Vegetable Dalia Khichadi for Babies: Recipe


Healthy Daliya Khichadi Recipe

Dalia or broken wheat is the best form of wheat as it’s full of fibers. It’s easy to digest and gives you energy and works wonders for the solid eating babies/toddlers suffering from poor weight gain. Daliya is a very nutritious diet which builds muscles and adds to the body’s energy level.
The best time to have Dalia Khichadi is at the breakfast. It’s the best wholesome breakfast for the whole family; be it a pregnant woman, nursing woman, a toddler, working man or woman or an elderly person.
The vegetable Dalia is easy-to-make and delicious too. Find the recipe below.

How to cook Dalia Khichadi for Babies


dalia ingredients
Vegetables like green french beans (for calcium), tomatoes (for Antioxidants and taste), carrots(Vit A), cabbage(Fiber) or cauliflower (for Vit C), garlic(for Vit B6), green peas (for Fiber and Iron), turmeric (for anti-inflammatory effect), black pepper powder, single green chilly with seeds removed (strictly skip chilly for babies/toddlers), asafetida (For stomach health for), mustard, cumin, oil, moong daal (Proteins) [ You can use Ahar dal but not for babies], curry leaves, sesame seeds(Calcium), and Ajwain (Healthy stomach).


• Add oil to a pressure cooker and let it heat
• Add cumin, mustard seeds and asafoetida
• After the mustard cracks, add curry leaves and after a minute add minced garlic and the next minute add tomatoes
• Cover in low heat and let the ingredients cook for 5 minutes
• Now add turmeric, black pepper powder, green chilly, moong daal and ajwain
• Now add vegetables and dalia to it. (Wash dalia only once, lightly before adding)
• Add water (4 times the mixture of moong daal and dalia)
• Cover the pressure cooker, keep the heat medium and cook all the ingredients for one vessel
• After the vessel, open the cover and cook for another 5-10 minutes on a low flame
• Cook it according to your choice – overcooked or with slightly textured

Healthy living has become more than a choice for kids and adults nowadays. Nutritious diet plays a vital role in the wellbeing. Kids and toddlers love to try new recipes in the breakfast and you can turn even the basic Daliya diet into a yummy recipe and impress your toddler.

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