Unique Indian Baby Girl Names


Indian Baby Girl Names: Unique and Meaningful

This is your final stop to find the most profoundly handpicked list of unique girl names by the experts of Indian names. Naming a new generation Indian baby is a daunting process. Here we have the most exclusive Indian girls names originating from Sanskrit, Hebrew, Persian and which are just apposite for the new generation Indian baby girls.
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Indian Baby Girls Names: With Meaning and Origin

Names Starting with Letter A

Name Meaning Origin
Aaoka Lustrous NotSure
Aarini Adventurous NotSure
Aaritra Navigator (Driving/Oar in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Aaryana Best / Noble (Arya Made up) Sanskrit
Aashaka Distroyer of Evil and Asura (Devantakanashakarin) Sanskrit
Aashi Smile / Joy / Laughter / Blessing NotSure
Aashika Lovable (Made up) Urdu/Hindi
Aashima Limitless / Protector (Made up from Asim: Absolute) Sanskrit
Aashka Best wishes / Blessing (Thing done after arti) Sanskrit
Aastha Faith Hindi
Aathmiya intimate/affectionate Sanskrit
Aatmaja Daughter Sanskrit
Aayana The mirror Hindi
Abarna God Bharvathy NotSure
Abhaya Fearless NotSure
Abhigjna Wisdom NotSure
Abhigna Knowledgeable / Wise one NotSure
Abhijata Well born woman Sanskrit
Abhijita Victorious woman Sanskrit
Abhijiti Victory Sanskrit
Abhina Quite new / Very young / Fresh NotSure
Abhinaya Expressions Sanskrit
Abhinithi Friendship Sanskrit
Abhira A cowherd Sanskrit
Abhishikta Women crowned in royal chair (Sprinkled in Sanskrit) NotSure
Abhishree To enlighten / Brilliant / Powerful / Surrounded by glory Sanskrit
Abinandha Ever wishing person Sanskrit
Abishta Lady of the house Sanskrit
Aboli The name of a flower Hindi
Achira Speedily/Recent in Sanskrit Sanskrit
Achla The earth / Stable Sanskrit
Adah Adornment Hindi
Adarshini Idealistic Hindi
Adhikshitha Supreme God NotSure
Adishree Exalted Sanskrit
Aditha The first root / Beginning Sanskrit
Adithi Peak (Alterate Spelling: Aditi / Aaditi) Sanskrit
Adyadvaita First and unique Sanskrit
Agalya Beauty / Splendor Notsure
Aishiki Divine / Regal Notsure
Aishita River Yamuna (Alternate Spelling: Aishitha) Notsure
Ajeitha A winner Made up Sanskrit
Akarshana Attraction Sanskrit
Akashini Women with beautiful hair??? Can be related to Akash/Sky Sanskrit
Akila The earth (Akhila madeup) Sanskrit
Akishita Wonder girl / Permanent / Constant Notsure
Akshaya Indestructible / Immortal Sanskrit
Akshera Letters / Goddess Saraswati Sanskrit
Akula Goddess Parvati ( Perticular days of a half-month in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Akuti Princess (Intention in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Akvira Lord Shivas daughter (Ekvira Madeup) Sanskrit
Alaknanda Name of a river / A river in the himalayas Sanskrit
Alehya Sunshine NotSure
Aliveni Golden doll NotSure
Almika The Sky NotSure
Amahira Only expert of her field NotSure
Amala The pure one Sanskrit
Amana Woman Sanskrit
Ambaya Mother Sanskrit
Ambhini Water born (Ambi : Mother/Sister/Good Woman) Sanskrit
Ambu Water (Number 4) Sanskrit
Ambudhi Sea/ Ocean Sanskrit
Amidi Beautiful (Amiti: Boundless , madeup) Sanskrit
Amindita Increadibale (unadorned in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Amiti Immeasurable / Boundless (Madeup Amit) Sanskrit
Amla The pure one Sanskrit
Amlika Tamarind Sanskrit
Amodhini Joyful or pleasurable or Happy girl Sanskrit
Amvi A Goddess (Anvi) Sanskrit
Anagha Sinless / Without any fault / Beauty Sanskrit
Anaha Sanskrit
Anaiya Protection (Aneya is to be brought) NotSure
Anala Goddess of fire / Fire Sanskrit
Anan Cloud / Joyful (door/Mouth/Entrance in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Anandamayi One with full of happiness Hindi
Anandana Happiness Hindi
Anandatha Happy Hindi
Anandinii Full of Joy / Blissful Hindi
Anandita Purveyor of Joy / Happy Hindi
Anannya Goddess Parvati / Matchless / Unique Sanskrit
Ananti Gift? Made up of Ananti Sanskrit
Anara Wanderer / Powerful and complete NotSure
Anashwara One without An end / Immortal Sanskrit
Anavi Kind to people (Anvi is Earth) Sanskrit
Anayna Unique ( leading near in Sanskrit) NotSure
Anchal The decorative end of a Sari Hindi
Aneeksha Bringing happiness NotSure
Aneri Extra ordinary NotSure
Angaja A daughter (Daughter of Aja) Sanskrit
Angana Beautiful woman Sanskrit
Angarika Flame colored flower / Palash / Flame of the forest Sanskrit
Angi Decorating the God / Divine / descendant of country Anga Sanskrit
Angi Decorating the God / Divine (Decendent of Ang) Sanskrit
Angira Mother of Birhaspati Sanskrit
Ani Glass (Point of the needle in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Aniha Indifferent Sanskrit
Anishi Bright and luminous (Anish, Endless, sleepless) Jain
Anishka Who has friends / No enemies NotSure
Aniyanta Aniyantran: No Control(Lord Vishnu) Sanskrit
Anjika Blessed (Made up from Anji) Sanskrit
Anjini Mother of Lord Hanuman / Illusion (Maya) Sanskrit
Anjuli Blessings/ inconquerable (Anjali madeup) Sanskrit
Anjusha Blessing (Anju made up) Sanskrit
Anjushri Dear to ones heart Made up Sanskrit
Ankana Bracelet (impression and Digitalisation) Sanskrit
Ankira Follower (Sikh) Sikh
Ankisha Goddess of number Sanskrit
Ankolika An embrace Sanskrit
Anmi Dawn / Passionate / Precious NotSure
Anmima The glow of dawn NotSure
Annada Goddess Durga (annapurna) Sanskrit
Annanya Goddess Parvati / Matchless / Unique Sanskrit
Annika Goddess Durga (Multi Origin) NotSure
Annjaya Unique NotSure
Annu Lord Shiva (Atom in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Anoma Illustrious NotSure
Anoohya Little sister / Unpredictable ( inconceivable in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Ansha Portion Sanskrit
Anshika Minute particle / Beautiful NotSure
Anshita A part of Sanskrit
Anshu The Lord Shiva is tinier than the tiniest part Sanskrit
Anshuka Sunbeam / Gentle / Brilliant / Radiant NotSure
Anshumi Every part/element of the earth/Rays of sun NotSure
Anuchi Remember Sanskrit
Anukriti Photograph Sanskrit
Anumegha Following the rain (Madeup) Sanskrit
Anumoditha Approved / acceptable /delighted Sanskrit
Anupa Pond Sanskrit
Anuru Charioteer of Sun / dawn Sanskrit
Anusheela Full of goodness (Anshul is radiant) Sanskrit
Anushi Happy (Staying close in sanskrit) Sanskrit
Anushika One who has only friends and no enemies NotSure
Anushiya Brave and sweet / Beauty NotSure
Anushka A term of endearment / Grace Russian
Anushna Blue lotus in Tamil NotSure
Anuttara Unanswered Sanskrit
Anuva Knowledge ( blowing after in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Anuya To follow / Food Sanskrit
Apala Most beautiful NotSure
Apama Another name for paan-ati ( the most distant in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Aparajita Unconquerable woman / A flower Sanskrit
Aradhya Worshipped Sanskrit
Aradhya Worshipped / Blessing of Lord Ganesh Sanskrit
Araiya Divine / Beautiful Notsure
Aramalavika Charming maiden Notsure
Archishmathi Daughter of Brihaspati Sanskrit
Architha One who is worshipped Sanskrit
Arianna Holy one / Peace (Aryan Noble of Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Aritra One who shows the right path / Navigator Sanskrit
Aritri Earth (Rower in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Aritrika Dusk lamp beneath Tulsi plant (Basil) Sanskrit
Arjuni Dawn / White cow Sanskrit
Armita Desire (Made up of Arman) Hindi
Arni The Sun NotSure
Arnika Goddess Durga Made up from [Balavikarnika] Sanskrit
Arnima First Ray of Sun (Made up from Arunima) Sanskrit
Arogyada Granter of good health Sanskrit
Aroopa (Laxmi) Who does Not have Any Form Sanskrit
Arpana Surrendered / Devotional offering / Auspicious Sanskrit
Arshi First Ray of Sun / Heavenly / Rice / Queen ( wife in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Arshitha Heavenly / Divine Madeup No Base Sanskrit
Artha (Laxmi) Who is the Meaning Sanskrit
Artisha Small Notsure
Aru The Sun / Praise Sanskrit
Arukshita Young / Gentle / soft Sanskrit
Arunabha The suns glow / Passionate / Fertile Sanskrit
Arunima Glow of dawn Sanskrit
Arunita Bright like rays of the Sun Sanskrit
Aruvi Seafall NotSure
Arvika Universal (Sarvika made up) Notsure
Arvita Pride (Garvita madeup) Notsure
Arya Goddess Parvati / Durga / A noble lady Sanskrit
Aryamani Belonging to the Sun ( relating or belonging to aryaman) Sanskrit
Aryamba Mother of Sankara Bhagavath Sanskrit
Asavari Raga NotSure
Aseema Limitless / Protector Hindi
Ashi Smile / (Eating in Sanskrit) NotSure
Ashika One without sorrow / Mercury / Sweet heart / Beloved Hindi
Ashlesha A star / name of the seventh lunar mansion Sanskrit
Ashmi Rock born / Hard and strong / I am (Asmi) Sanskrit
Ashmika A beautiful woman with long hair / Ashmik is Stony in Sanskrit Sanskrit
Ashni Lightning ( Eating in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Ashvitha Strong (Possessed of Horses) Notsure
Ashwabha Lightening Notsure
Ashwika Goddess Santhoshi maa (Relating to Horses in Sanskrit) NotSure
Ashwina Child of the star (Made of Ashwin: possesed of Horses) Sanskrit
Askini Daughter of Prajapati Virat NotSure
Aslesha A star Sanskrit
Asluil Thunderbolt / Lightning Notsure
Aslunaki Rocklike / Strong Notsure
Asluta Insatiable Notsure
Astheya Not stealing (To be regarded as in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Asti Existence Sanskrit
Astriti Invincibility (Astri is not-a woman) Sanskrit
Asvitha Strong Notsure
Aswathy An Angel NotSure
Asya Grace (State of rest and mouth in Sanskrit it’s a verb for being) Sanskrit
Atasi A blue flower (wandering mendicant in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Atchya Infinity Notsure
Atheeva Ultimate (Extremely… Sanskrit word from Very) Sanskrit
Athidhi Important person (Athiti) Notsure
Athini River (Atini: lead over or beyond in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Athira Prayer or quick or lightening / Pray Notsure
Athishaya Superiority (also mean wonderful/excess/better) Sanskrit
Athitha Surpassed Notsure
Athitya Transcending ( hospitable / hospitality in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Athmikha Light of God ( based on in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Athulya Unequalled / Unrivalled / Immeasurable Sanskrit
Athvika Denote Goddess sowdeswari (Made up from Satvika) NotSure
Atiksha More wish (Pratiksha made up) NotSure
Atiriya Beloved / Very dear (atiraiya is extravagant in sanskrit) NotSure
Atmikha Light of God ( based on in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Attika Elvin beauty ( elder sister in sanskrit) Sanskrit
Atula Incomparable Sanskrit
Auhna Passion Notsure
Aumnshi Abbreviation of Hindu Lord Shiva Mantra aumn namah shivay Sanskrit
Auronee A firewood Notsure
Avika Diamond Sanskrit

