Unique Islamic Baby Girls Names for your Little Doll


Top 15+ Names for Muslim Baby Girls

Mostly, children are named within a day after birth and naming becomes the primary concern among family members. The bestowal of name is done with different rituals as per religion practices, so here are some Islamic names based on Quran which are of high relevance from the future point of view.
Delay no further and choose the most appropriate name for your baby girl.

Arabic Baby Names

Beautiful Islamic Names from Quran for Baby Girls


An Arabic name, given to a girl who seems to be supportive, the name means “restitutioner” or “consoler”.


An Arabic name, given to baby girls, possessing the qualities like “goodness, virtue and honor” and is conscious of God.


A name derived from Quran indirectly, which means “river or ocean”. The girl must be as liberal as the flow of water.


An Arabic name given to the girls; translates to “beautiful as pearls” (which, of course, your daughter is!).


A name indirectly derived from Quran, and is famous among girls; this name indicated the “wealth, crown and glory”.


The Arabic name for girls; represent their excellent tendency to work, “righteousness, generosity, praiseworthiness, and superiority of the child”.


A feminine variant of name Jabir, the name is highly appreciated by God in Quran. The girl is considered to be an image of God and who prevents others from trouble and helps in their improvement.


An indirect name derived from Quran, which means the “precious stone” and essence of clarity.


An Arabic name for beautiful girls with a literal meaning, related to a flowering plant and is often named to girl child who is like a “water hyacinth”


Nor- light, saba-breeze, a light flowing breeze, Noursaba is an Arabic word who are assumed to be the “transmitter of radiance and light” in the dawn of life.


An Arabic name denoting “high hills”, it also means virtue and blessing. The name is rarely used and hence unique.


An indirect word taken from Quran, it is linked with “spirituality, compassion, and kindness of heart”.


The word has its direct derivation from Quran with a definite meaning “way”, “path” and “road”. It is used most of the times in Quran.


A name given to girls with many meanings, one of them is who can spend sleepless nights while taking care of others.


The most impressive name which means “crown of Allah”, it is supposed to be the highly pious and saves the child from every trouble. The name has a really positive effect on the life of your child and her other relatives. It is derived from Quran.


An indirect name derived from Quran indicating the “vastness”, the vast area of the land, which is really expensive.
It is wildly accepted that names are significant part not only from an identification point of view but also they reflect culture and religion of the child. Children often get their names from family trees or religious events or sometimes from deities. It is believed that spiritual names drop off the effect of evil spirits.
The sense of uniqueness and personal identity is what emphasizes the craze of naming. These names are highly effective to direct positivity in one’s nature. Bring the best name in the light that suits the best for your princess.
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