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Gender-Neutral Beautiful Islamic Baby Names

Religious names not only add a touch of spirituality and integrity to a child’s personality but also help baby stick to the roots of the religion. Islamic holy names can never go out of style. The fact that some of them are suitable for both the genders makes us love them even more. Unisex holy Muslim names are of course, very meaningful and rare.
So, are you ready to browse through our awesome list of religious names for your Muslim baby to make his identity rectitude?

Religious Holy Names for Muslim Baby Boy and Girl

Ehram إحرام

Ehram sounds appealing, simple and serene due to its very soft sound. It means “to forbid” and denotes the two white pieces of cloth wrapped and draped by men during Hajj or Umrah. The “h” in Ehram is emphasized during pronouncing it.

Ihram إحرام

Ihram also means the cloths that are draped and wrapped by men during the Islamic pilgrimage to cover them. Ihram and Ehram are the same words having two different pronunciations according to the different accents of the world. Ihram too has strong stress on the voice of “h”.

Hateem حطیم

Hateem is a different name and should not be confused with Hatim. Hateem is a low “crescent-shaped wall opposite to the Kaaba” with a small gap to enter in it. The area covered by Hateem is known to be the place of the grave of Hazrat Ismail AS and his mother Hazrat Hajra AS. Wouldn’t you want to name your child Hateem to remember Ismail and Hajra (peace be upon them)?

Zamzam زَمْزَم‎

Zamzam is a very common term in Islam but it is an uncommon name in Muslims. It means the sacred well of water which sprang out miraculously under the feet of Prophet Ismail (PBUH).

Haram حرم

Haram is another royal-sounding Muslim baby name which is the name of the immensely large and beautiful mosque build around the Kaaba in Saudi Arabia. We think it is a beautiful name to go with to appreciate the millions of pilgrims who come to worship Allah no matter what the distance is.

Ramal رمل

As trendy and new as it sounds, Ramal is an ancient and important ritual during Tawaf in which men are supposed to walk vigorously with their chests plunged forward while walking around the Kaaba in the first three rounds.

Rami رمي

Rami is the symbolic act of stoning the Shaitan performed during the Hajj. It should not be pronounced as “Raami” and is a very suitable name to be given to your child if you want him/her to be the pioneer of righteousness in life.

Ezaar ازار

Ezaar is the lower piece of cloth of Ihram (or Ehram) that is wrapped around the waist slightly above the ankle to cover the legs. To us, it denotes modesty and protection. What do you think about this name?

Ibadah عبادة‎

We think you would have already guessed the meaning of Ibadah! Yes! It is the Arabic version of Ibadat which means to worship. Who wouldn’t want to call their baby “Ibadah”? Stylish as well as spiritual. Isn’t it?

Jamra جمرة

Jamra is the destination where the pilgrims are supposed to do “Rami” during the Hajj. Its plural is Jamarat which you might have heard, but if you stick to the origin, Jamra is a beautiful name to go with.

Kiswat كسوة

Kiswat sounds aesthetic and actually, means the same as well, though indirectly. Kiswat is the beautiful cover of Kaaba made up purely of silk along with Arabic verses embroidered on it with gold threads.
The list of holy names for Muslim babies is literally unending. We hope you get to select the best name for your child from these religious baby names. If you give one of these names to your baby, not only it will sound appealing and trendy, but will also give you an inner sense of satisfaction. Please let us know what do you think about these Unisex holy names and what name would you select? Also, would you like to have a part two of these religious Muslim baby names?


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