Vedic Hindu Baby Boy Names: Rare and Spiritual


Hindu Vedic Boy Names: With Meaning

What does Veda/Ved refer to? Vedas signify ancient India’s body of scriptures divided into 4 parts – Rig Ved, Sam Ved, Yajur Ved and Atharva Ved. Ved is not the only Vedic name but all the names that have found their inception in Vedas are known as Vedic names. We have brought in an exclusive list of unique and powerful Vedic names for Indian babies.

Hindu Baby Boy Names Inspired by Vedas

Apramit अप्रमित

ॐ अप्रमित्यै नमः। Pramit refers to someone enlightened or blessings. Some with limitless blessings can be called Apramit. It also signifies Goddess Lakshmi and denotes someone who is mentioned in or known by axioms of Vedas.

Ishtah इश्ताः

ॐ इष्टाय नमः। Isht means a divine figure who is worshipped or someone pleasant. It also refers to the trinity God Vishnu who is believed to be invoked with the help of Vedic rituals.

Ishtahim इष्ताहिम्

ॐ इष्टाय नमः As mentioned in the Vedas. Istah refers to someone pleasant or very close and Ahim means who is worshipped by the universe. The name is associated with Lord Vishnu who is powerful and invoked through mantra.

Manuh मनूः

ॐ मनवे नमः। The name suggests a wise or intelligent personality. Manuh also refers to Lord Vishnu who is mentioned in the Vedic Mantras or hymns.

Rigved ऋग्वेद

Straight from the ancient Hindu scriptures, the name refers to one of the four Vedas that have given birth to a plethora of Sanskrit words and names. If you one of those parents who prefer traditional Hindu names that showcase spirituality, this name is a good pick for you.

Shrut श्रुत

ॐ श्रुतये नमः। Someone well-known, celebrated or glorious also goes by this name. It denotes Goddess Lakshmi who herself is the Vedas and known in the universe.

Trayit त्रायित

ॐ त्रयीतनवे नमः। An unconventional choice in our name list. With the Mantra, Om Trayitnave Namah, we recall Lord Ganesha or Shiva. When all the three Vedas among the four Vedas in Hinduism are taken together, it is called Trayit.

Vaidik वैदिक

Another variant of Vedic. Something which is mentioned in Vedas or related to Veda is Vaidik. It represents Goddess Lakshmi who exists in Vedic form.

Yajur यजुर

The word Yajus signifies worship and Veda refers to wisdom or knowledge. The name is inspired by Yajurveda, one of the four celebrated Vedas in Hinduism.

Baby Boy Names Inspired by Hindu Lords

Sanskrit is believed to be the official language that resonates with Hindu rituals or traditions. But, not all the Sanskrit names are Vedic. The mantras, the hymns, spiritual practices, ancient Indian rishis or saints, the sound of Om and many other things that are mentioned in Vedas give birth to the Vedic names. We have tried to list some of the impactful names related to or mentioned in Vedas. If you believe in the Hindu rituals and Vedas have an impact on your mind, body and soul then choose a Vedic name for your baby’s bright future and also perform research on the same.


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