What are Common Signs of Vitamin D Deficiency in Kids?


Vitamin D Deficiency in Children: Symptoms, Causes and Effective Treatments

The strength and health of the bones are heavily dependent on what is the totality of Vitamin D in the body. In the case of growing kids, it is an important factor in determining the overall development and muscle health. It also decides how healthy your heart is, how well your lungs are, and how good your brain is.
It is somewhat impossible to find out efficient treatment of Vitamin D deficiency in your children if you do not know the answer of “What is Vitamin D”. This article will help you know the about the Vitamin D, symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency and every possible way to overcome it.

What is Vitamin D and How it Affects you?

Vitamin D is found in two forms: D2 (Ergocalciferol) and D3 (Cholecalciferol) namely and is among one of the four fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and k) .
It is considered as essential nutrients due to the fact that either you (your body) can’t make it or you can make it in too low or inadequate amount. So, you need to absorb it from the diet, supplements, and majorly, from the sun.
The Vitamin D deficiency in children may cause the bone deformation diseases like rickets, hypertension, heart failure and stroke, respiratory problems, myocardial infarction, peripheral vascular diseases, infections or any of such problems.
All the problems, related to blood or bones can build up in the toddlers and growing kids due to the Vitamin D deficiency so it is really necessary to manage the level of it and beware as soon you detect the symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency in their bodies. If you do not know, what the way of detecting the lack of Vitamin D is, you will get it by following this post.

Signs Your Child’s Body is not Getting Enough Vitamin D

Below are the most common symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency

Pain and Aches in Body Parts

muscles pain
Children get most of the vitamin D from the sun and some part of it from the food. If not getting enough, chances are the level of Vitamin D in child’s body is not sufficient.
If it is so, child may have severe aches in the body or regular pain.

Increase in Weight

weight scaleIf junk food or fat-raising foods are not in your toddlers’ or kids’ diet, they should not gain extra weight. The rising weight, without eating much food shows the possibility of less than required Vitamin D in body.

Sweating Head and Unhappy Children

The very first symptoms of vitamin D deficiency are sadness and quickly returning sweat drops on the head. Even the newborns can have the head sweating problem if they are not getting enough vitamin-D.

Severe asthma

Those who are already having asthma can experience asthma attacks due to lack of Vit D

The Gut Troubles

poor appetite
If your little one has a gastrointestinal condition, if affects their ability to absorb fat. Being a fat-soluble vitamin, the absorption of vitamin D also gets affected by it.
Once, you see any of such problems in the kid, it becomes necessary to take appropriate action so that it does not have any bad effect on the growing child.

Natural Ways to Avoid Vitamin D Deficiency

The Sunlight

If the child is not having enough exposure to sun or wearing full clothes all the time then it increases chances of the low level of vitamin D in him or her.
The sun light is the biggest source of Vitamin D.
When skin is exposed to sun light the vitamin D is created in the skin hence they call Vitamin D as Sunlight Vitamin. It can nearly avoid the deficiency. Also, take extra care as more sunlight as cause sunburns on the soft skin of the kid. So, if you know, sunburns may happen in 30 minutes if outside stay, give the child only 15 minutes of exposure to sunlight, this is the best ever and natural treatment for the issue.

Foods Rich in Vitamin D

Meat and Fish
Salmon Rawas
• Fatty fish: Salmon, tuna and mackerel.
• Beef liver and Chicken Liver

egg yolk
Mainly Yolk of Egg contains Vitamin D so whole egg should be consumed by children.

Veg Foods Rich with Vit D
• Raw shiitake mushrooms: These are known to have highest Vitamin D in Vegetables
shiitake mushroom
• Cheese
• Foods fortified with vitamin D: Fortified cereal, Fortified milk and Fortified orange juice
• Soy Milk
In case Vitamin D deficiency cannot be cured naturally then medical practitioners will subscribe you supplements.

Vitamin D Deficiency Treatment: Supplementation

vit d supplement
Ultimately in case the natural remedy is not sufficient to cure deficiency then the child should be given medical supplements. Cod Liver Oil Supplements are power packed with Vitamin D. You should consult your doctor for the right supplement for your child.

Vitamin D in Pregnancy

For pregnant ladies, it is very important to take extra vitamin D, calcium, and other nutrients as they pass it to the child, present in their womb. As Vitamin D maintains levels of calcium and phosphorus it is most importantly required to help build baby’s bones and teeth. Vitamin D deficiency is very harmful to child’s growth, It causes growth retardation & skeletal deformities. So most of times doctors prescribe Prenatal Vitamins (Which also contain Vit D) to pregnant women so that the child does not form such insufficiency.


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