vena cava and hence no hindrance in the blood supply. It’s even better if you lie down on your left side. The liver is located on the right side of our abdomen and sleeping on right side. Also, the blood flow is better when you sleep on your right side. This will also relax your heart from over functioning.

When to Stop Lying Belly-up or On Your Back?

As a to-be mom, you can easily understand when it’s the time to stop sleeping on your back or stomach. The inconvenience will say it all. Usually, by 20 weeks of pregnancy, women grow a significant size of the belly and start facing troubles with their sleeping positions – especially on the stomach and on the back. So, this is the time you should prefer lying on your left side.

What if You Want to Relax Sleeping on Back Just for a While?

Sometimes you really cannot control yourself from lying on back, in such case put a lot of soft cushion and lay on a slanted back chair or recliner with 135% angle in back and legs. You will feel relaxed and the pressure on your spine is relived for a while.
The happy and sound sleep becomes a luxury when you are pregnant. Apart from the sleeping positions, you may have to deal with many other problems like leg cramps, breathing troubles, frequent peeing, backaches and more. So, you must be mentally prepared to deal with all of these. Avoiding too much fluid and caffeine in your diet may offer you a sense of relief. Workouts are also prolific.


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