Names Starting with Letter B and Bh

Name Meaning Origin
Baani Earth / Goddess Saraswati / Maiden (Vaani) Sanskrit
Badarika The Jujube fruit / berry in Sanskrit Sanskrit
Bahudha A river (Diverse also) Sanskrit
Bahugandha One with lot of scent Sanskrit
Balaprada The bestower of strength Sanskrit
Baltishna Powerful Notsure
Bandhavi Who loves friends and family members Sanskrit
Bandita Blessed (state or condition of a bard in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Banhi Fire (Vani) Sanskrit
Bani Earth / Goddess Saraswati / Maiden (Vani) Sanskrit
Bansri Flute / Instrument played by Lord Krishna Sanskrit
Barisha Pure Notsure
Barkha Rain Hindi
Barsana Goddess Radha’s birthplace Notsure
Bavanya Goddess Durga / Meditation / Concentration Notsure
Bavita Person who knows future / Oracle / Bhagyavidhata Sanskrit
Bavitha Pure and dignified Notsure
Behula Cow / Kritika Nakshatra Sanskrit
Bekuri One with musical leanings Sanskrit
Belaurmi Parvathi name bela+urmi Sanskrit
Belli Silver / A companion Notsure
Benisha Flashing Notsure
Benshik King/Queen of the forest Notsure
Bhaagya Fate / Happiness / Goddess Lakshmi Sanskrit
Bhaanavi Descendent of the Sun / Brilliant / Sacred Sanskrit
Bhaanuja River Yamuna / Born of the Sun Sanskrit
Bhaaviki Natural / Emotional / pious / happy (Bhavik) Sanskrit
Bhandhavi Who loves friends and family members Sanskrit
Bhanuni Charming woman (Bhanu: beautiful woman) Sanskrit
Bhanusri Sun / Rays of Laxmidevi Sanskrit
Bhanvi Sunrays (Kind of Pace in Sanskrit, Bhanu Sun) Sanskrit
Bharanya Asterism Bharani Sanskrit
Bhargi Queen of the bhargas Sanskrit
Bharujika Radiant with light Sanskrit
Bharvi Holy Basil plant Sanskrit
Bhaskari The Sun Sanskrit
Bhavada Real (Bhav + Da) Sanskrit
Bhavaprita One who is loved by the universe Sanskrit
Bhavi Emotional Sanskrit
Bhavika Cheerful expression (Bhavik madeup) Sanskrit
Bhaviya Grand / Splendid / Virtuous / Goddess Paarvati (Bhavya) Sanskrit
Bhidaka Sword Sanskrit
Bhiravi One of the ten Goddess known as Mahavidya Sanskrit
Bhoomija Born from the earth / Goddess Sita Sanskrit
Bhrithi Strengthened / Nourished / Cherished (Bhrut) Sanskrit
Bhumija Born from the earth / Goddess Sita Sanskrit
Bhumitra Friend of Earth Sanskrit
Bhuva World / Air Sanskrit
Bhuvi Heaven/ Ocean / Sea (Bhuvis is original name) Sanskrit
Bhuvika Heaven/ Ocean / Sea (Bhuvis is original name) Sanskrit
Bihagara Raag Sanskrit
Bilvani Goddess Saraswati (Bilva is kind of plant) Sanskrit
Bimbi Glorious (In Sanskrit: spiny bitter gourd) Sanskrit
Binata the wife of Sage Kashyap Sanskrit
Bini Modest (Vini) Sanskrit
Bithi Bunch of flower Notsure
Bithika Path between trees Notsure
Boond Drop Hindi
Brija Seed Sanskrit
Brisha Beloved (Vrish is Fingers in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Brishti Rain Sanskrit
Buddhi Intellect Sanskrit
Buvana Goddess (Bhuvana : Earth/mankind/world) Sanskrit

Names Starting with Letter Ch

Chainika Specially selected / chosen one Madeup Sanskrit
Chakori Crescent Moon Sanskrit
Chandanika Diminutive Sanskrit
Chandashri Moon / Cool like the Moon / Goddess Lakshmi Sanskrit
Chandreyee Moons daughter Sanskrit
Chandrima The Moon Sanskrit
Changuna A good woman Sanskrit
Charul Beautiful Hindi
Chellam Pampered Hindi
Chitranshi Part of big picture (Madeup Sanskrit

Names Starting with Letter D and Dh

Daama Prosperous / Self-possessed / River / Ocean / River Sanskrit
Daayini Giver Sanskrit
Daivi Pious soule Sanskrit
Dakshita Skill (Made up from Daksha) Sanskrit
Dali Drawn up of God / corolla in Sanskrit Sanskrit
Damaruki Sound of emotion NotSure
Damina Self-controlled / Brahmans of Shakadvipa Sanskrit
Dani God is my judge / Donor in Sanskrit Sanskrit
Danika Morning star (Related to giving gift in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Danvi Charitable Sanskrit
Danyata Blessed (Originally: Dhanyata) Sanskrit
Darshada Stony Sanskrit
Darshata Visible Sanskrit
Darshita Sight / Shown (Alternate Spelling: Darshitha) Sanskrit
Darsika Perceiver Sanskrit
Darvi Turmeric Sanskrit
Dea Kindness / Goddess (Made up of Daya) Sanskrit
Deekshita Self-devotion to a person or god/ Initiation Sanskrit
Deenal Sweet girl Notsure
Deep A lamp / Beautiful Sanskrit
Deepanshi Brightness (Deep + Anshi) Sanskrit
Deevasri worshipping (Dev+Shree) Sanskrit
Devakya Godlike Sanskrit
Devamani Lord Ayyappa / Jewel of the gods Sanskrit
Devapi Friend of the gods Sanskrit
Devarshi Teacher of the God / Sage of the devas Sanskrit
Devarsi Teacher of the God / Sage of the devas Sanskrit
Devasmi Dev + Asmi I am god. Sanskrit
Devasva Divine property Sanskrit
Devatra Among or to the gods Sanskrit
Devavi Gratifying the gods Sanskrit
Devejya Teacher of the gods Sanskrit
Deveshu Divine arrow Sanskrit
Devila Devine/Virtuous/Righteous Sanskrit
Devjani Beloved / Adorable (Dev+Jani God’s Daughter) Sanskrit
Dharinan Supporter of Dharma / Observer of the right path Sanskrit
Dharmee Religious Sanskrit
Dharminee Religious Sanskrit
Dhatri Earth/Mother Sanskrit
Dhida Daughter/Intelligence Sanskrit
Dhurai Chief / Leader / (Made up of Dhurya ) Sanskrit
Dhwani Sound Sanskrit
Dhyava Heaven and earth Sanskrit
Dia Divine Sanskrit
Digvastra (Laxmi) Who Wears the Directions as Cloth Sanskrit
Digvi Digvalaya is universe(Lord Shiva: Digvaasasae) Sanskrit
Diksha (Laxmi) Who Gives You License to do Yajna Sanskrit
Dinamani Sun (Jewel of day) Sanskrit
Diva (Laxmi) Who is Day Time Sanskrit
Divyam Divine / Spiritual / Superhuman / Unique / Pure Sanskrit
Divyaugha Forms of Lord Shiva and Durga Sanskrit
Dravya Liquid Sanskrit
Drisha Sight Sanskrit
Drishtee Eye sight Sanskrit
Drona The teacher Drona Sanskrit
Dvimidha One who knows present as well as future Notsure
Dwarika Capital of Lord krishnas kingdom Sanskrit

