What can Stress Cost you During Pregnancy?


Emotional Stress during Pregnancy & its Effects on Baby

Smile, because a life is developing inside you. It’s totally natural to feel the roller coaster ride during pregnancy. It’s a big responsibility to bring a life on this earth in its healthy form and stress is obvious in such cases. Too many changes are happening in your body during the pregnancy which causes anxiety. The questions like – Is my baby getting enough nutrients? Should I do more or less physical movement? What can I eat and what can I wear? welcome stress but if the stress endures or occurs frequently then it’s an alarm!
During pregnancy, the coritsol and other stress hormones rise creating a pressure in mind. This pressure or stress can affect the baby even when he is just 17 weeks old. The fetus is affected due to stress in the initial pregnancy stage only. The unborn baby suffers a slow development and poor IQ due to mom’s stress. Being a to-be-momma, you might be curious to understand the science behind this phenomenon. Here is everything you should know about your pregnancy stress and its consequences on your baby.

Why Does Stress Knock Your Door during Pregnancy?

The top reasons for stress during pregnancy are –
• Hormonal changes causing mood swings
• Upsetting memories
• Too much possessiveness for the baby
• Being cautious about minor things
• Restricted diet
• Less physical movement
• Changing physique

Stress during Pregnancy: Effects on Baby

Can the pressure in your brain affect the mental health of the life residing in you? Well, the answer is YES! Stress during the first trimester causes mental illness in the babies. In the case of normal delivery or vaginal birth, the microbes in the vagina of a momma-to-be are affected and this impact is also transferred to the baby during pregnancy stress. This impact influences the brain development, immune system and metabolism of the newborn. The major impacts on the newborn due to pregnancy stress are –

Birth Weight is Lower

Stress can cause poor weight gain in the mommas-to-be which is directly proportional to the birth weight of the newborn

Poor Brain Development

Stress during pregnancy can affect the functioning and development of the brain of the newborn

Neurological Disorders

The pregnancy stress can also affect the neurological system of the baby causing the illnesses like schizophrenia and autism

Sleeping Troubles

In many cases, it is seen that if an expectant mom has gone through a severe traumatic or stressful phase during the pregnancy, the newborns suffer from sleeping problems.

Behavioral Issues

Pregnancy stress affects the baby’s brain functioning and development which causes the behavioral issues like anger, irritation and disobedience when he grows up.

Poor Learning Ability

As the brain development is affected in the babies whose moms suffer from stress during pregnancy, they become a slow learner as they grow up.


Anxiety in the newborns is one of the top consequences of stress during pregnancy

How to Avoid Stress during Pregnancy?

As the stress in an expectant mom affects the vaginal microbiota, its management becomes very important otherwise it gets transferred to the offspring. How to deal with pregnancy stress is a question that creates stress itself. There are many prolific ways to tackle with such stress. Exercises, a good communication, a positive environment and many other factors help saying goodbye to the pregnancy stress. Here some useful tips to conquer the stress monster during pregnancy.


Meditation during pregnancy should be done even if you are not stressed or just to avoid the stress. Meditation heals your mind and soul and nourished mind helps body to keep up healthy.

Talk to Your Partner

You can share all the goods and bads to your partner and it can help you avoid the stress. Keeping various things within creates pressure and communication is a great way to deal with it.

Change in The Chore

Improving your chore a bit can help you out. Add book reading, walking by a garden or park, listening to your favorite songs or spiritual things and doing some physical movements to your regime.

Listen to All, Do a Little

The worst thing about pregnancy is listening to hundreds of advises and scary pregnancy stories/myths. The best thing is to listen to all but welcome the productive things only. If possible, avoid listening to the bad pregnancy experiences.

A Nearby Vacation is Good

When you are become an expectant mom, it’s an opportunity to take a break from the hectic life and plan a small trip to a nearby vacation spot.

Healthy & Balanced Diet

Too many diet advises create pressure in mind. However, the diet restrictions can’t be overlooked completely. Take a balanced diet as per your dietician’s instructions.

Exercise is The Key

Exercises are the magical formula to chase away the stress from mind.

The Yoga Effect

Yoga is a great way to attain the mental serenity. It calms down mind and relaxes the body.

Visit a Therapist if needed

If your stress persists even after trying all the possible solutions, you may need proper medication and an expert consultation.

Feel Free to Ask for a Help

If you hesitate to ask for a help from your partner, caregiver, family members or friends then you may be welcoming stress in your life. Feel free to ask for even minor helps to avoid the stress.
Being a mom is a lifetime of an experience and the health troubles associated with it are part of this heavenly experience. As an expectant mom, sometimes we make the scenario intense ourselves taking everything seriously and mulling over the entire worldly thing as the goal is to bring a healthy newborn on this planet. The mommas-to-be can easily handle the pregnancy stress altering their diet, chore and environment a bit. You can be a supermom later, let’s be a stress-free mom first.


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