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Work from home business: Sprouted multi-grain flour

You must have heard of multigrain flour and its benefits. Now a days you get these multigrain flour from many known brands. But have you ever heard of sprouted multigrain flour available in market and how about organic sprouted multigrain flour? No? In India traditionally Organic sprouted multigrain flour was specially made for kids because of it numerous health benefits. Then where did it disappear?
Now a days, some probably mothers still make it but as its very time consuming task you hardly find anyone making it at home.
Could it be a good business for you?

Idea: To sell homemade organic sprouted multigrain flour to health cautious buyers like new moms/pregnant mothers.

bowlofflourGo through this post to understand health benefits of sprouted multigrain flour
It is difficult for mothers to make sprouted multigrain flour at home especially because it needs large open clean space for sundry. Also most of mothers are not aware of this nutritious food choice which is very easy to cook and can be used with variety of recipes for all ages.
If you have enough clean place to sundry grains or if you can get sprouted and dried grains from farms directly then this is an easy business for you. You can try a great recipe of healthy organic sprouted multi-grain flour by adding some more healthy food items like roasted oats, nuts, sesame, cumin, flax seeds etc.
What do you need? sprouts
– Organic or good quality grains supply / organic farms may agree to provide you direct sprouted grains as usually organic foods are produced in limited quantity. You can contact organic food framers around your area for this purpose.
– Large open clean space (like terrace) to sundry the sprouted grains (In case you get sundried sprouted grains from farm then you will not need this).
– Domestic flour mill
– Packing material
– FSSAI number (Study the laws and regulations related to food processing and packaging in India)
Ways to sell your products:
1. Easy trial method is to approach mothers around your area.
2. After you get a good response and after successful trial, you may try online health food sellers like health cart HealthKart , GreenKart
In case of selling online you need to consider shelf life of the product. With use of good quality air-tight containers.
Initial investment: 20 K for domestic flour mill, packaging material, marketing, transport of product.

You can also supply this product to bakeries as sprouted multigrain bread is gaining popularity due to its taste and health benefits.
With this business you can help spread awareness of nutritious gluten free lifestyle.


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