Names Starting with Letter E

Ebbani Fog / Honey dow Notsure
Ednita Evolved ( edhanIya is to be increased)
Eesha Goddess Parvati /One who protects / Night prayer Sanskrit
Eesha (Laxmi) Who is Everywhere (Eeshavasya) Sanskrit
Eeshavasya (Laxmi) Who is Everywhere Sanskrit
Ekadhana Choice portion of wealth / water vessels Sanskrit
Ekambari Sky/ One Brave God Sanskrit
Ekatara One string instrument Hindi
Ekavali ” single string of pearls or beads or flowers
Ekavira Lord Shivas daughter Sanskrit
Elavarasi Youthful / Princess Notsure
Elili Beautiful Notsure
Enangka moon
Erum Daughter-in-law of Aditi
Esha Desire Sanskrit
Eshanika goldsmith’s scale Sanskrit
Eshanka Goddess Parvati (Wife of Shiva) (Made up Ishan + Anka) Sanskrit
Eshma Lucky Notsure
Eta Luminous (Hind/Female Deer in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Evanshi Similarity Sanskrit

Names Starting with Letter F

Falguni The day of the full Moon in Falgun / Born in Falgun Sanskrit
Faloni In charge Notsure
Fenny Cool Notsure
Firaki Fragrance Notsure
Fulki Spark Hindi

Names Starting with Letter G

Gaatha Story Hindi
Gaeshna Victory Notsure
Gagana The Sky Sanskrit
Ganakshi Desire / Want Notsure
Ganavi Singer / Melody (Made up name) Sanskrit
Gandharvi Speech/Master in Music
Gangika Sacred / Pure / Another name for Durga / River Ganga Sanskrit
Ganishkha Goddess Parvati Notsure
Garati Virtuous woman (Sanskrit:Sprinkle) Notsure
Gathina Singer (Made up from Gathin: Singer in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Gaura Fair skinned Sanskrit
Gauravi Honour / Pride Sanskrit
Gavah Stars
Gayana Singing (Made up from Gayan) Sanskrit
Geetisha Seven sound of song (Made up)
Ghanamalika Clouds Sanskrit
Gireesha Goddess Parvati Sanskrit
Giribala Goddess Parvati Sanskrit
Giva Hill Notsure
Givitha Life Notsure
Gnapika Intelligent Notsure
Grahati Goddess Lakshmi Notsure
Gulika A Pearl Sanskrit
Gunja Beauty (Made up name) Sanskrit

Names Starting with Letter H

Haarshini Cheerful / Happy Sanskrit
Haasita Happy or full of laughter / Always smiling Sanskrit
Haiya Heart Notsure
Hamsa Swan Sanskrit
Hamsha Goddess Saraswati Sanskrit
Haneesha Beautiful night Gift from God Notsure
Hanika Swan (Made up from Hans) Sanskrit
Hanima A wave Notsure
Hanisha Beautiful night Notsure
Hanishka Sweetness Notsure
Hanita One who rides Swan, Saraswati, Divine Grace (Joy in Arabic) Sanskrit
Hansa Swan Sanskrit
Hansdhwani Vocal sound of swan Sanskrit
Hanshika Swan or beautiful lady Sanskrit
Hanshita Swan Sanskrit
Hansi Innocent / Swan / Soul / Pure Sanskrit
Hansika Swan or beautiful lady Sanskrit
Hansini Swan Sanskrit
Hanvitha Happy Notsure
Harinika Goddess of Vasu Sanskrit
Harisha Cultivator / Lioness / Happiness / Rain Sanskrit
Harishri God Sanskrit
Harita Green Sanskrit
Harithi Green / Name of a Goddess (Alternate Spelling: Hariti) Sanskrit
Harleen Absorbed in God Sikh Sikh
Harleena Thinking of God at all times sikh Sikh
Harmeen Nobel / Harmony sikh Sikh
Harshi Joyous Sanskrit
Harshini Cheerful / Happy Sanskrit
Harshni Joyful Sanskrit
Harusha Happy Sanskrit
Hashika Smiling Sanskrit
Hasita Happy or full of laughter / Always smiling Sanskrit
Hasmita Popularity Sanskrit
Hastha Is associated to Lord Ayyappa Sanskrit
Hasti Great Sanskrit
Heenal Goddess of beauty and wealth NotSure
Heerva One of the four Vedas / Blessing NotSure
Heeya Heart / Singer NotSure
Hela Hope / Moonlight / sport Sanskrit
Hemabha Looking like Gold Sanskrit
Hemani Goddess Parvati Sanskrit
Hemanya Golden bodied / ( Heman:Indian rose/water/gold/winter) Sanskrit
Hemita Covered with gold / Snowed Sanskrit
Henna Mehndi / Fragrance Hindi
Hetarthi Love / Good thinking (made up name) Sanskrit
Heti Ray of Sun/Agni’s Weapon/Young Sprout/Light/ Sanskrit
Hilonee People / Race Notsure
Hima Gold / Snow Sanskrit
Hinal Goddess of beauty and wealth Notsure
Hiranmayee Golden girl / Deer-like / Golden Sanskrit
Hiranya Golden / Wealth /Made of gold Sanskrit
Hirisha Shining Sun (Shirisha: Madeup) NotSure
Hirsha Is associated to Lord Vishnu Tamil
Hirva One of the four Vedas / Blessing / Green Sanskrit
Hirwa Diamond Sanskrit
Hisha Beautiful NotSure
Hita Who wants good for every one / Lovable Sanskrit
Hitaishi Well wisher Sanskrit
Hitarthi Love / Good thinking Sanskrit
Hitee Love and care (Alternate Spelling: Hiti) (Direction in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Hitika Lord Shiva (Made up from Dhitika) Sanskrit
Hitishini Well-wisher (Hit+Ishini Madeup) NotSure
Homa Born out of sacred fire (Madeup) Sanskrit
Honnesha Rich person Notsure
Houmesha The Ray of gold NotSure
Hridaya Spiritual heart Sanskrit
Hrishika The village of birth (Made up from Hrishikesh) Sanskrit
Hrishitha Gladdened (Hri+Ishita Not very sure) NotSure
Hritika Joy / Of truth / Generous / A small flowing river or stream NotSure
Hritvika Joy of Love Sanskrit
Hrudai Heart Sanskrit
Humsiha Saraswati / Luckiest girl Sanskrit
Hymavathy Goddess Lakshmi / Possessing gold / Golden Parvati Sanskrit
Hyndhavi Goddess Durga Sanskrit

Names Starting with Letter I

Ibbani Fog / Honey dow (Ibani:Shivani madeup) NotSure
Ikshu Sugarcane / eyelashes Sanskrit
Ikshula Holy river NotSure
Iksura Fragrant grass Sanskrit
Ilavenil Spring / Youthful NotSure
Ilesha Queen of the earth (Alternate Spelling: Ilisha / Illisha) (Ela+Isha) Sanskrit
Ilvika Defending the earth Notsure
Inaki Warmth feeling Notsure
Inchar Sweet voice Notsure
Inika Little earth Notsure
Inkurali Sweet voice Notsure
Insuvai Sweet Notsure
Inu Attractive Notsure
Irika Dimunitive for the earth Notsure
Irshita Goddess Saraswati (To envy in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Ishanika Fulfilling desire / Belonging to the north east NotSure
Ishmita Friend of God (Ish+mita) Sanskrit
Ishta Sanskrit
Ishwari Goddess Sanskrit
Ishwarya Gods prosperity Sanskrit
Itishree Start Sanskrit

