Unique Islamic Baby Boy Names for Your New Born


Selected Religious Names for Muslim Baby Boy

The names not only represent religion but also significantly affect everything from confidence to future prospects of the child. It is believed that attractive and effective names increase the performance of the child and stimulate the movement of one’s stars. So while giving a name to your child be positive and select an attractive modern and effective name.
Here are some Islamic names that are directly or indirectly linked by Quran and have a positive meaning, so have a look and choose the catchiest name.

Arabic Baby Names

Top 15 Islamic Baby Boy Names Based on Quran


Quran-Inspired boy name which means “light reflected from the sword”, it is the most passionate name that can turn the stars in positive.


Arabic name, which means long-lived or “a town full of lively activities and jollity”; it will fill positive attitude in the baby boy.


This name is indirectly mentioned in Quran, it means “determination, purposefulness and resolution” beyond imagination. The name itself is so motivating to inspire to face challenges with determination.


Arabic names for Muslim baby boy, which means: “supporters or followers”, used many a time in Quran to refer the followers of the prophet.


An Arabic name means “thunder”. The sound of thunder that is so powerful and tyrannical to overdo others.


Indirectly mentioned in Quran and used for both boys and girls, this name means “precious stone or jewels”.


A name, taken from Quran, which means “reward for good deeds or recompense”!


An Arabic name which means “night”. Light of moon that is Allah’s gift to humanity, to enhance the charm of night, so as named to childbirth showed the light of night in the darkness of family.


An indirect name mentioned in Quran emphasizing on “strength” as its meaning. It is the most emphatic name that can turn the stars positively.


An indirect name mentioned in Quran that suits boys who display qualities like softness, kindhearted and compassion.


It’s an Arabic name for boys which means “a dusty flatland”. It refers a portion of land where the stream runs only during high tides.


This trendy Arabic name is for boys and translates to “reward”. This name is very rare and known to few. If pronounced with an emphasis on the first syllable, the meaning turns into “one who repents often”.


An Arabic name with “one who continues long conversation during nights” meaning, and has olive-colored skin.


Pronounced as “Yaha”, the name is taken from Quran. It has special significance as it is divinely created.


Directed from Quran, the name is for the one, who “makes progress”. This name puts emphasis on increased power and wealth. The one, for whom, nature favors for happiness and virtue.
These names are somehow related to Quran and have special significance. So, while choosing any of these effective names, choose according to the future relevance of the child.
The naming mania is seen almost everywhere before the birth of a baby, be it boys or girls. All the members are pressurized to choose the most distinctive and affable name for their child. Some look for frenzy names, others for modern and rest for straightforward religion names.
Don’t forget to comment below the name you liked the most and if any suggestions you have for new parents.
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