How Much Weight Should a Baby Gain in 6 Months?


Indian Baby Weight Gain Chart: First 6 Months

The average weight of Indian newborns is somewhere around 3.2 -3.4 kg. However, it is completely normal for them to weigh anywhere between 2.6 and 3.8 kg and still be healthy. The first six months of a newborn are very crucial. Most importantly, the weight gain in first 6 months matters a lot in the overall being of an infant. The body is developing mentally and physically at a high level. Maintaining the body weight of your infant can improve his/her health significantly.
The weight gain in infants might be different for breastfed and formula fed baby. Nonetheless, breastfed infants are more likely to gain the right amount of weight than formula fed ones. As in India, we promote breastfeeding, usually all infants follow the same pattern of weight gain and body development. In this study based article, we will see the Average Weight Gain in Breastfed Babies.

Understanding Breastfed Indian Newborns Weight Gain

Indian children are different and so is their growth velocity. Although all babies are different and grow at their own level, there is an average weight gain chart recommended for them. These weight gain/growth charts help parents keep a track of their baby’s growth and be assured of his/her health.
Since baby girls and boys have a different weight gain/development pattern, their weight gain charts are also different. Below are the Screen Shots of 0-6 Months Growth Charts for Indian Baby Boy and Girls.

Boys Weight Gain in First Six Months:

indian baby weight chart 0-6molowres
The relative growth of an Indian baby boy is expected to take place in the following way. If the baby is born 2.5 kgs, then he will be around 3.8 kgs in the first 2 months followed by being 5 kgs in 4 months and then around 6.2 in 6 months.
So, on a general scale, it can be said that Indian baby boys gain about 2.5 times the birth weight in the first six months.

Girls Weight Gain in First Six Months:

The relative growth of an Indian baby girl is expected to take place in the following way. If the baby is born 2.2 kgs, then he will be around 3.5 kgs in the first 2 months followed by being 5.2 kgs in 5 months and then around 5.8 in 6 months.
So, on a general scale, it can be said that Indian baby girls gain about 2.6 times the birth weight in the first six months.
In this way, you can calculate your baby’s expected weight gain. Also, please note that these are just average growth rates. It is not necessary that your baby will follow the exact growth rate and such matric for weight gain. However, in case there is too much difference in the growth rate of your baby than expected, you must talk to a paediatrician.
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Reasons of First Week Weight Gain/Loss in Babies:

Usually, healthy newborns are expected to lose around 8-10% of their birth weight. This is because:
• they are born with some extra fluid, and
• receive only small amounts of colostrum for the first few days if they are breastfed
But, a healthy baby generally regains that weight within the first two weeks after the birth. The mother begins normally producing enough breastmilk later on. Hence, healthy babies usually get back to their birth weight in first two to three weeks.
Some more factors that can contribute to losing weight in infants are:
• sleeping more and feeding less
• sickness in the baby
• mother’s health
• stress/anxiety in the mother
• if the mother is pregnant or on contraceptive pills

What Factors Affect an Indian Baby’s Weight Gain in First 6 Months?

These are a few factors that can help Indian infants weight gain in first six months.

Breastfeeding Mom’s Diet:

It is highly important to take care of a breastfeeding mom’s diet just like the pregnancy diet. Breast milk is an essential part of the baby’s nutrition. What a mother eats has a direct effect on baby’s weight gain in first six months to a certain extent. If you follow the do’s and don’ts of a good diet, you can improve your breast milk. Therefore, you can monitor your baby’s weight gain pretty well. Check these diet guides if you are a breastfeeding mom.

Sickness or Health Issues in the Baby:

If your baby is suffering from some health issues, then it may have an effect on his/her weight gain. Any birth defects or exposure to infection during gestation are likely to affect a baby’s weight gain drastically.

Mother’s Health:

If you are stressed or not physically healthy, your breastmilk can affect your baby’s weight. Some health conditions in mothers such as diabetes, high blood pressure or heart diseases may affect the baby’s weight.

Premature Babies:

If babies are born before their due date, they are often smaller and have a low birth weight. Such babies take time to gain weight after birth.

Habits and Nutrition during Pregnancy:

A mother who gets better nutrition and follows healthy lifestyle habits in pregnancy gives birth to a healthier baby. Thus, the weight gain in first 6 months in such babies is also better.


What happens if a baby is born underweight?

If a baby is born underweight, there are a few health risks involved. A direct and most common impact on the baby’s health is not gaining weight as recommended.

My baby is not gaining proper weight. Is he/she getting enough breast milk?

Even when the babies sometimes get enough breast milk, they can still possess a low weight. One of the main reasons of this can be the lack of nutrition in that milk. Mother’s should, thus, keep a proper check on their diet.

Does parents’ birth weight affect the baby birth weight?

Yes. Genetics can affect a baby’s birth weight to a certain extent. If one of the parents has a low birth weight, the baby is likely to be born with a low birth weight too.

Can my baby’s sleeping pattern affect his weight?

Yes. The sleeping pattern affects the weight gain in first 6 months in infants to a great extent. If your baby is unable to get proper or enough sleep, you can probably see a direct effect on his/her weight gain/loss.
Information Sources: IAP Growth Charts


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