Names Starting with Letter J

Jaai Flower name (Marathi name) Sanskrit
Jaamini Night / Wife of Yama NotSure
Jaganmayee Mother of the world / Goddess Lakshmi / Goddess Durga NotSure
Jagatee (The earth / Of the universe / Bestowed with speed) Sanskrit
Jagavi Born of the world / Worldly Made up name Sanskrit
Jagsana Brilliant Notsure
Jagvi Born of the world / Worldly Notsure
Jaimuni Name of the sage Sanskrit
Jaina Worshipper of Jain Sanskrit
Jaini Jaina doctrine/ Follower of Jain Sanskrit
Jaitashri Name of a music Raaga NotSure
Jaminiya jaimini’s work NotSure
Janhita One who thinks of the welfare of mankind (Jan + Hita) Hindi
Janisha Dispeller of ignorance Notsure
Janita Born (Alternate Spelling: Janitha) Made up name Sanskrit
Jashvi One who gets credit NotSure
Jasmithya Smiling baby NotSure
Jasvee Hero of fame / Victorious NotSure
Jaswitha Smile NotSure
Jaymini An ancient philosopher NotSure
Jebisha Prayerful Notsure
Jeenal Lord Vishnu (Jin is Vishnu/Arhat/Victorious) Sanskrit
Jegatha Truth of the world (Made up name) Sanskrit
Jeiya Sweet heart / To live (Jia variant) NotSure
Jemisha Queen of night Notsure
Jenika Jain doctrine: Jaini Sanskrit
Jesmitha Smiley / Smiles (Made up name) Sanskrit
Jesmitha Smile NotSure
Jeta (Lord Vishnu: jetaa: Ever-successful) NotSure
Jetal Winner NotSure
Jia Heart / Sweet heart Hindi
Jigeesha Desire of victory / Superior/Eminence: Sanskrit NotSure
Jigi Goddess Laxmi (Jigisha: eminence) NotSure
Jinal Lord Vishnu NotSure
Jinkal Sweet voice Notsure
Jisha The person having the highest feelings for living Notsure
Jishna Is associated to Lord Vishnu / Ganesh ( Jishnu) Sanskrit
Jiyanshi Goddesse Notsure
Joshini Wealthy (Josh is pleasure in Sanskrit) NotSure
Joshita Pleased (Alternate Spelling: Joshitha) Made up name Sanskrit
Joshna Moonlight (Jyotsna: Made up Josna) Sanskrit
Joshnika Cupid / Follower of Lord Shiva Sanskrit
Jowaki A firefly Notsure
Joyatri Light Notsure
Juhi A flower Hindi
Jyotsnika Moonlit night Sanskrit Sanskrit
Kaarthika Karthik Sanskrit
Kaashvi Shining star / Blomming / Unique Sanskrit
Kaasni Flower / Special girl / Goddess Lakshmi (Vikasni) NotSure
Kadambi Array of clouds (Kadamb is type of tree) Sanskrit
Kadambini An array of clouds Sanskrit
Kadanmbari Female cuckoo / Goddess Saraswati Sanskrit
Kafi Raag Sanskrit
Kaira Peaceful / Unique NotSure
Kairaleya King of Keralas Sanskrit
Kaishori Goddess Parvati / Young girl in Sanskrit (10-15 yrs) Sanskrit
Kakoli Medicinal plant in sanskrit Sanskrit
Kalaa Art / Talent / Creativity Sanskrit
Kalaivani Goddess of Saraswati Notsure
Kalnisha Eve of diwali Notsure
Kamika Desired / wished Sanskrit
Kanika An atom / single seed/ smallspot/Grain Sanskrit
Kanimoli Speaks with a gentle tone Notsure
Kanisha Beautiful? ( an ear of corn in sanskrit) NotSure
Kanishkaa Gold thing Notsure
Kanjari A bird (Alternate spelling: Kanjri) NotSure
Kannaki Devoted and virtuous life Notsure
Kanshika Indian king ( kind of measure in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Kanushi Beloved Notsure
Kanvi Flute / Name of Radha(Kanva is prince in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Kapardini A Goddess (Wearing braided hair in Sanskrit) Notsure
Kaphina Elephant Sanskrit
Karona Merciful / Forgiving Sanskrit
Kartisha Flower that blossoms in December Notsure
Karuka Heavenly piece of art /artist Sanskrit
Karuli Innocent Notsure
Kashayin Buddhist Monk (Who wears the red garments) Sanskrit
Kasheya Princess of Kashis Sanskrit
Kashina Shining like (Can be related to Shining like Parents) Sanskrit
Kashish Lord of Kashis/ Sanskrit
Kashni Flower / Special girl / Goddess Lakshmi Notsure
Kashvee Shining / Bright / Glowing (Alternate Spelling: Kashvi) Notsure
Kashwini Star Sanskrit
Kaslunira Grape / Belonging to Kashmir Notsure
Kasni Flower / Special girl / Goddess Lakshmi Notsure
Kasvi Shining / Bright / Glowing Sanskrit
Katha A story told by a priest (Peace in Greek) Sanskrit
Kauli Noble Descent Sanskrit
Kaurma Vishnu ( Avatar of Tortoise) Sanskrit
Kaushala Skilled Sanskrit
Kausum Made of Flower Sanskrit
Kautirya Durga / One who resides in a hut Sanskrit
Kavina Remover of universal agonies Kavina [Lakashokavinashini] Sanskrit
Kavini Composes beautiful poems Sanskrit
Kavni A small poem Notsure
Kayal Beautiful eyes (Tamil) [Kayalvili] Tamil?
Kayalvizhi Fish eye Tamil?
Keiyona Morning star Notsure
Kelvy Education Notsure
Kenga River Notsure
Kenip Sage Sanskrit
Kensi Modest truth Notsure
Keshi A woman with beautiful hair / Indigo plant Sanskrit
Keshini A woman with beautiful hair Sanskrit
Keshori Young damsel / A young girl (Kishori) Sanskrit
Keshvee Radha / Long beautiful hair Sanskrit
Ketki Flower Marathi
Kevika Flower Notsure
Keya A monsoon flower Notsure
Keyara Beautiful river Notsure
Khaga (Lord Shiva: The Lord resides in the firmament of the heart) NotSure
Khevna Wish Notsure
Khushika Happiness (Made up name) Sanskrit
Kilimoli Pleasing voice Notsure
Kilini Earth Sanskrit
Kimatra Seduce Sanskrit
Kindevi Demi God/Respected Person Sanskrit
Kinnari Shore / Musical instrument / Goddess of wealth Sanskrit
Kiranila Love stands forever in the world Notsure
Kiranya Money Notsure
Kirishika Have love and kindness Notsure
Kirmi Golden image Sanskrit
Kirsha Type of Bird Sanskrit
Kiruthika Light Notsure
Kitu Singer (Pet name of Kokila bird) Sanskrit
Kivyaa Bird of queen Notsure
Knyashia Princess Notsure
Koel The cuckoo bird Hindi
Koesha Origin / Name of river Notsure
Kornai Gentle / Soft / Sweet / Beautiful / Beautiful Sanskrit
Koshaj Silk Sanskrit
Kosika Name of a river Sanskrit
Kottari Goddess Durga (Kottar means : pond or well) NotSure
Kousika Silk Sanskrit
Krishi Agriculture / Farming Sanskrit
Krishika Grower / Prosperity (Farmer original meaning in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Krisla Lord krishnas sister Subhadra Sanskrit
Krithya Action Sanskrit
Kritika Famous Sanskrit
Kriya Performance Sanskrit
Kshipa Night (also mean throwing action in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Kshitija Horizon Sanskrit
Kulika (Laxmi) Who Belongs to a Good Lineage / Hunter Sanskrit
Kulini Noble/of eminent descent/ high-born Sanskrit
Kunika Flower ( horn of any animal in sanskrit) Sanskrit
Kunisha Cuckoo / Nightingale Notsure
Kunjika Of the forest ( fennel-flower seed in Sanskrit) NotSure
Kunshi Shining Sanskrit
Kurinji Special / Flower which blooms once in twelve years NotSure
Kushmal Leaf Sanskrit
Kuyil Sweet voice like a cuckoo bird Hindi
Kuyilsai Sweet voice like a cuckoo bird Hindi
Kyvalya God name / Heaven Sanskrit

Names Starting with Letter L

Laakini Divine / A Goddess who gives and takes (Not Sure) Sanskrit
Laasyavi Smile of Goddess Lalita (Not sure) Sanskrit
Laavanya Grace / Beauty Sanskrit
Labha Profit Sanskrit
Laboni Grace Notsure
Labuki Musical instrument / kind of Lute Sanskrit
Ladhi Sangeet music Notsure
Laghima Goddess Parvati (kind of siddhi) Sanskrit
Laher The wave Hindi
Lajita Modest Sanskrit
Lakhi Goddess Laxmi Sanskrit
Laksetha Distinguished / marked/excellent/ being markes Sanskrit
Laksha White rose? (Laksh is Aim in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Lakshaki Goddess Sita (1Laksh In sanskrit) Sanskrit
Lakshana Signs /labelling/indication in Sanskrit Sanskrit
Laksheta Distinguished (Alternate Spelling: Lakshetha) Sanskrit
Lantava Perticular Kalpa Sanskrit
Laranya Graceful Notsure
Lasaki Sita / Dancing girl in Sanskrit Sanskrit
Lasusha Shining Notsure
Lavi Lion or Brave in Hebrew ( Sanskrit: Sharp/edged) Sanskrit
Lavina Purity / Woman of rome Sanskrit
Lavy Lion or Brave in Hebrew ( Sanskrit: Sharp/edged) Sanskrit
Laya Layaay, Shiva whom all things merge during dissolution Sanskrit
Layaa Layaay, Shiva whom all things merge during dissolution Sanskrit
Layakari Generates harmony in dance and music Notsure
Lekhya Life/World (Document/Paper in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Lekisha Life Notsure
Lekya Mathematician (File n Document in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Liguesha Lord of Heart/Mind Sanskrit
Likhila Saraswati (Not very sure) Sanskrit
Lineysha Intelligent Notsure
Lira Devotee of Goddess Kali (Kaliranjan) (Arabian n Albanian) Sanskrit
Lithika Cute and perfect Notsure
Lochana Brightning/Shining/Eye/Sight Sanskrit
Lokadi First in World/Leader of World Sanskrit
Lokjita Diamond/Winning Heaven Sanskrit
Lokmita Friend of the world Sanskrit
Lokshita Pray for world Sanskrit
Lokshitha Distinguished (Originally Lakshit) Sanskrit
Lola Goddess of Sorrows-Mary in Spanish and Tongue in Sanskrit Spanish
Lolaksi A Shakti of Ganesh? (With Rolling Eyes in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Loshana Combination of rose and Anna Sanskrit
Loshini Shine above the whole world Sanskrit
Luhita Mars Planet/Red/Deer/Copper Sanskrit

