Weight Loss In Babies After Birth: What Do New Parents Need To Know?


Do Babies Lose Weight Soon After Birth? Why?

When I became a mother for the first time, I learnt that the babies lose some weight during first week of their birth. New parents might worry about it but this is a completely normal thing in every newborn baby.

How Much Weight do Babies Lose? In How Many Day?

The fall in baby’s weight during the initial phase is quite normal. In line with the research performed by AmericanPregnancy.org, even if a baby doesn’t meet the standard growth chart or development guidelines, he or she can be healthy as loss in weight is natural in newborns.

During the first 5-7 days of birth, newborns are expected to lose around 5% of their weight if they are formula-fed.

And, if the baby is healthy and breast-fed, he or she is expected to lose around 7-10% of their weight in the initial days.

Healthy babies retain the lost weight within 2 weeks of their birth. Usually babies gain around 30 grams of their weight every day during this phase. In case of a sick or premature baby, the weight gain process may take up to 3 weeks from the time of their birth.

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FAQs: Loss of Weight in Babies Post Delivery

1. What is the Difference Between Weight Loss in Breastfed Baby and Formula-fed Baby?

In comparison to a formula fed baby, a breast-fed baby feeds lesser due to colostrum production and also first week new mom produces less milk, hence they lose more weight. Breastfed babies keep losing weight till the breast milk production becomes sufficient. This is the reason approx. 18.7 days is taken in regaining the lost weight in breastfed babies while this time frame for bottle-fed babies is around 2 weeks.

2. Is Low Milk Supply The Reason of My Baby’s Weight Loss?

No matter what you eat, you are not going to produce the milk on day one. Its natural way of body to produce colostrum which is produced hardly a few table spoons in first 1-2 days (Less in the case of first pregnancy). This colostrum is more important than that pf the regular breast milk, so, a new mom simply should not worry. Worrying will in fact make the body produce lesser milk.

3. When to See a Doctor?

Anyways, this phenomenon will happen in hospital under continuous monitoring of the doctors and nurses but once you are back home and observe any of below symptoms, you should seek medical attention.
A. In the case of fever, a newborn will seem low or show lethargy or he/she will show rejection to feeding
B. His/her body will show the symptoms of dehydration including dry lips or eyes. Their skin may seem loosened or sunken soft head spot may appear. Also, if the number of wet diapers is lesser than 6 then the baby is probably dehydrated.
Please remember that every pregnancy is unique that means what you experience in first pregnancy may not be the same in the second. Hence, never compare the cases and baby’s weight. Even the growth charts are just for your reference. No baby will follow one given line on growth charts or said milestones on same given age range. So, as a new mom, just focus on your health, diet and newborn’s care.

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