Vietnamese Chicken Pho: My Way


How to Make Easy and Delicious Chicken Pho Soup Noodles

It was a Vietnamese Restaurant in Tokyo where I first introduced Chicken Pho to my taste buds and I fell for the awesome dish in no time.
Though it is easy to prepare, the dish is so delicious, healthy and loved by the kids as well. Your whole family enjoys it.
I have developed my own recipe of it with a bit of Indian touch, though it’s basically Chicken Pho only.

What is Special About It?

1. It is very fulfilling, healthy and very flavorful.
2. When you are all set to prepare the dish, you don’t have to worry about what to make for kids and elderly at home. The same dish can be served to everyone in the family.
3. Its quick and simple
4. You will understand how flavorful the coriander stems are.

Recipe: Chicken Pho Soup Noodles


pho ingredient
one full Chicken with bones, Star Anise, Cinnamon, Onions 2, Ginger slices, Garlic 5-6 big cloves whole, Coriander stem and leaves, Black cardamom, mushrooms whole, Tomatoes chopped, Sichuan pepper(Optional).


1. Take one table spoon of oil in a big sauce pan, Add onions and sauté for 2-3 minutes. Add chopped tomatoes and sauté for 3-4 minutes on medium heat.
2. Add Chicken, Ginger slices, garlic cloves, add salt then add a lot of water around 5-6 glasses of water. Let it boil on low-medium flame. Don’t pressure cook! The soup tastes better when boiled in an open pan.
3. After about 20 minutes when chicken is cooked, take out some pieces of chicken like drumsticks and breasts, remove the meat and put the bones back in the soup. We are going to add the chicken meat to the soup later on while serving.
4. The pieces left in the soup will be boiled a lot to make soup thicker and tastier leaving the meat less tasty, so take the meat as much as you want to eat.
5. Roast the spices, i.e. Sichuan pepper, cardamom, cinnamon and star anise in a pan or directly above the flame. This should be done carefully to avoid burns. As soon as the aroma of the spices hits your senses, stop the heating.
6. Now add these spices and coriander stems to the boiling soup and also add the whole mushrooms. Strain the soup and separate the mushrooms.
7. Cooking the noodles: Boil water and add some salt, add the rice vermicelli (You may use the rice sticks but I personally find vermicelli tastier in this dish). Stop the heat and Let the vermicelli get cooked. Do not overcook it. It should not break easily. Strain the vermicelli and pour some cold water over it so the steam doesn’t over cook it.

pho mixing

8. Take the soup in a bowl, add the vermicelli noodles, raw onion (long cut), coriander leaves, add 2 drops of lemon juice, add the cooked mushroom and chicken to it. If you want, add some chili flakes and white/black pepper powder.

chicken pho

Difference with Original Recipe

Vietnamese Real name of the Dish is Chicken Pho Ga
1. In original recipe they roast the whole onion on heat, remove the burnt layers and add the whole onion to the chicken.
2. They do not add tomatoes (I add them for thickness in soup) Sichuan pepper, mushrooms and black cardamom. They use fresh cut red chilly to add to the soup.)
3. They use flat rice sticks noodles instead of the vermicelli I used here.
Do try this amazingly flavorful recipe. You will never throw away the coriander stems again. The coriander stems and the few roasted spices make this an aromatic, fulfilling soup-noodles dish – an amazing dinner recipe for the whole family.
BTW, I forgot to add the cooked chicken slices on top of the dish before taking the photos! (It looks like Chicken Pho, Without Chicken!!)


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    As you also pointed out that you love rice vermicelli instead of flat rice stick noodles. I personally agree with you that both types of noodles go well with the broth to make the delicious chicken Pho. There are just 3 things I would like to add before we taste the Chicken Pho: 1- Sriracha, 2- Hoisin Sauce , 3- basil leaves

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