Names Starting with Letter M

Maalika Daughter / Queen / Owner / A garland Hindi
Maanhitha Together / Conversation with God / Honored Sanskrit
Maanika Of jewels / Ruby Sanskrit
Maansi Intellectual or spiritual endeavour / Saraswati Sanskrit
Maanya The quiet one / Worthy of honor Sanskrit
Madhul Sweet / honey Sanskrit
Madhunika Sweetness of Honey Sanskrit
Madhunisha Pleasant night Sanskrit
Madhurima Sweetness Sanskrit
Magadhi Flower (woman of Magadh/ Jasmin in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Magathi Great Sanskrit
Maghna River gangas (Magna: immersed in in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Mahadri great tree(Lord Vishnu-supports the great mountain) Sanskrit
Mahalika Woman / Attendant of woman hostel Sanskrit
Mahati Naradudu Veena / Great Sanskrit
Maheera Highly skilled / Expert / Quick / Talented / Powerful / Quick Hindi
Mahika The earth (Mist in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Mahuli Fort in India Sanskrit
Makshi Honeybee Sanskrit
Makshika Bee / Honey Sanskrit
Malari Flower (Enemy of Dirt and natron in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Malarvili Beautiful eyes like a flower Notsure
Malli Flower (Jasmine) Sanskrit
Malliga Jasmine (Malligandhi) Sanskrit
Mananya Deserving praises / Praiseworthy Sanskrit
Manasa Conceived in the mind / spiritual Sanskrit
Mandavi Bharat’s wife and King Janak’s daughter Sanskrit
Mandvi Wife of Bharat (Lord Rama’s brother) Sanskrit
Mangai Cultured lady Notsure
Manhita Wins hearts / Togetherness ( exceedingly abundant) Sanskrit
Manika Of jewels / Ruby Sanskrit
Manimay Full of jewel Sanskrit
Manishila A jewelled stone Sanskrit
Manisi Desired by heart (Mansi) Sanskrit
Manita Esteeming / Honored / pride Sanskrit
Manitha Together / Conversation with God / Honored Sanskrit
Maniya A glass bead (Resembling a jewel) Sanskrit
Manmayi Sri Radha (Full of me) Sanskrit
Mansa Wish / willingly Sanskrit
Mansvee Intelligent/ virtuous Sanskrit
Mantika Thoughtful / Devoted / Light? (Madeup badly) Notsure
Manushi Woman / Kind / Goddess Laxmi Sanskrit
Manveeta Most respectable (Madeup) Sanskrit
Manvi Girl with humanity / One who poses all best qualities Sanskrit
Margu Pearl in French French
Marichika Mirage / Ray Sanskrit
Mariichi Rays Sanskrit
Mariya Belonging to God of Love NotSure
Marushika Born with blessings of Lord Shiva Notsure
Maruva Marjoram/Herb like Oregano Sanskrit
Marya Suitor Sanskrit
Masma Fair Notsure
Maukshi Liberation / salvation Sanskrit
Mausluni Monsoon wind Notsure
Medhasvi Medhasvini is Strong Sanskrit
Medhinee Earth (Fertile Earth) Sanskrit
Medinee Kind of musical composition / earth(Lord Vishnu: Earth) Sanskrit
Medini Earth/ kind of musical composition(Originally Medini) Sanskrit
Meeraja Meenakshi and Natrajan (Mirja: Beloved Finnish) Sanskrit
Meethi Truthful / Date / Sweet Hindi
Meetika People who are speak less and calm / Soft spoken Notsure
Meghavi Cloud Sanskrit
Mehuli A small rain cloud Notsure
Menitha Wise Notsure
Mesha ram / arise (Also Sheep) Sanskrit
Milika Desiring union Sanskrit
Miloni Achiever Sanskrit
Minnoli Brilliant like lightning Notsure
Miraya Lord Krishna’s devotee (Mira) Sanskrit
Miridhini Soft earth (Made up) Sanskrit
Mishi Sugarcane (anish / valerian ) Sanskrit
Mishita Goddess Laxmi / Sweet person NotSure
Mithusha Brilliant girl Notsure
Mitshu Light Notsure
Mitushi One of limited desires Notsure
Moda Happy Sanskrit
Moulika The original / Love Hindi
Moumita Sweet friend Bengali
Mouna Silent Hindi
Mridhula Softness Sanskrit
Mridini Goddess Parvati NotSure
Mridvika Gentleness / (A wine/made of grapes : Mardvik) Sanskrit
Mrigakshi One with deer like beautiful eyes Sanskrit
Mrinmayee Deers eye / Of the earth Sanskrit
Mrinmayi Earthly Sanskrit
Mrittika Mother earth / kind of fragrant earth Sanskrit
Mrudani Parvati NotSure
Mruttika Mother of lands NotSure
Mudrika Seal/Stamp Sanskrit

Names Starting with Letter N

Naadha Sound (Naad) Sanskrit
Naavya Worth praising / navigable river Sanskrit
Nabhanya Celestial ?? (Springing forth in Sanskrit) NotSure
Nabhya Central / cloudy /foggy Sanskrit
Naidhrua Parvati / Almost perfect NotSure
Naija Daughter of wisdom ( one’s own in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Nainisha Sky (Made up) Jain
Naitee Little gift / End less in Greek (Moral in Sanskrit Naitik) Sanskrit
Nakti Night Sanskrit
Nalika Lotus in Sanskrit Nalik (also Tube in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Nami One of vishnus name (Navel in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Namisha Giving pleasure / Lord Vishnus Name Sanskrit
Namita Humble / Jackal or hyena Sanskrit
Nanduni Musical instrument Notsure
Naraa (Lord Shiva:The Lord is infinite) Sanskrit
Navanya Beautiful (New in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Navdha New (9 times) Sanskrit
Navistha Youngest Sanskrit
Navya New Sanskrit
Nayaja Born of wisdom (Naija is Own/one’s own) Sanskrit
Neeha Admired for look / Love / Bright / Rain / Naughty NotSure
Neeharika Dew drops / Bunches of star (Admired for looks Hindi) Hindi
Neelakshi Blue eyed Sanskrit
Neeshika Honest / Night Sanskrit
Neetal No ending / The forehead Sanskrit
Neevetha Soft / Doing things whole heartedly Notsure
Neimisha Momentary /Twinkling of eye / transient Sanskrit
Neisha Special / Lovely flower (Neish: Nightly) Sanskrit
Neishika happening at nigh / Nightly Sanskrit
Nemali Peacock Notsure
Nemishta Sweet / Satisfies Notsure
Nerya Light Notsure
Nesham Happiness (Nesh is related to night) NotSure
Neshwari Goddess Gayatri Sanskrit
Neya To be spent or passed(Lord Vishnu: The guide) Sanskrit
Nibha Resembling / Similar (Too simple meaning) NotSure
Nichika Perfect / Excellent / Entire NotSure
Nidha net or snare / esteem highly / lay to heart in Sanskrit Sanskrit
Nidharsana Seeing the holy God Sanskrit
Nidhipa Guirdian of Treasure / Wealth Sanskrit
Nihareeka Dew drops / Bunches of star (Nihar:Mist/snow/heavy dew) Sanskrit
Nihira Newly found treasure Notsure
Nihitha Ever living (Given/laid in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Niju Pansophist (of one’s own party or country In Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Nikandarya Goddess Saraswati hindu
Niketa House / Place to Stay / mark Sanskrit
Nikhila Complete (Nikhil) Sanskrit
Nikisha Small / Intelligent And cautious Notsure
Nilakshi Blue eyed Sanskrit
Nilini Indigo plant / species of morning glory with blue blossoms Sanskrit
Niloda Containing Blue Water Sanskrit
Nilutha Providing water (Niloda: Containing Blue Water) Sanskrit
Nimita Fixed Sanskrit
Nimrit Already decided by God Sanskrit
Niraimadhi Full Moon Notsure
Nirakula Goddess Durga (Steady/Calm in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Niriksha Unseen / Expectation Sanskrit
Nirosha Goddess Lakshmi Notsure
Nirvi Bliss Notsure
Nirzara Not becoming old / Young /Immortal/God Sanskrit
Nischita Confidence / Certainty Sanskrit
Nishchala Unmoved / Steady mindv/ earth Sanskrit
Nisheeta night Sanskrit
Nishi Night Sanskrit
Nishidha Goddess Lakshmi (Granting/Gift in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Nishta Sharp / Very dedicated / Eminent Sanskrit
Niteesha Goddess of justice / Ardhanareeshwar Sanskrit
Nithini Principle Sanskrit
Nivanshi Cute little baby / Sweet Notsure
Nivashni Diamonds Notsure
Niveda Creative (Nived is to request in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Niverta Bliss Notsure
Nivi New (Capital in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Nivriti Bliss (Kingdom in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Niyamaa Rule(Lord Vishnu: niyamo: The appointing authority) Sanskrit
Niyas Beginning Notsure
Niyata Lord Shiva:One who never fails in his duties Sanskrit
Niyatha Discipline/ self governed/steady Sanskrit
Noboya Goddess Durga Notsure
Noshitha Great Notsure
Novika New Notsure
Nriti Apsara / Dance Sanskrit
Nritya Pure dance Sanskrit
Nukriti Photograph Sanskrit

Names Starting with Letter O

Oishi Divine / Rose Notsure
Oja Vitality (Odd: Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Ojal Vision / Splendour Sanskrit
Ojaswita Bright / Brightness / A person symbolic of brightness Sanskrit
Omala Earth Notsure
Onalika Image Notsure
Oshmi Personality Notsure
Oyshee Divine / Rose (Bhooshit in Sanskrit) NotSure

