Unusual Indian Baby Girl Names Meaning Warrior


Sanskrit Baby Girl Names Meaning Fighter/Brave/Warrior

From Rani Laxmi Bai to Razia Sultana; India has witnessed several courageous ladies who have proved their metal in front of the world. If you are looking for some beautiful and meaningful baby names meaning warrior then we take pride in presenting this wonderful list of Sanskrit names to adorn your clan.

Rare and Powerful Baby Girl Names of Sanskrit Origin: Meaning Fighter

Ayudhina आयुधीना

A name as tough as your little fighter deserves. Ayudhina is a unique Sanskrit name inspired by Ayudh which means weapons. It signifies Lord Shiva who bears Trident as his weapon.

Divija दिवीजा

The combination of Divya (heavenly or sky) and Janma (born) is a brave pick for your little one. The name refers to someone who is sky-born or a warrior.

Ishvasa ईश्वासा

You may deserve a trophy for considering this uncommon and divine name which refers to a warrior.

Lokirina लोकीरीना

A pleasant name for an extremely brave personality. Lokirina refers to the leader or king of the warriors.

Nirjara निर्ज़रा

The name exhibits strong feminine energy that may be reflected through your little one’s personality if you bestow her with this name. Nirjara signifies a brave fighter.

Parsha पार्शा

In Sanskrit, the name denotes a brave person holding an axe or a warrior with a weapon. In Persian, the name refers to the prince of Pershas or Persia.

Parthi पार्थी

The Sanskrit meaning of the word Parth is a prince. Parthi refers to a queen or a female warrior.

Sadhi साधी

Originally spelled as Saadi, the name is inspired by Sadhu which means someone wise or with great intellect. It also refers to fire or a warrior or someone endowed with a reason.

Saratha सारथा

It may sound similar to Sarathi but the name really means a Kshatriya or a fighter. The name can be a great pick for a family with an army background.

Satva सत्वा

A feminine baby name with a strong meaning. Satva represents a warrior or a brave lady.

Senya सेन्या

A perfect choice for the parents seeking a short and stylish name that signifies bravery. The name is derived from the word Sena which means an army. It signifies a brave fighter or warrior.

Sharyahana शर्याहना

Well, if your name hunt doesn’t demand an easy-to-pronounce and just another name for your baby, this name can definitely fit the bill. The name describes a warrior.

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Suvirya सुवीर्या

Virya signifies Veer or a brave person. The name refers to the host of warriors.

Virina वीरिना

The name is a combination of Vir (brave) + Irin (King). Virina refers to the head or king of the warriors.

Yodhaka योधका

Derived from the word Yodhha, the name gives the glimpses of a fighter. One of the rarest name that clearly gives an idea of a courageous personality.

Yodheya योधेया

A beautiful variant of Yoddha which means a warrior. The name enough inspires you.

Yodhini योधिनी

As the name sounds, Yodhini reflects the traits of a warrior who is pretty tough to defeat.

Yudha युधा

Another variant of Yudhha which either means war or a warrior.

Yudhma युध्मा

A simple and sophisticated name choice for your courageous bundle of joy. The name refers to a fighter or warrior.

Yudhva यूध्वा

The name has found inspiration from the Sanskrit word Yudhha which means war. One who fights in a war or a warrior is known as Yudhva.

Yuvirina युविरिना

Irin denotes the king of the warriors. A modern name with the essence of youth. The name is inspired by the word Yuva which signifies youth and it means a young warrior.

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India has always been glorified by daring warriors and the female heroes of the nation have no lesser contribution than male counterparts. These tough baby girl names meaning fighter are quite inspiring and enough to tell the world – don’t mess with her. These names can help your child break the barriers of life and stand out in the crowd. Do grace the list with more such name suggestions if you have any or comment the name you find a perfect fit for your little one.


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