Names Starting with Letter P

Pal King / Guardian / Moment Sanskrit
Palka A remote place Notsure
Palomi Dove Notsure
Palvi Bird / Hot ( kind of vessel in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Pamba Name of a river Notsure
Panah Pana: Praise(Lord Vishnu: The supreme universal manager) Sanskrit
Panchhi Bird Hindi
Panita Admired ( dealer in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Pankhi Bird Hindi
Pankuni Month Notsure
Panya excellent/Praiseworthy Sanskrit
Paravi Bird Notsure
Paridhi horizon/circumference/range/protection Sanskrit
Parija Place of origin / Source Sanskrit
Parina Fairy ( deception In Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Parisa Paris / Fairy or like a fairy Hindi
Parisi Like a fairy / Beautiful (Tulip Tree) Sanskrit
Parivita Extremely free / covered / encompassed by in Sanskrit Sanskrit
Parmila Wisdom Arabic
Parnal Leafy Sanskrit
Parnashri Leafy beauty Sanskrit
Parnika vegetable type / A small leaf / Parvati Sanskrit
Parokshi Mysterious / Invisible / Out of sight / Out of sight Sanskrit
Paromita Name of a flower ( transcendent in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Parthi Queen (Parth is Prince) Sanskrit
Parthivi Goddess Sita / Earth Born Sanskrit
Parvi Festival Sanskrit
Pauloini daughter of puloman Sanskrit
Paulomi Goddess Saraswati / Indras second wife Sanskrit
Paveena Holy / Sacred / Freshness / Purity Sanskrit
Pavni Honey / Lord Hanuman / True / Holy NotSure
Payaswini As pure and white as the cows milk Sanskrit
Payoshnika The Ganga river Notsure
Peehuna Very sweet Notsure
Peya Everyones favorite ( rice gruel in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Phalya Flower / Bud Sanskrit
Pia Beloved Hindi
Pialli A tree Notsure
Pihoo She is great / Sweet sound / Pea-hen Hindi
Pinal God of child Notsure
Pingla Goddess Lakshmi Durga (Goddess who is reddish brown) Sanskrit
Pival A tree Notsure
Piyasha Love / Thirsty Hindi
Poulomi Goddess Saraswati / Indras second wife Sanskrit
Pournami Day of the full Moon Sanskrit
Pournima Full Moon day Sanskrit
Poushali Of the month poush Sanskrit
Praatika Image / Symbolic (China Rose in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Pracheeta Origin / Starting point ( accumulated in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Prahasini shining bright/laughing Sanskrit
Prajisha Morning Notsure
Prajita Conquering /Defeating Sanskrit
Pramik Best / Fulfilling desires Notsure
Pranal God? / watercourse Sanskrit
Pranamya Offering obeisances (Very polite) Sanskrit
Pranani Most beautiful??? (Breathing / animating in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Pranaya Leader / Romance/love/solicitation/prayer Sanskrit
Prani Leader/Guide Sanskrit
Pranisha Love to life Sanskrit
Pranvuta Praised Notsure
Prasheila Ancient time Notsure
Prashi Accomplishment / Fame (Prasha:ardent desire or longing for) Sanskrit
Prashvita Parvati / Lord Shivas wife Notsure
Prathusha Saisudha / Early morning / Dawn (Delight in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Pratika Image / Beautiful / Symbol / Symbolic Sanskrit
Prattusha Beautiful / soft Sanskrit
Pratusha Saisudha / Early morning / Dawn Sanskrit
Pratushya Morning Sanskrit
Pratyaksha One who is real Sanskrit
Pratyangira (Laxmi) Form of the Fearsome Atharvana Bhadrakali Sanskrit
Pratyusha Bright morning Sanskrit
Preetal Loved one Sanskrit
Preetha Happy / Dear one / Kunti mother of Pandavas Sanskrit
Preethika Flower / Loveable Sanskrit
Prekshya Sight/ View/ reflection Sanskrit
Preshti Ray of light Notsure
Prestha Dearest (Mistress / wife in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Preya Beloved Hindi
Prinaka Girl who brings heaven to earth (Young Female in sanskrit) Sanskrit
Prishi To be Loved & to be Praised (Prishit : Rain in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Prithika Flower / Loveable Sanskrit
Pritu Bird NotSure
Priyal Beloved Sanskrit
Priyana Ideal [Om ParvatiPriyanandanaya namaha] NotSure
Priyanga Love Sanskrit
Priyanshi Lovable / Dear / Loving Sanskrit
Priyanvada One who speaks nicely / agreeable Sanskrit
Prushva ice/drop of water Sanskrit
Punai Achiever / Eastern / A musical raaga Sanskrit
Punarvika Star (Redistributer in Hindi/Sanskrit) NotSure
Puneeta pure Sanskrit
Putul Doll Sanskrit

Names Starting with Letter R

Rabani Divine NotSure
Ragi Loving / Very much attached (Finger Millet in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Rajasi Worthy of a king Sanskrit
Rajm Goddess Lakshmi (Rajalakshmi) Sanskrit
Rajrita Prince of living (Raj+Rita) Sanskrit
Rakavi Queen of music and songs (Raj + Kavi) Sanskrit
Rakishi Wide load Notsure
Rakshana The act of protecting / Watching over Sanskrit
Rakshika Protector / charm Sanskrit
Rakshina Cute (Raksh Related) NotSure
Rakshini Goddess Durga Sanskrit
Ramana Enchanting / charming woman Sanskrit
Ramila God of love Sanskrit
Ramini Beautiful girl / Beautiful woman / Pretty Sanskrit
Ramita Pleasing / Loved Sanskrit
Ramola Who takes interest in everything (Ramila: god of love) bengali
Ranamita A friend in need / War friend Sanskrit
Rantika End of war Sanskrit
Rasagnya Prefect Notsure
Rashila Very sweet NotSure
Rasya With essence / Sentimental / Full of feelings / Juicy Sanskrit
Ravali Sound came from Murali Notsure
Ravija Daughter of Sun Sanskrit
Ravina Sunny / Bright Sanskrit
Ravya Worshipped Notsure
Ravyanki Sunshine / Held in the lap of the Sun God Notsure
Rea Gem / Goddess Lakshmi / Graceful / Singer (Rrua in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Redha Elf counsel Notsure
Reeja Goddess Lakshmi / Good news / Desire / Hope Notsure
Reethana One who is endowed with immense capabilities Saraswati Sanskrit
Reetika Brass / Bell Metal Sanskrit
Reeya Rich or from hadria / Gem / Goddess Lakshmi Sanskrit
Reneeka Song Notsure
Resha Feather / Line / Saintly Notsure
Ria Rich or from hadria / Gem / Goddess Lakshmi Sanskrit
Riana Dissolved Sanskrit
Ridhamika Rhythm of life Sanskrit
Ridhushni Season Sanskrit
Rikisha Rose Notsure
Ripanshi Gods child Sanskrit
Riparna Leaf of sacred bael Sanskrit
Rishima Moonbeam (Rishim :Sage) Sanskrit
Rishma Saintly Sanskrit
Rishmitha Saintly Sanskrit
Rithanya Endowed with immense capabilities / Goddess Saraswati Sanskrit
Ritheka A small river / Stream Notsure
Rithisha Goddess of truth Sanskrit
Ritil Creeper of Love Notsure
Ritisha The Goddess of truth Notsure
Ritshika Traditional (Ritashah is managing the sacred law) Sanskrit
Riya Gem / Goddess Lakshmi / Graceful / Singer Sanskrit
Riyanka Beautiful / Lovable / Symbol Notsure
Riyanshi Cheerful Notsure
Romini Beautiful girl / Beautiful woman / Pretty Sanskrit
Rooma Goddess Lakshmi Notsure
Rooyi Cotton Hindi
Roshika Never forgotten by people Sanskrit
Roshine Rose (Roshin:Wrathful/angry:Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Roshita Illuminated (Alternate Spelling: Roshitha) Sanskrit
Royina Ascending / Growing (Made up ) Sanskrit
Ruhi A music tune / A flower Hindi
Ruhika Desire Notsure
Rulil Ascending / Essence / Soul / Spiritual / Beloved Notsure
Runjhun A pleasing musical sound Hindi Hindi
Ruparna Beautiful Hindi Hindi
Rupneet Person with a beautiful nature Hindi Hindi
Rushama Calm Notsure
Ruzal Delicate Notsure
Ryka Born out of a hymn / Prayer (Non Indian Origin) Notsure

Names Starting with Letter S

Saheli Friend Hindi
Sahika Summit / Peak Notsure
Saini All time gorgeous Notsure
Salonia Peace Beautiful Hindi Notsure
Samadrita very respectful NotSure
Samagna Name of a river Notsure
Samali Bouquet Sanskrit
Samanvi One who has all the best qualities (One who follows: Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Sameja To Rise Sanskrit
Samidha An offering for a sacred fire Sanskrit
Samiya Elevated / Lofty / Incomparabl? (Like/similar in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Sampavi Goddess of war Notsure
Samshini Destroyer of enemies / Goddess Durga hindu
Sanaita She is reborn for us (Sa+Naita can be related in Sanskrit) Notsure
Sanatani Goddess Durga ( harmony/music in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Sanchala Sanskrit synonym for water Notsure
Sanchali Movement (seed of Rosary Pea Sanskrit) NotSure
Sandhaya Collection/shelf/placed together Sanskrit
Sandhiya Evening / Twilight / Dusk Sanskrit
Sanjali Hand clasped in prayer Sanskrit
Sanjoli Period of twilight Notsure
Sanjula Beautiful Sanskrit
Sanmaya Equal / Removal of obstacles / Etc Notsure
Sanmita Goddess Parvati / Prasanna Lakshmi Sanskrit
Sanskruti Culture (Alternate Spelling: Sanskruti) Sanskrit
Santayani Of the evening Notsure
Sanvali Dusky Hindi
Sanvee Goddess Lakshmi Sanskrit
Sanvika Goddess Lakshmi Sanskrit
Sanvitha Laxmi / Saraswati Sanskrit
Sanwari Dusky Hindi
Saparya Worship Sanskrit
Sarakshi Good sight Sanskrit
Sarasu Swan Notsure
Sarasvi Water / Saraswathi Goddess Sanskrit
Sargini Composed of parts Notsure
Sariga Really smart Notsure
Sarisha Charming Notsure
Sarit River (sarita) Sanskrit
Sarnia Breeze / Air / Companion / Friend of the night / Companion Notsure
Sarnichi Praise / Doe Notsure
Sarniha Desire Notsure
Sarunati Nobleminded Notsure
Sarvani Durga / Universal / Complete (Madeup) Sanskrit
Sarvika Universal (Madeup) NotSure
Sasthi Goddess Durga verify
Sasvika Success Notsure
Satej Possessing of brilliance and/or intelligence / Soft Sanskrit
Sathmika Good heart / Goddess of rain Notsure
Sathvi Existence / Real Sanskrit
Sauhrida Friendship NotSure
Saujanya Kind Sanskrit
Saumya Mild / Goddess Durga (Alternate Spelling: Saumyaa) Sanskrit
Savarna Daughter of the ocean? (Relating to same cast in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Savidharani Sun God Notsure
Savni Pertaining to the month of Saavan / Nectar giving Sanskrit
Sayantika Arising / The raised one Notsure
Sayantini Evening Sanskrit
Sayoni name or indra / Female (Sa-Yoni) Sanskrit
Seaya Shadow Hindi
Sejal River water / Pure flowing water Sanskrit
Selvi Sign of wealth Tamil
Seshaveni Lord Krishna dancing on the snake (Sesvana:Sounding loud) Sanskrit
Sevati Indian White rose Sanskrit
Sevita Cherished (Alternate Spelling: Sevita) / Followed : Sanskrit Sanskrit
Seya Shadow (Obtaining in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Shaakha Branch Sanskrit
Shaambhavi Consort of Shambhu / Goddess Parvati / Durva Sanskrit
Shaarav Pure and innocent (Plate in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Shaaravi Innocence / Purity Notsure
Shaarini The earth Hindi/Verify
Shabalini A mossy verify
Shachi Strong/Distinguished Sanskrit
Shachika Kind / Elegant / Talented (Madeup) NotSure
Shafu Beautiful / Intelligent Notsure
Shailee Style (Alternate Spelling: Shaili) Sanskrit
Shakini Goddess Parvati Sanskrit
Shalika Flute/shop/house Sanskrit
Shalmali Silk cotton tree Sanskrit
Shalvee Beautiful / Intelligent Sanskrit
Shamal Garland of Rudraksh Sanskrit
Shamani Calming / Night ( southern quarter in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Shambhavi Goddess Parvati Sanskrit
Shameeta Peacemaker / Who is calm and disciplined Sanskrit
Shamika Loving and kind / very beautiful Sanskrit
Shampa Lightning Sanskrit
Shanbhavi Goddess Durga hindu
Shaniya To be whetted / Sharpened Sanskrit
Shankana Wonderous Notsure
Shankari Goddess Parvati Sanskrit
Shanvika A Goddess Sanskrit
Shanvitha Goddess Lakshmi Sanskrit
Sharani The earth / Protector / Guardian Notsure
Sharanya Surrender Sanskrit
Shari Chessman Sanskrit
Sharini The earth / Protector / Guardian Notsure
Sharmada Making prosperous Sanskrit
Sharunitha Attractive Notsure
Sharvi Divine Notsure
Sharwari Night Sanskrit
Shasha Rabbit(Lord Vishnu: The moon who has a rabbit-like spot) Sanskrit
Shashini The Moon Sanskrit
Shasthika Goddess Durga Sanskrit
Shayla Goddess Parvati Sanskrit
Shaylee Skill (Shaili) Sanskrit
Sheershika Title / Headline / Important Sanskrit
Shejali A fruit Notsure
Shelly A way to do work Sanskrit
Shelza Shivas wife (Made up from Shailesh: Shailasa: Shelza) Sanskrit
Shema Spice or sweet smelling [Bhasmata: Goddess Durga] Sanskrit
Shenoa Dove of peace Notsure
Sheoli A river Notsure
Sherwani Goddess Durga Sanskrit
Shichi Glow Notsure
Shilna Perfectly created Notsure
Shinjani “Sound of ankle bell / jingling
Shinjini Ankle bells / sine of an arc Sanskrit
Shivalika Belonging of Lord Shiv / Goddess Parvati Sanskrit
Shivanjali Goddess Parvati (Wife of Lord Shiva) (Palm of Lord Shiva) Sanskrit
Shivatmika Goddess Lakshmi Sanskrit
Shivika Palanquin / Palki Sanskrit
Shivli Flower Notsure
Shomila Creation of God Shiva (Madeup) Notsure
Shomili Beautiful and elegant Notsure
Shorashi Young woman Notsure
Shrankhla Born in the month of Shravan? / Series Sanskrit
Shravanthi Name in buddhist literature(river/kind of herb in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Shravantika Flowing Sanskrit
Shravasti An ancient Indian city Notsure
Shrayathi To reach / direct towards in Sanskrit Sanskrit
Shreemayi Fortunate Sanskrit
Siya Goddess Sita Sanskrit
Siyona Graceful (Sayoni: proximity to a wife/ name or indra Notsure
Skanda God of war / Lord Murugan / Lord Kartikeya tamil
Smahi Progress Notsure
Smarathi To remember / Recollect( Verb in Sanskrit for to remember) Sanskrit
Smeeral Lovable person / To remember / Precious Notsure
Smiritha Remembered (Made up from Smarita) Sanskrit
Smiti Happiness/Smile/lauhter Sanskrit
Smrita Remembered / Provided with nectar Sanskrit
Snehi Friendly Sanskrit
Snigdha Loved / Lovely / Friendly / charming /gentle Sanskrit
Snithi Master of justice / Obtainment (Snit : To Love) NotSure
Sohini Beautiful & pleasant Notsure
Somila Tranquil / Calm / Soft natured (Saumila Madeup) Sanskrit
Soneera Beauty / Clean water (Made up Sa + Nir->Saunira) Sanskrit
Soodnya Wise / One who has achieved her goal Sanskrit
Soonari The God of Love Notsure
Soumya Calm / Meek / Soft Sanskrit
Srijita The one who wins over beauty (Made up : Sri+Jita) Sanskrit
Sriya Goddess Laxmi / Beautiful / Prosperity Shriya Sanskrit
Stuti Praise /Worshiper Sanskrit
Subi Special person of all beings / Humble in Egyptian NotSure
Subodhini A learned lady Sanskrit
Subrata Devoted to what is right (Shubrata: Whiteness) Notsure
Suchhaya Shining Sanskrit
Suchi Index/Menu/Pointes Sanskrit
Suchira Tasteful? (Ribbon/very long in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Suchita Good picture / Beautiful/auspecious (honesty/Pure/Virtue) Sanskrit
Sudeeksha Goddess Laxmi / Good start /Dedication Sanskrit
Sudhanya Wise / One who has achieved her goal Sanskrit
Sugouri Goddess Parvati Sanskrit
Suhanya Holy girl Notsure
Suhayla Fluent / Flowing style / Smooth / Soft ground Notsure
Suhayma Small arrow Notsure
Suhela Easley accessible ( full of play or sport : Sahela) Sanskrit
Suhina Beautiful Notsure
Sukushi Noble Notsure
Sulka Goddess Saraswati Notsure
Supranya Beauty (Made up Su+Pranya) NotSure
Suravi The Sun Sanskrit
Suruchi Delighting / Good taste Sanskrit
Survi The Sun Sanskrit
Suvrata Fragrant plant/Lord Vishnu: ever-performing the pure vow NotSure
Suvyuha Purity / Halo Notsure
Svara Goddess of sound / Morning /Self shining Sanskrit
Sweccha Freedom Sanskrit

Names Starting with Letter T

Taanaya Daughter / Born of the body Sanskrit
Taiunaya Absorbed in / Identical Notsure
Takshika Bliss (Takshak: carpenter/Bramha) Sanskrit
Tamsa Name of a river (Tamasa : NGN in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Tanashvi A blessing for richness or wealthiness Notsure
Tanaymee Very calm / In Deep concentration Sanskrit
Taneesha Fairy queen / Ambition (Tan+Isha) Sanskrit
Tanika Rope Sanskrit
Tanirika A flower Notsure
Tanishi Goddess Durga Notsure
Tanishka Goddess of gold / Daughter Notsure
Tanisi Goddess Durga Notsure
Tanmayee Ecstasy in Sanskrit and Telugu Sanskrit
Tanurikia A flower Notsure
Tanurucha Brilliant Person Sanskrit
Tanushka Madhur / Sweet(Tanush Anundant in Trees: Forest) Sanskrit
Tanusiya A great devotee Notsure
Tanusya A great devotee Notsure
Tanvi Attractive / Slender/delicate Sanskrit
Tapasi A female ascetic Sanskrit
Tapi Name of a river Sanskrit
Tapti Lord Sun’s daughter / A river (Heat in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Tarai Star Notsure
Tarana A musical composition Hindi
Tarangini A river (gazebo in sanskrit) Sanskrit
Tarani Boat Sanskrit
Taranija River Yamuna / Surya putri Yamuna Notsure
Tarasa Speedily Sanskrit
Tarava You are the wish granting tree of life(Lord Shiva: Name Sanskrit
Tarjani The first finger / forefinger Sanskrit
Tarjni Third finger Sanskrit
Tarnija River Yamuna / Surya putri Yamuna Notsure
Tarshita Thirsty / Desirous Sanskrit
Tarunima Youth Sanskrit
Tarushree Goddess Notsure
Tashu Horse Notsure
Taveshi The name of Goddess Durga / Courage (Tavas: Strong) Notsure
Tavleen Engrossed in God Sikh Sikh
Tesha Happiness / Survivor (Taishi: Full moon day of Taisa month) Sanskrit
Thanika Apsara (Cord in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Tilotthama Name of a Apsara fairy / form of Daksayani Sanskrit
Timila A musical Notsure
Timsy Star Notsure
Tischa Joy and pride Notsure
Tishya Auspicious / A star Paush / fortunate Sanskrit
Tiyasa Thirsty / Silver (Alternate Spelling: Tiyasha) Notsure
Toral A folk heroine Jain
Torana Lord Shiva:Toranaay form of the gateway to higher planes Sanskrit
Toshal Association Notsure
Toshika Alert child / Clever child (Pleasing in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Traimbika Goddess Durga Sanskrit
Trariti Durga / Agile / Efficient / Swift Sanskrit
Trayathi Divine protection /Cherish/Defend (Comes from Trayate) Sanskrit
Trijoya Triwin (3 Yojana in Sanskrit) Not sure of the meaning) NotSure
Trinayani Goddess Durga Sanskrit
Triparna Leaf of sacred bael (wild hemp in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Trisha Desire as daughter of Love Sanskrit
Trishala Trident (Mother of Lord Mahavir) Sanskrit
Trishna Thirst Sanskrit
Trishona Desire Sanskrit
Trislum Thirst Notsure
Trivani Goddess Durga Sanskrit
Triya Walking in three paths / Young woman Notsure
Tryaksha (Lord Shiva: The Lord has three eyes (Sun, moon and fire) Sanskrit
Tuhi cuckoo’s cry // Bird sound Sanskrit
Tuli Fine paint brush / Indigo plant / Cotton Sanskrit
Twisha Light and Splendour (Alternate Spelling:Tvisha) Sanskrit

Names Starting with Letter U

Ubika Growth Notsure
Uditi Rising Sanskrit
Udvahni Rope Sanskrit
Udvita River of lotuses NotSure
Umangi Khushi / Happy Hindi
Umika Goddess Parvati Sanskrit
Upkosha Treasure Notsure
Urshita Firm (Urjita: Strong/Powerful/Great) Sanskrit
Urvija Goddess Lakshmi (Urvisha: Goddess of Earth) Sanskrit
Ushika Goddess Parvati / Silk Sanskrit
Uthami Honest Notsure
Utpalini Lotus plant Sanskrit

Names Starting with Letter V

Vaani Speech Sanskrit
Vachana Talk Sanskrit
Vachi Nectar like speech / Declaration Sanskrit
Vachya Goddess Sita (To speak in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Vadhi Lord of gods (Wise in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Vahni Fire Sanskrit
Vahni Vahni is Fire(Lord Vishnu: Fire) Sanskrit
Vaidehi Goddess Sita (Wife of Lord Rama) Sanskrit
Vaiga Goddess Parvati (River in Tamilnadu) Sanskrit
Vaishnavi Goddess Parvati Sanskrit
Vajina Winged Sanskrit
Vakti Speech / recite Sanskrit
Valayi Mischievous girl (Valayit: Surrounded/Encircled) Sanskrit
Vallika Diamond / Creeper Notsure
Valsala Precious Notsure
Vama Beautiful / Woman / Lovely/ Dear Sanskrit
Vamanie Power of Sky / Land and water Notsure
Vamika Goddess Durga (Vamuka: Cloud) Sanskrit
Vamil Beautiful (Vyamil : Twinkle) Sanskrit
Vamshitha Flute? (Vansh: Vanshita) Sanskrit
Vancha Wish / Desire Sanskrit
Vanchita Desired / Precious Sanskrit
Vaneesha Queen of the universe (Vani + Isha, Goddess of Fire) Sanskrit
Vanhishikha Flame (son of a zUdra and a veNi) Sanskrit
Vani (Laxmi) Who Plays Veena / Goddess Saraswati Sanskrit
Vanisha Queen of the universe Sanskrit
Vanishri Goddess Saraswati Sanskrit
Vanmayi Goddess Saraswati Sanskrit
Vanshika Flute Sanskrit
Vanshita Enchanting (Can be related to Vanshika)pertaining to a family Notsure
Varana A river (Varna: Beauty) Notsure
Varga Class / Group / An Apsara or celestial nymph Sanskrit
Varnika Purity of gold?? / dress of an actor Sanskrit
Varshika A Goddess name (Rainy in Sanskrit: Varshik) Sanskrit
Varshini Goddess of rain/Rainy in Sanskrit Sanskrit
Vartika Lamp ( colour/gas/Paint Brush/ wick of a lamp in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Varunavi Goddess Laxmi ( Varnavati : turmeric) Notsure
Vasa Shining / brain / fat Sanskrit
Vasha Female/ species of plant Sanskrit
Vashista Name of a sage Sanskrit
Vasnika Mercenary NotSure
Vasthavi True (Madeup) NotSure
Vasvi The divine night (Wife of Indra) Sanskrit
Vaya Child / Branch / Energy / Power / (Vaya in sanskrit is Go only) Sanskrit
Vedika balcony / pavilion Sanskrit
Velini Love ( vellanI : Durva Grass) NotSure
Venba Poem Sanskrit
Venika Holy river?? ( braid of hair in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Venisha Dedicated Notsure
Vertika Lamp (Veartika kind of bird in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Vihayasa Sky Sanskrit
Vilashini Playful or one who gives pleasure Sanskrit
Vinata Vinataay, Lord Shiva Name, The Lord is humble, modest Sanskrit
Vindhya Knowledge star gooseberry in Sanskrit Sanskrit
Vini Goddess Rukmani (accomplish in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Vinisha Knowledge Notsure
Vinmayi Goddess of Saraswati (Originally Vangmayee) Sanskrit
Vipasa A river / River Vyas (Vipasha: Not tied) NotSure
Viranshu Strong (Vir+Ansh) Sanskrit
Virini Celestial Apsara ( mother of sons in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Visheta Self control having complete control on all the senses Notsure
Vishma Goddess Parvati (Vismaya: Wonder) NotSure
Vismita Wonderment / Amazement / Wondering Sanskrit
Viva Full of life? (blow in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Viyona Sky (Vyom: Sky. Madeup name) Sanskrit
Vrisha Lord Krishna / Cow Sanskrit
Vrishaahee Strong /virtue/Lord Vishnu: Controller of all actions Sanskrit
Vritee Nature / Behavior (vrutti) Sanskrit
Vriteka Success in life / Thought Notsure
Vritika Success in life / Thought Notsure
Vyansi Part of a divine power Notsure
Vyga Contending war Notsure
Wamika Goddess Durga Notsure
Wamil Beautiful (Vyamil: Twinkle Sanskrit

Names Starting with Letter Y and Z

Yaamini Night or nocturnal Sanskrit
Yadavi Goddess Durga (Descendent of Yadu) Sanskrit
Yadhana Smile Notsure
Yadita Lord of night (ShriYadita) Madeup badly Sanskrit
Yagavi Bright Notsure
Yagnitha Worship (Yagn madeup) Sanskrit
Yakshini Lord Kuber’s wife Sanskrit
Yakshita Wonder girl Sanskrit
Yalinee Goddess Saraswati / Melodious Notsure
Yalisai Melodious Notsure
Yamini Night or nocturnal Sanskrit
Yanti Goddess Parvati (Vaijayanti) Madeup badly Sanskrit
Yara The bright light (Bhagyaraj) Sanskrit
Yasha Fame / Success Sanskrit
Yashi Famous / Successful Sanskrit
Yashika Success Sanskrit
Yashila Famous Madeup Sanskrit
Yashita Fame Madeup Sanskrit
Yashmita Famous or glorious (Alternate Spelling: Yashmitha) Sanskrit
Yashri Victorious or Goddess of victory / Goddess Lakshmi Sanskrit
Yashritha Blossom (Alternate Spelling: Yashrita) Notsure
Yashti Stick Sanskrit
Yashvi Fame (Yashasvi) Sanskrit
Yasi Famous / Successful Sanskrit
Yasmita Famous or glorious Sanskrit
Yathika Goddess Durga ( Traveller in Sanskrit) Sanskrit
Yavanika Curtain or Descendent of Yavana Sanskrit
Yesha Fame Sanskrit
Yeshna Happiness Notsure
Yochana Thought Notsure
Yogini Fairy/ Shakti / Goddess Sanskrit
Yogisha Goddess of Yoga / King among Yogi Sanskrit
Yojya United Sanskrit
Yotshna Light of Moon (Jyotsna) Sanskrit
Yubhashana Goddess Maha Lakshmi Sanskrit
Yuvakshi Beautiful eyes (Yuv + Akshi) Sanskrit
Zaral Easy (Saral) Sanskrit
Zeel Small Waterfall Hindi

We have selected only names which are easy to pronounce and trendy along with being uniquely meaningful.
We hope our comprehensive list of uncommon Indian Baby Girls Names will help you pick a beautiful name for your little angel.
Don’t forget to check out the other lists on the blog.
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  1. Avatar

    I have listed a few names for my baby girl. Can you help in selecting the best one? Here are the names
    I am a bit confused and want a guide.

    • Sapana

      Hi Chaitali,
      I did reply you earlier, on other posts

      Tvisha is common these days
      Shravya is uncommon but a little difficult to pronounce.

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    • Sapana

      Hi Sujatha,
      Arvi: Though its related to Arav i.e. Peace. Originally in Sanskrit Arvi word is used for Arabs
      Ayushi: Very common
      Aranya: Uncommon
      Adisha: Not common but Adi-names are common
      Avisha: Uncommon

  3. Avatar

    Hi, first of all thanks for the nice baby names lists. I am looking for some indian baby girl names starting with Anu- But not usual anupama, anuradha, anurima, anurupa kind. If you have any suggestions I am ready to pay the service charges. I have seen the terms n all on you consultation page. let me know asap please.

  4. Avatar

    my first daughters name in yuva, i am looking for baby girls names which will sound rhyming with yuva and such short, simple yet very memorable name. thanks in advance

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    • Sapana

      In Sanskrit Aishika means: Relating to Lord Shiva (and also made from crane, but for a name, we consider only Lord Shiva relation)
      There is no word as Eshika in Sanskrit. But It must be either Aishika simplified or related to Esh i.e. God. So in that relation Eshika means Godly.

    • Sapana

      Hi Pranjali,
      Anaushka/Anushka is a Russian name. There is no meaning of this name in Sanskrit/Hindi.
      It sounds like Hindi name hence popular in India.

  7. Avatar

    Is Aboli a suitable baby name for an indian girl? it suits my daughter numerologically but i m not sure if it is an impressive name. i liked it but a bit confused. can u pls help with ur comments?

    • Sapana

      Aboli is a Marathi name. Its a name of a beautiful flower: Crossandra infundibuliformis. Its flowers are delicate n of salmon orange color.
      Its a nice baby name.

    • Sapana

      Koshika basically means a cell or drinking vessel in Sanskrit. But its a name of a river in India.
      If you relate it to river name, its good, otherwise the basic meaning is not very powerful.
      Please note its different than Kaushika.
      Also there are very few names from Ko ( Mostly are modified from Kau-names)

  8. Avatar

    I want a combination of name . My name is ruby and my husband name is prabhat than pls tell me the combination baby name of both name.

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  12. Avatar

    Hi, thanks for compiling such beautiful list of baby girl names. I liked the name ‘Navanya’ very much, but will prefer if baby’s name start with ‘S’. Please suggest a similar sounding name.

    • Sapana

      Hi Devidas,
      The original word in Sanskrit:
      कणीका / Kaneeka: A grain or Seed
      कणिका / Kanika: A little, Drop, Atom
      Name Kanika can be related to both meaningful origins.

    • Sapana

      धृति is the original word
      We usually write it as Dhriti in English and many people sp. from Southern India, pronounce t as th
      Hence for some its Dhrithi.

      According to me, Dhriti is better.

  13. Avatar

    My name starts with N and my husband’s name stats with A and our baby will be born during Durga Puja kindly suggest some names that are unique and stylish.

    • Sapana

      Hi Ashwini,
      It is very uncommon but are you sure it is meaningful?
      According to my knowledge, Its only Devika. Divi means blue jay. Divika is not a known word from Indian origin.
      Similar but meaningful rare names:
      Divita: One flying or going to the sky
      Divija: heaven-born or sky-born

  14. Avatar

    Hai, we are looking for baby giry name with unique and simple, thought of going for simple which can be easy to spell for whole Indian and also for other counries

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